Friday, September 16, 2011 in books

Book clear out

While we’re been priming The Cave (the living room) I’ve been cleaning out the room. I forgot how big this room actually is without three large bookcases crammed with books in it.

Yeah, we had to move all the books. Not *all* the books in the house, as there are bookcases in every room. But the 2 large and one medium bookcase in the living room that held our homeschooling / reference / crafty books.

If you have never seen pics, it’s a lot. There’s libraries around here with less. I finally decided that if we were looking up things n the internet before looking at our own books because there were so many to go through (or even find) then maybe it was time to clean them out.

On the up side, I have thoroughly cleaned out a number of subject matters and the books I kept picking up because we liked that topic or needed it for homeschooling. But at some point you have to ask – exactly how many kid craft books do we really *need* given we have enough knowledge AND materials to write our own from scratch? Or Canadian history? Or general science knowledge? Apparently you have have too many. And I haven’t even done upstairs hallway books.

At any rate, I have a rather large pile of books we no longer want to keep. Some of them are really really god books too. Anyone who is related to me or who feels comfortable with stopping in can adopt any number of these books looking for a new home. Many of them were well loved, a few we looked at thinking “WTF?”, and there are exactly two with battery sound effects (first come first serve on those PLEASE).

If not, you’re all getting boxes of books for Christmas. I’ll deliver.

Sunday, April 3, 2011 in books

Treachery in Death

I’ve long been a J D Robb fan and enjoyed a lot fo Nora Roberts books, so when Penguin Canada wanted to send me a copy of Treachery In Death I signed right up!

If you have never read this series, it is a murder / crime / mystery set in the future where Eve, the main character is a detective. Her eventual husband Roarke is a millionaire and sometimes operates on the grey side of the law. Even has her own history to work through, being the victim of a crime at a young age.

Some of the books in the series are just page after page of slogging through to the end. Whodunnit? Super cool future stuff. Roake. Eve. Long looks, hinting and stuff behind closed doors. Violence. More violence. This particular installment involved Peabody, a detective under Eve’s command, overhearing some corrupt cops. So, early on we know who did it, but we don’t know why or how they can bring them all down without winding up dead. Like that other guy. Oh, and that one. And oops – that guy right there. These novels are usually on the dark side a bit, but I foudn this one in particular to finally offer me some character growth. Not only did they solve the crime, but we had some real progression of threads going throughout the series. We even find out a bit more about the disapproving butler. The zippy dialogue also pleases me. It does usually tho.

I give this 4 stars and a thumbs up. I might even keep it. I usually do not keep fiction because I rarely re-read books unless they are really good. This might be one of my exceptions and I may finally start hunting down more of the series at book sales and read them over from the beginning.

4.5 out of 5

Sunday, April 3, 2011 in books

Mists of Velvet

Pengiun Canada sent me a copy of Mists Of Velvet
for review.

Now, I am a fan of the romance novel. I am also a fan of the hawt ones. (Sorry kids, look away!). This novel was supernatural / fantasy and also labeled “erotic”.

Hardcore is more like it, Holy Moses. Usually the romance genre, even in the super-hawt lines, still sticks to certain editorial guidelines during sex scenes.Maybe because this is outside the usual publisher’s lines I read, but I found the sex scenes, while definitely part of the storyline, unnecessarily explicit. If I wanted to read a Penthouse Letter, I’d do that. These were about the same.

Otherwise, getting over the giggles, the storyline was actually not that bad. Not near as completely unbelievable as some of the romance / fantasy blends I have read, but well enough that if the romance storyline was tamed down and the sex scenes eliminated you’d still have a story. And one in which I’d want to find out what happens next. Good thing this is part of a series.

The author did do a good job at bringing the reader up to speed with what happened in previous books without going into too much detail for filler, and leaving just enough out to make me want to read the rest of the series.

There’s an Otherworld (of course there is) where goddesses live and control the live of men. Mere mortals that they are. Of course one of them (Rhys) is destined to be with a partner with Annwyn, who is a seer for the Queen. Rhys also has a Shadow Wraith (Kier) whom he has an “interesting” symbiotic relationship with. Underneath it all, the real reason for everyon to come together is to defeat evil forces. But you knew that, right? It always is for that reason.

Regardless, I give it 3.5 stars out of 5.

Sunday, April 3, 2011 in books

A Bone To Pick – Charlaine Harris

Penguin Canada sent me some books to review and one of them was A Bone to Pick (Aurora Teagarden, Book 2).

While I am a fan of Charliane Harris, I haven’t read many of her other books. This is your typical girl-falls-into-mystery type of books where these things just seem to happen. Obviously, since this is part of a series, there was a lot of explaining of events that had gone on in the first book so I did feel like I was caught up and not lost on previous events.

It was a little slow though, and at one point I set it down for a week and didn’t pick it up again. Usually I plow through a book to get to the end if I really enjoy it. this was also the kind of mystery book where you didn’t have to think to much to figure things out or pay attention to lots of details.

Basically, the main character has a friend who dies and leaves her the house and some money. But in the house Aurora finds a human skull and a note. She has to figure out whodunnit without winding up in jail herself, and while juggling a new boyfriend, her mom, her ex across the street with his new (and very pregnant) wife and her job.

As with other books from Chairlaine, I found there was a lot of the main character being in a situation and brushing it off with a big, “Oh well! Events will reveal themselves!” That’s the only down side I ever see in her books. Things just seem to happen, and while they are explained, the main character often seem secondary to the action. She’s just there. It seems like it was written as a break between other books. Light, fluffy, not too much to think about.

oh well.

3 out of 5. I’d pick up another one at the library or at a book sale for a dollar, but I wouldn’t buy them new.

Edit: I did some homework (not hard) and found out Ms Harris wrote these before the Sookie Stackhouse books, and they are re-releases to capitalize on this. I do think she has grown as a writer, thankfully. I still think they could be better.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010 in books

that there book I’m writing

So yeah, I was asked to co-author a book on WordPress with four other people. We all have our drafts submitted and we’re waiting on editing to come back. I’ve been working away at my other to-dos because I know crunch time will happen at some point.

Anyway, I saw some tweets with the link to the book up at the publisher’s website.

And then I read my email, with the link to the book on Where people can pre-order it.

Now, forgive me for being a bit dense, but this is when it hit me: I’m writing a book that people will actually read. And not just my mom, or my family, or friends, or people I know that I sorta work with sometimes, but even people I don’t know. Someone tweeted at me that they actually did pre-order it. (I faved the tweet.)

And then there was the whole “Oh yeah, don’t forget to make your author page on Amazon!” (I have an author page on Amazon??!??) Well, I do now.. the start of one, anyway.

I need to get a good pic and write a bio… and acknowledgments.

In my “HOLY CRAP!” times, when I let myself run around in circles, flailing, I will tweet at my other author friends and they say this is normal and no you don’t get used to it, isn’t it cool? And in writing that sentence, my brain went, oh em gee, I have author friends.

Sometimes I write blog posts about things like this so I can read them in my archives later and say, “Yes, this really happened.”

Tuesday, May 26, 2009 in books

Loitering with Intent

I started reading Stuart Wood’s Stone Barrington novels a few years ago when we moved to the Miramichi and had easy library access. I like them. Stone is a lawyer / detective who seems to fall into situations that need to be unraveled. Loitering with Intent (Stone Barrington Novels) is his latest adventure, and it lives up to the rest of the series.

I like these books as they are similar to the Kinsey Malone series, and you can read them out of order. Or, at least the order you read them in doesn’t mean so much, as the events in the background aren’t linear.

If you like that kind of book, you should definitely pick it up. I prefer the paperbacks.

Disclaimer: Penguin Canada provided me a copy of this book for review.