Birthday bonanzas

We had birthdays – me, Isabella and Ron. Actually, at this point Ron and I are thinking of rolling our celebrations all into one.

My family loves me, of course, and it’s not about the cool things they get me – a new blade for my rotary cutter from Emma who’s been helping me and paid attention to my mutterings, some extra trashy romance novels from Meaghan so we can talk about how terrible they are – it’s more about how they are paying attention to the little things. Meahgan also made me a cake, and I did not have to think about lunch or supper. Heaven.

oh my nom

Ron handed me a fist full of cash to spend at the quilt store, my father sent me a cheque, my aunt phone in a gift certificate, and my mom sent me a cheque as well.

The Christmas Crab Quiltery was also very happy it was my birthday. Because I DID spend it all in one place. 😀 Does my family know me or what?


And! the Cutest Granddaughter Ever turned one whole year old. We got to see her on the weekend after her birthday, tho I sent an ecard on the day and saw some videos of her. I’m getting her used to me by feeding her, which has worked so far for everyone else. I would hold a bite of cake out to her on my fork, and she would daintily pick it off the fork instead of putting it in her mouth.

Then she wiped her icing hands on my pants.

It was also heaven. I never wanted to wash my pants again. (tho I did. eventually.)

Ron had a quiet birthday, as our trip to town to see Izzy, and go to Sarah’s fashion show was part of his birthday. He got to skip the noise of the show and spend some time alone. Then he did get to see Sarah at the end.

Sarah, modeling

I also made him Good Food.

My BFF Rebecca also met me up at the Castle Inn in Plaster Rock, where we had tea & cheesecake in the solarium. It sounds way fancier than it is. We had a great time, cuz that is what we do.

me & reb at the Castle Inn

Mom and Carl and San also wound their way up to our house for part of Easter weekend, where I fed them of course. I think we are seeing a theme here of love = food. Also, we took mom to the quilt shop. Of course we did.

We also found a desk and chair for Meaghan’s new room , which is almost ready for her to move in to.

meaghan's new room

To Aunt Boo’s house we go

We went visiting today, up the road to my Aunt Boo’s house. She’s my mom’s next youngest sister. She’s supposed to be in a wheelchair and now she has emphysema. She found this out when she quit smoking and then discovered she had breathing issues. Funny, that.

But, you’d never know it all to look at her, she’s just as stubborn as the rest of us.

(also she says if anyone asks, she’s doing great as long as she follows the doctor’s rules – no strong scents, people!)

I brought her a bunch of my quilt tops to show her, as I know she doesn’t get out to the stores much. She showed me some new books she got, beautiful ones on making polymer clay figures. She’d made some with some clay her husband Leroy picked up, but it was the wrong kind. She’s really good at it too, of course. I promised I would go through my stash and dig out the clay I had. “How much do you want for it?” she asked. PFFFT, I don’t want anything! I just want her to be happy. This is something I can do for her.

Leroy kept trying to ply us with food. “Want some pop? How about some chips?” Nope, we’re good, we have cookies and tea and juice and water and more cookies in front of us. He hauled off to the store and got more treats anyway. (and then they make us take them home)

Poor Emma though – Leroy was telling me about some rum, and he insisted Emma smell it too. I assured her that yes it was okay, because it’s important to recognize these things, in case someone tries to trick you into having some. Then it made sense to her, but she was still pretty wary.

Aunt Boo always measures Emma’s height on the doorframe where Boo’s grandchildren are also measured. Since the last visit, Emma has grown maybe two inches – and it was just this summer when we were there last.

We made sure to leave early enough before it got too dark and I wouldn’t be rushed to make supper when I got back. It still is a 30 minute drive. While I had supper started, I tossed aside the door coverings to my cold craft room where I store stuff I’m not using, and dug out the polymer clay box. A whole plastic shoebox container, stuffed full of goodies. I also remembered I had full unopened boxes up in my old office that I was going to list on Etsy. Those filled a kleenex box. That should keep Boo busy for a while.

Now I need to remember to call her and hope she can get it before another 5 or 6 months go by.

Weekly notes

I need to make this a habit.

Ron is in San Francisco right now, for a week. He’s attending WordCamp SF and is sticking around for a developer’s code sprint for a release push. I watched the live stream of the keynote speech yesterday, and he was specifically mentioned (then applauded), so I burst with pride a little bit. Also, he got me a new tshirt.

I remembered to call Addison for an Isabella update. She’s around 7 pounds and looks more baby like and less skinny baby. She also has reflux, and in such a manner it reminded me of exactly how Addison was as a baby. When I caught him up on our travels (SF, Chicago in June, Montreal in July) he asked, “How come you guys were never this cool when I was a kid?”

Because we were too busy raising kids? 😀 Just a guess.

Had a homeschooling field trip where we had a Roman night. Kate & Bob did a great job as usual.

Last weekend we also went up to Rebecca’s place for dinner. Next time she really has to come here. 😛

We also planted bulbs & things we got each other for birthday presents, and moved some thing around the garden. My tulips are just blooming now.
Double-headed tulips

Meaghan asked me what I wanted for Mothers’ Day. I mostly drew a blank. “A bucket of pansies like usual?” She replied, “Well I guess my shopping’s done then..” Can you ever really have too many pansies? Really?

Super Grover has had a lot of adventures.
Oh my! Help! Somebodeee!

Emma drew a picture of the Mythbusters guys and I let their official twitter account know about it. Next thing I could see, it had almost FIVE THOUSAND views in about 3 days and hit Flickr Explore.
I also got Emma the Disney Alice in Wonderland movie. Now I have a request to make a blue dress just like hers.

I was going to intersperse this post with more pictures. they’re up on Flickr.

New titles, new era

So with new grandchildren who are lucky enough to have an overwhelming amount of relatives the hunt for appropriate titles for each was on.

“I have the perfect titles for you both,” said Addison.

Little Nanny & Little Grampy.

It's official

And thus we are. Hospital seemed might dusty & full of allergens after that.


(if you’re lost on significance, see here & here. Now everybody say Awwww and pass the kleenex. )


Oh my. We all sat on tenterhooks for months.

Isabella Isis, 5 pounds 11 ounces.

Our very first grandchild.

I’m already breathless & I haven’t even seen her yet.

Sunny Yellow Days

On of my online buddies has been posting a series of nostalgic toys from the seventies on a countdown to Christmas. Yesterday, Jim posted the Fisher Price play castle.

When I was a kid I was pretty well loved and had just enough of the cool toys to be slightly spoiled. My castle was kept at Little Nanny & Grampy’s house, in the sunroom with the built-in storage benches along three walls. The left-side bin on the middle bench was the spot for My Toys. The dog slept on the middle one, occasionally jumping up next to me to investigate the lid being open.

At some point, the castle and all the pieces came to live at my house, when I was a grown-up and had two children to enjoy it and the grandparents were downsizing. They figured I could be responsible enough to keep it at that point.

Somehow the pieces did survive my children, thsoe two and the next two (although one of the horses has a broken leg) but the biggest part – the castle itself – got lost in our move around Miramichi. I am still convinced, Mom, that it is over in Michelle’s upstairs bedroom closet in the back somewhere. You may have to show her a picture to see if she recognizes it, because she may think it belongs to one of her kids (or a sibling, maybe it got moved to Dave’s old house, who knows?).

The dragon I swear I saw recently, Emma had a huge story about him and I have this urge to tear apart the house to look for him. I have an overwhelming urge to take his picture.


The other news from the weekend may seem unrelated. Meaghan is almost done the first coat of painting the kitchen. She got antsy this week over the fact I took most of the wallpaper down and left the rest, papery bits too high to reach without some serious equipment. Oh, the curse of ten foot ceilings.

At any rate, by the time she fell into bed last night, all but the most stubborn bits of paper were gone from the walls, some trim removed and some cleaning happening. We’ve cursed the guy who lived here before yet again over stupid stuff we found. Re-cutting doorways and no header, for example. It’s hard resisting the urge to rip apart most of it to re-do it, and just let the girl simply PAINT the room, darn it. It desperately needs it and a fresh look will keep both Ron and I from dismantling the whole thing for at least a year or two.

Previously, it has country-check blue and white wallpaper with a rosy 80’s beige on the ceiling and bulkheads over the white cabinets. (seen here) This in a room with no natural light until at least mid-afternoon in summer. It’s a cave on winter mornings.

Not this winter though. We have almost a whole can of paint from when we did the kitchen in the last house. The color? Yellow. A bright golden yellow we love that makes us smile.

Meaghan is painting the kitchen