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We bought another house

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This is where my title goes if I had one

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m on my half day. I’m too tired to do much though. Sitting in bed with Netflix on my big 42″ tv sounds like a great plan right about now.

I’ve been taking a screenprinting class, which is great but it;s like 2.5 hours of setup and prep work for maybe 3 minutes of actual printing. The good part is we are getting to the industrial type of screenprinting with photo emulsion. I like that a lot better.

I’d show you what I did but it’s for a top secret project I don’t want leaked yet, sorry.

There were so many storms that this week and next week we’re doing two classes a week to finish in the time allotted. It makes for busy weeks.

As fro my hair – I did get it cut since I last posted. It was driving me nuts. Now I have brown roots. I overdyed it in VooDoo Blue which looks pretty cool. That blue bleeds quite a bit more than other blues even within the same brand. Right now my hair is faded all out again (partly  on purpose) and getting shaggy again.

I’ve been looking at super short cuts on Pinterest and thinking about my next hair adventure. We’re going to Denver in May so I want a great cut with a super color dye job.

I had been planning on rainbow next, but I keep thinking about blonde with gradient bangs again.

Not much sewing is going on here and barely any quilting at all.

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Up to the usual

Since last we met, with my blue hair, the overall consensus is it looks pretty good. Every time I wash it I get blue suds. Oddly, I haven’t had any public comments about my hair. I get plenty when I have two or more different colors though.

Mostly in the last week we worked then watched tv at night. We got off-schedule with the groceries and went in the middle of the week. Oh noes! It’s thrown us completely off.

Thursday I picked up Sarah, went uptown to pick up a parcel for her and then we scooted over to Addison & Kaytlyn’s to babysit. Mom and Dad went out for much needed haircuts and some groceries. Seriously – have you ever tried to go grocery shopping with a 3 year old, an 18 month old and a 3 month old? I would not even attempt it.

While they were gone Jade was super fuzzy and screaming till her face went red. Poor thing had gas. She was also hungry, so I managed to get her to down half a bottle when she promptly threw up all over me and her.

Then she smiled at me so that was okay.

Ayla is really ramping up the verbal skills and even though most of the time it sounds like babbling, when she saw me and Sarah coming up the stairs it didn’t take long for her to manage “Where Gampy?”

After babysitting was over, Sarah & I went back to our place where she hooked up her new gaming laptop to my big huge tv in the bedroom. It was *glorious*. She showed us a few games plus Bioshock Infinite – which I want to play now – and the latest Tomb Raider which I *really* want to play and would have bought already but it is Windows only.

Friday was my half ay of working and I really wanted to sew. Between errands, work holds ups, WordPress drama I really need to stop reading and just generally being cranky, I managed a whole half hour of sewing.

Then had to stop for dinner.

After dinner, it is pitch black outside and super dark in the basement sewing room. We defaulted to Netflix once again, but watched Despicable Me (very enjoyable) and a new series – Episodes, which I started accidentally and got hooked on.

Saturday I worked a half day. Didn’t go anywhere because it was so rainy /icy and I was reading twitter reports of road closures and accidents all over. I worked on some pattern drafting for a new project as well, no details yet.

Sunday we went and got groceries AGAIN and also went to the Northside market for meat. Having a hard time finding sausage we like. I also got samosas since it had been a while.

Mid-afternoon Addison dropped off Izzy and Ayla for a fun time. They weren’t here half an hour and they were at the sink with water and cups and towels all over the floor. Izzy really likes my big tv in the bedroom “Soooo coool Nanny!” so we watched a movie. Even Ayla snuggled for a bit. I think they forgot all about our toy closet as well, since I opened the door and both girls went “ooooooo!”

We dug out Barbies, played with all the toys, went up and down stairs, had snacks multiple times, cleaned up messes, tried on Grampy’s shoes, ran around in circles, ran around with big bubble wrap packaging, practised stomping feet because no one lives downstairs here, and then when supper was almost ready Mommy & Daddy showed up with a friend, so we visited for a bit. Emma talked off Kaytlyn’s ears about Pokemon. I made sure Addison ate some food.

It takes a good 20 minutes for them to get out the door and we still haven’t found Izzy’s missing sock. A half hour after that, we had everything cleaned up then fell into bed in front of the tv exhausted.

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Bridging the cultural gap

I was at the Fredericton market this morning, getting half our groceries (meat, fresh veggies) when I stopped at Betty Lee’s Chinese food stall. I picked up some shrimp chips and pot stickers. Betty is awesome and her food is delicious. I said something about loving food a bit too much and patted my belly. She said to me that the Chinese have a saying about how food is meant to be savoured and enjoyed.

“My mom has a saying too,” I told her.

“Oh?” she asked, intrigued.

“Never trust a skinny cook.”

Betty laughed. “That’s a good one!”

I love the market.

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Yard sale scones

I’m sitting here in my front porch sunroom with my laptop table and the door open. Stupid blackflies… it’s yard sale season, the weather is gorgeous and it’s a long weekend here in Canada.

This time for our yard sale we took a good hard look at some of the furniture peices we had and put a whole pile out in the yard. A good amount is gone but I’d still like to see some of the smaller items go.

There’s also the toys and books we cleaned out (tho Meaghan is still cleaning out toyd) and the boxes of both Meaghan and Sarah’s stuff they had here and there. And extra dishes. And random stuff. And things from boxes you finally went through that went unpacked from the last move.

I cleaned out a lot of my book when I realized we had so many we’d have to buy a new bookcase, plus there were so many we mostly just looked up stuff online because we couldn’t remember if we had a book on the subject or not.

Also? Turns out when you’re done to one last kid, all the extra homeschooling stuff (or anything loosely related to anything educational by any extension) that I have kept “just in case” get crystal clear when you’re down to one kid with specific interests. It’s also become crystal clear than when we *do* take up an interest, as a family, we tend to go overboard and buy a whole pile of resources anyway. This may or may not be related to the difficulties in finding what we have on hand… Hmm.

So. Here I sit.

Ron is being house husband too, since we got up at 6:30am. While I’ve been dealing with the occasional shopper, he’s been tidying up and even made scones for us. They were pretty yummy and he only had to ask a couple questions about how I follow (or not follow) the actual recipe.


OMG the funniest thing happened. I had the big huge wicker chair for sale – a homemade one from .. twigs, basically. I just sold it to a lady, who called her husband to see if he could come get it with his truck. Not five minutes later, a guy pulls up in a truck, hops out and heads straight for it. So of course, I assumed it was this lady’s husband. He siad his wife saw the chair and asked him to come back and get it.

Good thing the first lady who paid for it was still here, because i turned around and yelled, “This your husband?”

“What? NO!”

I turned to him and said “Sorry, that lady beat you to it!”

We had a good laugh. Her companion siad, Can you imagine? You’d be at home yelling at your husband asking where the chair went he picked up!”

Kinda felt bad for the other guy though. Ron thought it wouldn’t sell and here I could have sold it twice.

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The recapping brain dump

I’m trying to get back in the habit, because I’m going long enough without blogging I can’t remember what I did. Not that it takes much for me to forget. 😉

Went to Austin, met awesome co-workers, some of whom I had met before. Actually, now that I remember again – our flight to Dallas couldn’t land due to thunderstorms, so we diverted to Shreveport LA for fuel. Turns out since we were all connected us passengers found out the Dallas airport was closing and even if we could get there out flight from Dallas to Austin was cancelled. So we got off the plane in Shreveport, rented a car and rove for 6 hours to Austin.

At least we got to see East Texas. Y’all got no hills in Hill Country. I will show you hills.

We met our friends Abbie & Shane, who are awesome. They took us to the LEGO store AND the Apple store, and I was like a kid in a .. well, yeah. It was fun.

I should probably write a whole post on that, but this is enough to jog my memory later.

Meaghan is moving out and going to Fredericton for work, so we are cleaning out all kinds of crap that I’d been keeping “just in case” When you’re down to one kid, there’s a lot you suddenly realize you don’t need any more. We’re motivated to finish up a few things on our house too, with room to shuffle around.

My hands hurt today. They hurt often. I have an ergonomic chair, and a nice laptop desk we got (we got 2 actually) and I try and change positions when I’m not int he zone and stuck posting on the interwebs. As an example, I just checked and the forum I do support on says I have posted 108 times in the last 24 hours. Plus I tweeted & G+ed and emailed. I don’t do too much email any more though, which is nice. I’m sitting here in the living room, typing away on my Mac Air (work perk, love it) and thinking how comfy the couch is and how tired I am but still this nagging feeling I should work on a couple docs I have open in other tabs. This feeling would be part of the reason I got hired. 😉

I got groceries today too, so it’s not all work. Grabbed some containers to organize my fabric, and a couple for the toys Meaghan has been sorting in the front porch. which was a total and complete mess and emma never used any of it any more. (partly given it was too hard to find anything).

Spring always makes me want to organize all the things.

Oh! And! I;ve been taking allergy meds. I finally found some that don’t make me narcoleptic or head spacey. There was one kind I tired, I wound up doing things like turning the stove on high and walking away for ten minutes. Not good. This kind (Claritin) doesn’t make me spacey, but I just go and go and then … drop. But I am not sneezing and itching, especially with all the dusty cleaning and sorting we’re doing.

We tried to have a yard sale last weekend, but it rained. So we’re shooting for setup this Thursday or Friday. Around here yard sales start Friday afternoons.

Between my hands hurting from the rain, and Rons sciatica bothering him, we’re turning into old folks.

(I said I’d update. I didn’t say it’d be good. ;P )