It’s about time

It’s weird, not waking up to an alarm after so many years. No pulling myself out of bed and stumbling to a laptop to check on the neverending help desk of tickets and Slack conversations and issues that might have cropped up overnight. I lay there and wait, usually. Wait for my eyes to adjust […]

Sew for victory!

In an effort to jump start my blog a little, I decided to post my progress in Lucky Lucille’s Sew for Victory sew along. Basically, I had a pattern already picked out from the 40’s and had the fabric on hand. I’ve been meaning to sew up this dress for a while now, and this […]


I’ve had allergies all my life. Just the usual – pollen, pets, dust. The time we went to England and I stayed in a room with my aunt, one morning from her bed she said, “You just sneezed 27 times in a row. I counted.” Finally, I decided to do something about it because I […]