Start of a new year

I’m annoyed at myself I stopped blogging. I can’t remember half what I did, and I can’t look up much on twitter, which is where I am most of the time.

Tuesday, New Year’s Eve, Sarah came over for lunch. She also had to pick up a parcel on the way, which was her new Nikon camera, which she unpacked here. Ron got her old Canon to give to me for Christmas. I’m pretty happy with it, though it it was better than the Fuji Finepix we got a few years ago.

I took her back to her place and dropped off the large watercolor pad and printer/copier/scanner we got her for Christmas. Then we went to Shoppers to check out the clearance Christmas candy. Traffic sucked.

Next stop was Value Village where I dropped off three more boxes of things I don’t need, and went in the front to see if I could buy slightly more useful stuff. I got 3 pieces of fabric – two pieces that are 2-3 yards of the same pastel paisley print in two colorways (warm and cool) and a cotton print of pansies on white with a dense border design. This i figure would make a nice 50’s style dress for Meaghan. I didn’t notice tillI got the fabric home but it was prewashed and the color had run in laces. To me it makes it looks more like watercolor.

Ron also had ben looking for a snowthrower with tracks instead of wheel, so it was also delivered on Tuesday, He played with it a lot and it is really nice. Even *I* can use it. 😉 He can’t shovel because of his recent gall bladder surgery.

Wednesday Meaghan came over to bake and I finally took the rest of the tree down. All the decorations were down, everything was off the tree, but it was still plugged in and lighting up on schedule with the plug timer we had. So I wrestled it into the box. The pre-lit tree was from Meaghan’s old roommate who left it behind when he moved out. It shed quite a bit.

Meaghan made a ton of her yummy cookies and stuff, plus I took measurements to make her that dress.

Thursday it was super cold but we still went out and did our mid afternoon Tim Horton’s run. We also went to visit the three grandbabies. Ayla was chattering a mile a minute and I swear Jade looked a month older. Izzy was pretty quiet, but she was happy to have me do playdoh with her.

A few times Ayla got upset so I held my arms out to her for cuddles and she’d run up to me and then swerve off to be comforted by her Grampy. She’s a stinker.

Today is Friday, still cold and snowing. It’s also my half day so I’m trying to get back in the swing of blogging on this blog and Quilti. I even drew up a planner in a notebook to help me out.

Let’s hope it sticks.

Grandbaby #3

So this past week, we met our most recent granddaughter, Jade Juno.

This bring us up to THREE grandchildren, all girls, all from Addison & Kaytlyn.

And of course we are all smiles.

While Mommy & Daddy were at the hospital, Izzy and Ayla spent some quality time with Nanny and Grampy. Aunties Sarah and Meaghan did the night shifts.

My house looks like a train wreck or two toddlers went through it. Food smeared everywhere, toys strewn all over top and me & Ron collapsed in the middle. We had to take actual days off work because there was no way to actually work and look after the kids at the same time. I sort of managed a full day’s work over two days, but only when Izzy was snuggled next to me on the couch, ipad in hand, so she was “working” too. By the third day Ron could hardly leave the room without Ayla crying for him.

When things were back to normal and we were somewhat recovered, I looked across the now-clean living room and said in the deafening silence to Ron, “I miss those kids.”

Wouldn’t miss this stuff for the world.

Christmas was good

I think for the first time in a long time I had the Christmas tree down and out the door long before New Year’s. This rental is too small is why. Also: big kids.

Ron surprised me with a very nice present. It is a silver heart with birthstones of all the kids (including Kaytlyn) and the grandkids all down one side, on a silver chain.


Our poor kids. I burst into tears when I opened it.

I got him some really nice gloves tho.

After we opened up our presents as fast as possible, we headed over to Addison & Kaytlyn’s loaded down with all kinds of presents. We had just been there the night before for the traditional Chinese food which was also yummy.

Anyway, we loaded them up with presents. Lots of presents! And for the last, we got A & K to open their big gift from us: AN IPAD!




I felt like Oprah. I think they like it. 😉 I got an ipad for work and I love it. I should write more about that.

Then later that day we came back to Add’s place where he made a roast turkey dinner. Sarah made cherrie stuffed sausages wrapped in bacon. There wa salso a minor incident in the middle where Addison cut his finger on a glass in the sink and Ron ran him to the ER, but they were stuffed and the nurse wasn’t sure if he needed a stitch or not.

But other than that, it was quiet. 😉

We went to my mom’s on boxing day and had a nice time there too. I got her an AWESOME gift and she really liekd it. It’s a chafing dish / crock pot combo with THREE units. This way, when we come for a visit and food she can have it all ready and waiting. Aren’t I considerate?



We were also supposed to go to Saint John and visit more family, but the weather cancelled that on us. So we’ll have to reschedule.

Meet Ayla

We are grandparents again.

Happy Family

Yes, it is mind-blowingly awesome. 🙂 We have been close by and helping out in the lead up to Ayla’s arrival and feel so blessed and lucky to be a part of it.

Mommy and Ayla

In the context of a blog and my online life and how the remaining steadfast readers I have here are still here, this is one big head trip, isn’t it? 🙂

Talking to my Mom

This is what talking to my mom is like, with this actual conversation from yesterday. We were in Fredericton to go to Sarah’s graduation ceremony. (Yay! She’s done!)

Mom: “You know that cute consignent store downtown next to Home Hardware?”

Me: “There’s a Home Hardware downtown?” (most big stores in Freddy are up on the hill or out in malls in the burbs. Or, THE mall..)

Carl: “The one on, you know, Main St.”

Me: “Main Street is across the river.”

Mom: “No, not that Main street, the big street right downtown, you know the one that does the thing at the end where it splits? With the intersection?”

Me: “Queen street?”

Mom: “Yeah, Queen street. Or maybe King. It has the Home hardware right at the end before it loops back to go out of town and go to the Dam.”

Me: “There’s a Home Hardware there?”

Carl: “Yeah, been there for years.”

Mom: “Yes! And the consignment store next to it – they have really good stuff. They sell gently used clothing to help women get back on their feet, for like job interviews and stuff?”

Me: “Okay maybe I do remember a Home Hardware down there.”

Mom: “Yes, it’s been there for years!”

Me: “Huh. Never really noticed.”

Mom: “So anyway, the consignent store? They moved up the hill. They’re on Hanwell Road. Really nice spot.”

I swear, one of these days I’m recording our conversations.

Looking to be a new habit

So last Sunday we all trekked up to my mom’s new place, again, this time so Ron could help Carl install some more cabinetry after the countertop was in the kitchen. Also something in there about family togetherness.

I rolled him out of bed late and he kinda forgot when he first woke up, but eventually we motored on through Fredericton, picking up Sarah just under an hour from when we said we would. 😀

Because we are highly organized (LOL), when we drove by Addison’s place and could see their car in the driveway, I asked Sarah if she knew if Addison was coming to visit too. Turns out my mom DID call and did invite them as well. (As if any of us need actual invitations, right?)

Long drive was long, but the second half is not very familiar to us, so there’s new stuff to look at. And weird childhood flashbacks. Huh, I DID stay at that campground once in ’84 or thereabouts… Mom fed us a cold lunch when we got there, and I had brought the sugar and books she wanted (she left a comment last entry) and also two baguettes made the day before.

“You brought us DAY OLD bread? That’s it, outta the will!”

Addison, Kaytlyn, and the Most Beloved of All Grandbabies (plus Mare) showed up shortly thereafter. Much running around was to be had, and while Addison gleefully and joyfully set to work on the old apple tree with a hacksaw, Kaytlyn and Emma hunted for treasure in the yard with the metal detector, and Team Grandma (me and mom) and assorted aunties took Izzy for a wagon ride down the Driveway of Doom to look at the roadside apple tree.

On the way back up the wagon ride was not so much fun anymore, so Airplane rides it was for Izzy. I pulled a calf muscle. Because I am old.

Izzy decided I was okay, because I did col things like show her how to pick up dead apples and chuck them in the bucket. And draw in the gravel dirt with a stick. And let her play with sticks. And hold her hand (only when absolutely needed) while walking on the uneven spots in the yard. And basically following her pretty much everywhere and knowing when to take her to mommy. And show her where the toys were hiding, and the crayons. And Nanny takes pictures, for which Izzy will hear the camera, turn and smile. See? Smartest baby ever. Mare needs a lanyard with a tag reading “official baby photog” since she made sure to follow us all around and snap pics. You can see some here and I am uploading mine to my flickr soon as well. Izzy also decided that Grampy is not so bad either, even if he has a deep voice and a hairy face.

Then we all tried to corwd around my mom’s teeny round table to eat supper. Considering she doesn’t have enough chairs even when lugging in stools and lawn chairs, it was highly amusing.

I can’t even remember all the funny stuff that was said, but I think we all had a good time. I was wiped out. On the way back, we left first, but just outside Fredericton, Kaytyln passed us and they all waved. THAT was funny. 😀

My mommy also bought me some fabric and some clearance patterns and said that the quilt top I brought to show her (that frustrated me), she would be willing, I guess, to have it at her place, just because, oh darn.

I’d also brought my laptop to check on work things while there, but after a bit I just left the lid closed. Because I was enjoying the family.

The day was sunny, the view was spectacular, the breeze just chilly enough, and kids all laughed in the background.