Nestle to buy U.S. baby-food giant Gerber

Story here.

ARGH. Must they buy up everything in sight? Makes me glad I rarely bought baby fod.

You don’t need to buy canned jars of pureed food, you know. Making your own baby food is just like cooking dinner. Oh wait, that’s just what we did! And then you take a wee bit of the food you have, mush it up and feed it to the baby, or let them feed themselves.

Or you can Google it. Here’s a great article on when to start solids. It’s later than you think. We started solids with Meaghan when she stole food off her father’s plate and mushed that potato right in her mouth. Same with Emma.

If you didn’t know, our family boycotts Nestle. Why? Because they hand out free tins of formula in third world countries where a large percentage of women do not have access to clean water and they can’t afford to buy the formula anyway. So they thin it with the not-clean water, feed it to their babies because they’ve been told it’s just as good or better than their own breastmilk, or they need it to save their baby’s life, and by the time they’ve used up the tin, their supply has gone down and baby – already in a tenuous position – goes hungrier. That’s why. This has happened in situations of disasters, natural and man-made, as part of rescue efforts. I do actually know someone who has been to Africa and has seen it firsthand.

You can read up on the boycott here: wiki entry and the official site here.

But don’t just take my word for it and the word of people who have been fighting Nestle for twenty years, you can go look up what the big bad company has to say for themselves. Oh wait, I mean what their *lawyers* have them say.

How to write an apology letter

I know this gal Casey, who is all kinds of awesome. Recently she went to a conference in Orlando, and since she’s a working mother of a small baby, needed to pump. That’s where the problems started. The hotel handled it badly. Very badly. There’s a way to apologize to customers, and there’s a way to not.

Read about it here. Casey nailed how they should have responded.

You know, in all my years of breastfeeding, I never pumped much, and I never worked outside the home for long, but I can assure you this: had I been a witness to that kind of bonehead exchange with the hotel employees, you bet I would have said something. And loudly.

Knitted breasts help new mothers

BBC news story here.

On the one hand, knitted boobies look kind of weird, on the other I imagine they’d be rather helpful. Good for them.

Never thought I’d tag a post with both these categories, that’s for sure.

The Wife’s Handbook

If you are in the mood, Sage from Quirky Nomads put together a podcast based on a book I loaned her. It’s not quite family or work safe, given the nature of the subject (and Sage says a bad word! gasp!), but if you want to hear re-enactments from a Victorian point of view of pregnancy, childbirth and birth control, give it a listen. You’ll waver between being agast and giggles.

You do not need an ipod or mp3 player to listen to it. Your computer should play the mp3 files just fine. Right-click and save as.. when you see the link on her page. It’s highly enjoyable.

And if you came here from Sage’s, hope you enjoyed it! No, I did not follow any of the advice in the book and yes, my grandfather really did give it to me. He’s 90 years old, he can get away with a lot. 🙂

Men may appreciate them, but breasts are built for BABIES

Yeah yeah, everyone I know has linked to or sent me this article: Eyeful of breast-feeding mom sparks outrage.

So lemme get this straight; apparently this cover is “offensive” or “bad”:

And these are “good” or “okay” magazine covers that I’ve seen displayed on local newstands…

Gotcha. Loud and clear.

Children Need Touching and Attention, Harvard Researchers Say

“Parents should recognize that having their babies cry unnecessarily harms the baby permanently,” Commons said. “It changes the nervous system so they’re overly sensitive to future trauma.”

Read the full article here.