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Dear parents of Internet geeks

Hi. You probably don’t know me from a hole in the ground, but I might know one of your kids. See, I’m on the internet a lot. Like, all day a lot. Oh no, I’m not a creepy horrible addicted junkie, I SWEAR!

Wait! Come back!

Erm, let me explain this better… I work on the Internet. Yes, it’s legit. Yes, it’s FINE! Okay, one last try – I help build people build websites on the Internet.

(there. sounds perfectly normal).

Okay, I work on the Internet in a great community. If you become a member of the community, and you help people, you get known for your work. Especially for your work. If it’s really good work, you get really well known. You could say you’ve made a name for yourself.

Sometimes this work involves a lot of free work. Yes, work you don’t get paid for. It leads to work you DO get paid for, sometimes quite a bit. And like I said above, if you do good work and people know it, you get recognized and then you’re able to do well-paying jobs for other people.

This is how I got my job today. In fact (since maybe you don’t know me) both my husband and I work from home doing this very thing.

Well that’s all fine and dandy, you may be thinking, what’s this got to do with my kid?

I know your kid.

Yeah, YOUR kid. No! Not in a creepy way! See up there where I wrote about community? You might think your kid spends too much time on his computer, not enough time on homework. Your kid is also spending time helping other people. He’s also working. Yes, it’s a real job for some people, and your kid has done it on his own too. Pretty adult and mature of him, really.

And I know you’ve said to him he has to study hard to go to college to get a good job and make money.. but…

He is.

He has a good job, though right now it’s part time because he has school. He makes good money. Or, at least he could make more if he had more time. There’s a few things he even does better than I do. I’ve seen his work.

He can’t learn this in university or college. Well, some of it he can, and maybe it’d be useful eventually, but he’s learning right now. He’s working right now. All on his own.

You should be really proud.

And lighten up, will ya? He’s a good kid, and he’s smart. Let him take a year off after graduation. I bet he’ll earn enough to pay for at least one year of university – if not two – and maybe by then you’ll see he doesn’t really need that at all.

But mostly? Maybe you’ll see he loves what he’s doing.

Saturday, July 5, 2008 in country living, in the news

busy day today

For a short week, this day is lasting forever. But I’m getting a ton done.

By short week, I mean I’m not sure where even the last two weeks went. It’s been a blur of work work work. We got our phone fixed, spent some time talking to customer service to get our internet fixed (mostly), and then just tried to play catch-up with whatever else before I fell into bed every night.

Turns out the satellite dish for our internet was tipped and possibly had water in it, which was bad, so the guy moved it and put a new… thing… on it. 😀 I’m trying it out for a bit to let him know and he’s testing that part he replaced to see if he really has to charge me for a new one. But the interesting thing he said was with the weather issues we should have called him right away (the installer) and not customer support. They only had ONE record of me calling last August. He got here around 9:30 and left about 12.

Anyway. He was literally just finishing up when I had to call in for a conference call. That went on for an hour and 45 minutes, then I finally had my lunch.

Somewhere in there Emma lost another tooth. It was hanging on bravely and the big tooth was coming in behind it, not directly above. The tooth fairy again forgot to place money under her pillow, but it showed up the next afternoon.

The US holiday slowed my stuff down enough I could catch up a bit work-wise. Intense focusing on one project makes it really hard for me to even remember much of anything else. (and then I have to switch gears and focus on a different project, but that’s work stuff)

And I just drew a blank on what I did yesterday. Work, I bet. And laundry. Oh, and Rosella brought me over a few stems off her peony bush.

I got up early this morning. A woodpecker was on the tree next to my open bedroom window, and we’re waiting for windows to be delivered, so we didn’t know if they’d show up at 8am. Sometimes on my morning walk, I see a couple families of ducks. This morning I saw some Canada geese and their babies, with the mist coming off the water.

Of course I didn’t have my camera.

I did get out to take pictures of the neighbour’s flowers, and this afternoon all the girls and I went down the road and picked a flat of strawberries. That’s twelve of those little wooden baskets they come in. They were charging $1.70 each, but she said I didn’t overfill so she gave me $2 change from my $20. Emma talked the whole entire time, and yes Mom she wore her sunhat. In among the rows of berries were blooming wildflowers, johnnyjump-ups and some other familiar ones I can’t name. the owner said it wasn’t on purpose, but I appreciated it anyway, sitting in the straw. We were there and back within an hour.

I also finished potting my tomatoes I had growing in the unused upstairs bathroom. When I told Rosella I did this, she asked me if we were into hydroponics and maybe we were secretly growing pot.

Ron is working on the front porch and the side porch today, and we just discovered it’s leaking again under the sink.

oh, and my flickr stuff is missing from my sidebar, no idea why. click here for the pretty pictures.

(Edit: I had connection issues posting this, so if half of it shows up in your feed reader… oops. You love me though, right?)

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Using technology in your home(school)

Amy  Bowllan from School Library Journal ask me to contribute to a conversation about using technology as a learning tool in the homeschool, and did I ever fill her inbox. 😀 You can read part one here. Long time readers will recognize a lot of it, unschoolers will be nodding their heads. Hopefully a couple of my kids might even chime in.  Although The Boy is now done college and is busy moving for his work co-op as an ASP programmer for the Dept of Secondary Education (talk about proof of concept…), so he might be too busy.

Added bonus: see Sarah using the computer at age 2, and in diapers (cloth, naturally 😉 way back in the dark ages when you had to pin and fold them). And yes I did ask her permission before posting that. Sarah has recently done some work for a local small business, designing posters and brochures, all on computer.

Boy, the first time in a long time where I write pages about some homeschooling topic, and it’s for someone else’s site. 😀

Monday, January 28, 2008 in education

RD article

For those outside Canada, here’s a scan Mom & Carl did for you. Enjoy!


See huge original (and readable) size here. I would have posted this earlier, but my connection crapped out on me and I had a meeting. (To which I was a minute late, but one guy said it was okay, cuz I’m a celebrity.)

Meet Bobby

This is Bobby. Bobby came to live with us last weekend.

Meet Bobby

Bobby is a result of taking Emma (and the others) out for a wee bit of shopping, where we did not aim for the Dollar Store for a treat, but bumped it up a notch. This is what happens sometimes.

Now Bobby has made friends with Mr Bones and the Visible Woman. Sometimes I find Bobby and his parts in odd places, but mostly I’m just glad the CSI team has not stopped by.

Emma tells me that Visible woman and Mr Bones are an item, and in fact the parents of Bobby, but Bobby himself looks at us haughtily out of his one good eye, and Visible Woman already has a plastic fetus to take care of.

Yeah, I know. We ARE weird.

Reader’s Digest – am I in it?

I almost forgot to mention. I haven’t had a chance to actually look inside February’s issue of Reader’s Digest Canada, but there’s an article in there on raising A+ students. I was interviewed for it shortly after my surgery last year. I read it before it went to print, but sometimes things change. 🙂 I won’t have a chance to see it before Thursday, and it doesn’t appear online, so if you see the issue while oot and aboot, flip to the article and see if we’re there.

They made us sound pretty awesome, I think.