Saturday, March 18, 2006 in breastfeeding

Sheila Kitzinger’s Letter From Europe

“The evidence from history, and from cultures all over the world, is that, by and large, ordinary, spontaneous, loving mothers who are alert to their babies’ needs, and who are supported by other women, do better than all the experts put together. Our babies are not our enemies. You don’t need an MBA in baby management to be a good mother .”

Blackwell Synergy: Birth, Vol 33, Issue 1, pp. 77-78: Sheila Kitzinger’s Letter From Europe: Boot Camps for Babies (Full Text)

Thursday, December 22, 2005 in breastfeeding

Massachusetts Becomes First State to Prohibit Formula Marketing in Hospitals

From Human Lactation Information by way of fellow mama lactivist Aimee

“In banning the distribution of these items, the DPH acknowledges that there is no medical justification for the institutional marketing of formula products to new parents. The vast majority of hospitals in Massachusetts and the US give out free diaper bags containing formula to new moms, and also accept free formula for in-hospital use. This marketing practice deviates from the standards followed by health care providers and hospitals in every other respect. For example, hospitals do not give out coupons for name-brand clothing, name-brand foods outside of maternity. “We’d never tolerate the thought of hospitals giving out coupons for Big Macs on the cardiac unit,” said Dr. Bartick, an internist.”