Thursday, January 19, 2012 in all about me

Ra and Helios

I used to think I liked winter, at least from indoors. Over the years, I’ve refined my preference. I like snow at Christmas, I like the changing of the seasons, I like the predictable nature.

I don’t like the wonky weather we’ve had over the past few years. My tolerance for cold has lessened. And the dark. Yes, it’s the dark. While I don’t spend all summer outdoors and can, in fact, get too much sun, the dark of winter is what chases me towards spring.

Earlier in the week, the sun came out, brilliant and shining. So drastically different from the other days where I’d been turning lights on at 3pm, shivering under sweaters. The warmth came through our blanket covered windows – the ones with hundred year old wavy glass, wooden frames you can’t get to open yet somehow let in every draft.

Our bedroom, a dark cave for sleeping, faces east and south, a delicate corner perched on the second level of our home. I pulled down the blanket covering the large south window, since just by walking past I could feel heat radiate and even the dark blue fabric could not stop the sun from streaming in.

The sun and the heat and the light came in, and I basked in it, face upturned. My pale Canadian skin soaked it up, and just for a moment I thought maybe my neighbour might really think me crazy if I stood there stripped down.

February is so long for a short month, so dark and so cold. But this year we’ll be going to Texas in early March, a reward for hanging on, and while I am there I will worship the sun as much as possible.

Monday, January 2, 2012 in all about me

Skipping class

Quilt guild is tonight and I hemmed and hawed about the roads then decided not to go. Then it got nicer but by that point I was set on staying home anyway. 😛

I finished all 6 baby quilt tops I mentioned last entry, with my headphones blasting. Do you think the other old ladies at the guild listen to rappers or Beyonce? I’m thinking maybe only a couple.

Today is also my WordPress birthday. I installed it 7 years ago exactly. And as my friend Sherry says “AND in that time you’ve totally made it your bitch too! :D”

I heart her.


Also this weekend I booked a couple of flights, which I absolutely loathe doing. they were getting filled up as I was booking them, so I would have to keep picking new flights. Ron and I will be going to Austin Texas for part of South By SouthWest. We have to go to parties held by our employer, and this year it’s on a house boat.

It’s a rough life.


Most of my decorations are down and put away and the tree is finally bare too. Note the decorations themselves, while in boxes, are not put away yet.


Work was not totally crazy. I even had time to work on some backlog of stuff.

Friday, December 30, 2011 in all about me

Things I need to write about

First, I was thinking of posting a list over on G+ but then I told myself, “Self,” (because sometimes I say that. truly. “Self, you said in your head and maybe out loud that you would post more in 2012, at the very least so you could go back and read what happened because your memory? Is like that thing with holes in it that you use to drain pasta.”

(that joke went over real well on twitter btw)

So, quilts I made:
– Addison’s halloween quilt. Biggest I’ve done so far, forgot one print glowed in the dark.
– Meaghan’s quilt. Still not finished. we have been angsting over the actual quilting.
– Sarah & Emma also got birthday quilts.

And? I totally made (HA!) Kaytlyn a quilt for her birthday too (which is today) but alas it is of course not done. The top is not even finished, but was enough to get a sense oh how it will look when done. Tip: big and bright.

I need to make more baby quilts. Like, a LOT. And have a stash handy.

Christmas was good. Adrian (my father) came up. We also drove down to see my mom. (Not with Adrian tho) Long story, which is why I need to remember to write an actual post.

I even neglected (says certain family) to upload pictures in a timely manner and even (in some cases) neglected to take actual pics. Or took them on the camera Sarah borrowed from her school. The camera is a Nikon and drool-worthy.

I should also write (here) that Ron & I are working full time for people other than ourselves. A steady predictable paycheque is really nice.

There’s also some other random stuff I want to write about and how come I never get around to it. Partly I get stuck on *where* to write it. There’s a million places now. I just need to sort that in my head. 😛

Wednesday, May 4, 2011 in all about me

Hole in my head

On Monday I had a dentist appointment and he pulled out my upper left wisdom tooth. Surprisingly, it did not hurt nor was as difficult as the last time, when I had the bottom one pulled. Turns out it also has 2 tiny cavities and a great big huge one no one could see.

Now my head aches. well, a bit less now, but my brain keeps not working right. How many times have I had surgery-type things now? And finally I’m getting if I have lots o’ pain, the ol’ thinking functions just.. don’t.

This isn’t so terrible if I can shuffle through my day, but I kinda have work to do. At this point, it’s Day 3 of Not Much Being Done. Also? tomorrow I have to drop things off for the quilt show.

Oh yeah. I’m putting stuff in the quilt show. I’m also sending in 2 dozen cookies, 2 quilt frames, whatever vintage aprons I can find, and selling 8 items in the market. Everything has to be labeled and it’s taken a full 30 seconds for me to print my name. Yeah. I am having a great day. (I almost had a meltdown when I could not find my stapler.) And! Friday night I am doing a shift as a greeter / ticket taker.

My husband is awesome, did you know that? He is. He made me supper on Monday (tomato soup) and made me eat it. He’s also had a dentist appointment but he had a filling, so he had a nap on Monday too.

I got to keep my tooth. It’s huge. Also, the dentist was trying to have an interesting conversation with me about twitter, but it;s really hard to do so when someone has his hands in your mouth.

I haven’t even sewed since Sunday either.

It took entirely too long to write this. I forgot was I was going to write in between each paragraph.

Friday, January 28, 2011 in all about me

The Secret Club

I was at the quilt shop sewing this afternoon. Chattering back and forth with the ladies there. It was normal everyday conversation.

Except for one thing.

This time last year, I woudl have been odd one out. Now I am part of the secret club.

“Oh, they called me up the other night to babysit. I was halfway out the door before I got off the phone”

“I have to finish knitting these sweaters before I send them off. And then this quilt for the other ones.”

“Terrible we both don’t have pictures in our purses, isn’t it?”

“I bet yours are adorable.” “Yours too!”

“Aren’t they just precious?”

The knowing smile, the crinkles at the corners of our eyes, and the slight nodding of the head.

Yep. Room full of grandmas.

Saturday, January 8, 2011 in all about me

Like a date

Ron and I had to take a quick zip into town for a few things, so we went by ourselves. My mom had also emailed asking if our local quilt shop had any scrap bags and could I pick some up for her. I called and they did, so off we went.

We made the quilt shop our first stop because they closed at three and we had left the house long past 1pm. Ron was also looking forward to stopping in since we had picked up some Christmas fabric earlier and wanted more of it. It turns out they had some left, so we bought the rest on the bolt (2.5 yards). I also picked up a Kona solid fat quarter in a tangerine sort of yellow-orange. I want to make a Jemseg Dahlia block, just because, and I want a deep yellow/orange on white.

I also got two bags of scraps. They had marked down the biggest ones to 45 each from $15 and $10, respectively. The $10 one was full of juvenile and bright prints, which I what I’m leaning towards, and the other one was scraps in colors my mom likes. So that worked out great.

We hit up Tim Horton’s for Ron’s coffee and my hot chocolate, then while Ron made another stop, I sat in the car and started looking at my “scraps”. There were TWO panels in there, some border print enough to border a small quilt, and a whole stack of co-coordinating fabric. Plus, plenty of bits that were almost fat quarter or at least that much but a different size.

Then we wandered aroudn Kent;s for a while and realized why we don’t shop there much. We were looking for whiteboard paint put there was no sign up anything remotely like it. Melamine paint, maybe. Then we looked for MDF in a 4×4 piece, or that’s what I thought we were looking for, but Ron said masonite would do. So I found it.

Then we hightailed it to the checkout, walked out to the car, I got the trunk open and…

It wouldn’t fit.

that was a fast return though, and we need to order some other big things (drywall, pellets) so we’ll toss that on the delivery. We wanna make our own really big whiteboard for the office.

After we came home, Ron made eggnog pancakes. Yes, we still had some. I took my new fabric “scraps” and managed to cut out all I needed for a simple lap quilt suitable for a tween girl. No idea who for, I’m sure if I make the quilt, the need will show. 😉

FWIW, eggnog pancakes are really sweet. Might not need any syrup at all.