Friday, November 6, 2009 in all about me

My new BFF

Every so often I poke fun at myself. Where, I wail, where can you find another woman, close enough to my age, with a kid somewhat near one of mine, who also:

– unschools
– is crafty
– is crunchy in the AP sense (meaning, breastfed, gentle parenting etc..)
– is a low-key Christian who doesn’t go to church
– is near enough to get together face to face occasionally
– is ADD or at least semi-disorganized ;P so won’t mind if I am
– works at home like I do
– works as a WORDPRESS consultant like I do.

Pretty specific list, huh?

Found one. 😀

Seriously, you’d think with all this in common we’d have nothing to talk about, but nope.

Thursday, November 5, 2009 in Them kids o' mine

Oh hey look

Since Sarah is off to college and has a thousand tales to tell, one of the reasons to move this domain to a multi-blog platform was to give her space under this umbrella.

The college years

She squeezed out an intro post between school, homework and work. So there ya go.

Personally, I can’t wait for the post she writes while hopped up on chocolate covered coffee beans.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009 in I Forgot To Pick A Category


Anyone who has known me for years knows I don’t like milk. Anyone who has known me for a LOT of years will tell you stories of how I refused to drink milk as a small child.

By the time I had Emma and she refused to drink cow’s milk, I had already realized that if I drank milk, she would be fussy. Lactose cannot pass through breast milk, but milk proteins can. It is quite possible she has a milk allergy. It’s only since last year that she’s tried ice cream. And still her older sisters will eat much more ice cream than she will.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to stop putting milk in my tea. To be fair, it’s the only time I have any milk or milk product other than cheese. When I was on Weight Watchers, I was actually astounded at the amount of milk I consumed in a day, even though I had always felt I put very little milk in my tea. Just enough to color it, I’d tell people who were pouring.

So I skipped the milk. And I felt better. maybe it was better sleep, maybe a coincidence, but I kept skipping the milk anyway because I don’t need the extra calories.

Then I had a glass of chocolate milk, which I DO like.

And I had a bowl of ice cream. (neopolitan. stirred until smooth. Like I’ve done since I was little.)

A few days later I was in a LOT of pain in the intestinal area. So much so that looking at the jug of milk makes me feel ill. I am not drinking milk anytime soon. I would like to recover fully before testing that theory again.

Cheese seems to be fine though. Whew. 😀

Monday, November 2, 2009 in all about me


Taking a stab at posting more often. Apparently my legions of fans* are appeased if I post more, even if they are shorter posts. It’s also NaBloPo Month, which means instead of writing a novel all month, post to yer blog once a day.

By “legions of fans”, you know I mean family plus the dozen or so regulars, right?

We went to Fredericton today, so Meaghan could see her older siblings for her birthday, and to see Addison for his birthday. (whew! yes, it’s an all birthday extravaganza. But not really.) Sarah showed up more art and we went to Deluxe to share a fish & chip platter before lunch so we wouldn’t fall over from lack of food or get low blood sugar crankies. Then we went to Fabricville where I spent less than 4 dollars. A quick stop at the dollar store, then we could see Addison & Kaytlyn at his place over his lunch hour. A trip back UP the hill to a clothing store that didn’t have any shirts Meaghan wanted, down the hill to pick up Sarah;s stuff from school, drop her back at her place, and then the long drive home with the sun in my eyes the whole way.

I did clue in the put the visor over to the side window, but every time I put it back in front of me, I leaned over and my hand on the steering wheel went with me. Those quick dives onto the shoulder woke me right back up tho.

Saturday, October 31, 2009 in I Forgot To Pick A Category

Happy! Days!

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADDISON! I cannot believe he is twenty two. Man.

When I go to WordCamp New York, I fully expect half the people there to be the ages of my oldest child. Sheesh.

In other news, I moved this domain to a new server, and rolled it in as a second Site on my wordpress mu installation. Doesn’t matter if you get that, mostly it means NEW BLOGS really easy.

Because we all know I need more blogs, amirite?

Seriously, if you’re family and want a blog to pay with in the form of just let me know. I have a ton of ideas. We’re working on a family food blog called “Never trust a skinny cook”. Meaghan & I spent two hours this morning looking at themes and still haven’t found one we like.

There may be a few wonky things here and there, like my flick pics along the top are gone, and I still need to move a couple of mom’s latest posts over, do up a new landing page for the whole network, but I’ll get it sorted.

Lastly, we backend up my computer and installed a new OS. I was limping along on Fedora Core 6, 64 bit version, which gave me no Flash, no pngs, and the chopiest javascript you’ve ever seen. Now? Oh my. I think I’ll be up half the night zooming thru things.

Kinda lovin’ the husband right now. 😉

More to come – the girls are chomping at the bit to go trick or treating. It’s cold, wet and drizzling out, plus half my scattered neighbours aren’t even home.

Fun times, people. Fun times.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 in I'm a computer geek, working at home & loving it

In a word: awesome

So much to tell you , and I’m not even sure where to start.

In our daily work day, we use a branch of WordPress called WordPress MU. It has mainly one dev, a guy in Ireland called Donncha. He has a blog here, and a really nice photoblog here. Over the past couple of years both Ron and I have become friends with him, as well as a few other people who work for Automattic, the company that runs (the hosted version of wordpress). They were in Quebec for a semi-annual retreat/meeting and since it was within what we’re willing to drive, we dropped in. (Well, D asked us if we’d like to as well…. we don’t normally go around crashing parties. Though the cookies probably helped.)

Being able to do this?
This was fun

And this part?
Ron, me, and Matt

The guy sitting there on the right, if you don’t recognize him, is Matt Mullenweg.

We stood around and talked an awful lot about work. It was pretty epic. There’s something inspirational and motivating about the energy of being around people who truly love what they do. We met a lot of other fabulous people, some of whom said, “Oh I’ll see you in New York, too.”

That’s right – Ron & I are also going to New York in November to speak at WordCamp NYC.

And that’s awesome.

Meaghan and Emma went with us, and Emma handed out quite a few Free Hugs, which everyone thought was awesome. Me getting only one pic of a hug? Not so much on the awesome side. 😀

I know this is a brief post, and I am skimming over quite a few details. Some for privacy reasons, but mostly because I know if I start then I’ll head on over to the Freaking Out portion of my brain.

Like I did when I was telling my mom on the phone Sunday. 😀 I can freak out about things after we come back from New York.

Plus? When you meet people you look up to and admire and they say, “Oh, I know you! You’re famous!” well, that is all kinds of awesome.

And more than a little strange. 😀

(NEW YORK! I am going to New York City, in Manhattan, to speak at what is shaping up to be a large conference. WOW.)