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Mother of an update

Right now, I am skipping over the whole “haven’t posted in HOW long” part and just diving in.

Sarah came up for the weekend – actually, we picked her up on Tuesday when we went to Fredericton for an orthodontic consultation for Emma. Guess who is getting braces?

One of the things we did while Sarah was here, was dye our hair. All the hairs! Sarah wanted to bleach out the bottom half of the back and then do blue and purple streaks, so she needed extras hands and eyes. Hassle her for pics or look at her twitter. 😛

And then, since the dye was there and all, she added a pink streak to my hair. I also touched up some of the blue for more contrast and left some of the faded, previously blue now mermaid green section.

more color in my hair

This way, it’s a warning for the people who think I am some mild mannered mom, that maybe – just maybe, I am a bit crazy.

So – to the adventure time.

For Mother’s Day Ron made us all yummy pancakes for breakfast because he is awesome at it. We had them for breakfast because we were going to my mom’s for potluck lunch with us, Addison & Kaytlyn and Izzy and Kaytlyn’s mom Lynn and her husband Patrick.

(charts will be provided later)

We all piled in the car, with half the food, and added all of Sarah’s stuff because we were dropping her back to Fredericton when we were done. Our place is 1 hour and 15mins from Fredericton. My mom’s place is another hour the other side of that. So lots of driving was done.

We were just on the other side of Fredericton, passing into Oromocto, noting how the water still had receded much by the marshy spot near the highway… oh… car broke down… they look familiar.. OMG it’s Addison!

We turned off at the next exit (RIGHT THERE) and then had to go 2 or 3 kms back down the highway so we could turn around and come up behind them again.

It turns out the fix for their radiator the previous Friday was not so much fixed. 🙁

Izzy was especially happy to see us. Kaytlyn more so, as they had someone who had stopped to get them some quick fix but by now, she had terrible heartburn and Izzy was almost out of milk. So Ron took off to the store to get some further needs (addison had lots of water since he had walked to the nearest gas station already) and I stayed to amuse the grandbaby.

Izzy of course was thrilled we were there. “NANNy! WHERE GRAMPY?” and then after she had Grammie on one side and Nanny on the other, both exclaiming she was the prettiest smartest ever, so of course she was all smilies.

Eventually we got everyone sorted, made sure they could hobble back home and went on our way. Oh darn. 🙁 So when we finally got to my mom’s (almost an hour late) the email Sarah sent from her phone hadn’t been seen. We had to fill her in, so we were disappointed. Mom says next family dinner we’ll all just meet in Fredericton, stupid car.

We did eat half the food though, and I gave my mom the panel she wanted me to quilt for her. I’ve been DYING to talk about it, since I did different quilting everywhere on it and couldn’t post.

Wall hanging for mom

Side note: when I have too many things on my mind I can’t post about, it doesn’t leave much left I *can* post about, you know?

After we were done at mom’s about mid afternoon, we packed up most of the food (including the lamb roast) and headed back to Fredericton to stop in to Addison’s place. They had made it fine back home, and then dropped off Kaytlyn and the baby, but broke down again almost to the mechanics. And at an intersection.

At any rate, when we got there, Addison was back, and the girls were napping. 😀 So he had to entertain us all by himself while we were all just plain tired. Eventually Izzy got up, we heated more leftovers including the lasagna casserole they were supposed to bring to my mom’s, and I stuffed his fridge with more food I didn’t want but that they will happily eat till mid-week.

Then it was time to go and Izzy refused to hand out hugs. If you don’t hug people goodbye, they don’t leave, right?


Oh, I just realized I didn’t gush about my mother’s day presents. 🙂 A & K got me a hanging basket of pansies, my favorite flower, as well as a framed picture of my kissing Izzy to pieces. Sarah got me a HUGE squirt bottle of Satsuma body wash from the Body Shop. It smells like orange pop. Meaghan made me red velvet cake with this super rich flour icing. “It’s a vehicle for getting butter into your mouth”. Emma did nice things for me, which is mostly what I look for, a mom’s day off.

I don’t mind reheatng, but I don’t want to cook on Mother’s day. 😀 That, and see all my kids. That’s all I need.

The super long drives I can do without. UGH.

Here’s hoping i can keep updating. I’m still trying to figure out when is a good time for me.

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I got hired because of my work ethic

Friday afternoons I try and take off. This involves not checking on things constantly, but instead a few hours apart.

When I have my afternoon “off”, I like to go quilt. Sometimes I go to our local quilt shop, but it was snomageddon outside, and if I was going I really should have gotton groceries instead. So. I went to my room of my own and sewed.

I made this:

StudioPress quilt block

Nice, isn’t it? Now go look at the logo of the company I work for.

I think I might like my job a wee bit too much. Is that possible?

The first time I tried to explain my job in a nutshell (other than “I do customer support & documentation”) I told the person I did the same things I was doing before, except now someone pays me to do it and I can still do it at home in my pyjamas.

While I was saying that, it occurred to me how lucky I am and I said so, all astonished-like. The person said, “Yes, yes you are.”

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Of irons and vikings

I don’t think I mentioned I bought a new iron. It shuts itself off for starters. It has a digital readout. It costs about as much as I have spent on irons in my entire marriage – which might sound like a lot but really isn’t. Tip: yard sale irons are not much good. Neither are cheap $20 ones, if you do a lot of sewing.

Looking over my last post, I just realized how else I could have done that corner design and it would have been much easier. Duh on my for not getting it the first time.

I stopped by the quilt shop and picked up the other follow the line design book they had and a 1×12 ruler for small cuts, which I have been wishing for but onyl while I was in my sewing room making small cuts.

We also went to the library to hear our friend Kate give a talk about Vikings. I tweeted what we were doing, and one of my followers thought it was really funny – since he is in Norway and technically a Viking. Tho I’m not sure how much he goes out berserking.

Saturdays are turning into my “bless my household” days, where I try and catch up on house work, do extra baking, send time with the kids and do less work than usual. Sometimes I don’t even check my laptop for a couple hours.

My two bffs both observe Saturday as the Sabbath, and I miss them from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. 😀

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if i could think of a title there would be one here

What have a I done lately other than work / eat / sleep? And even then the sleep part has gone badly… Its too hot or too cold or too whatever. Or my lungs have started to fill, just enough to be irritating and keep either me up or Ron up or both. If I take non drowsy allergy meds (and I have tried a few different ones at this point) they fix the lung issue, but render me unconscious for a few hours, then spacey when I wake up. Like, accidentally burn things spacey because I forget I’m cooking dinner in the middle of cooking dinner.

I did try a half a pill and that helps with the spacey, still knocks me out a bit and only marginally helps with the allergic reaction I got going on in the lungs department.

(and all that by ron using the vacuum cleaner. the second time I stayed at the other end of the house for a good 2 hours)

Anyway. I made myself not cut out any more quilts. Oh SURE I have plenty planned, but I am not to sew together more from the huge pile I have waiting to be pieced until I quilt the two.. no three…oh wait, four that need to be quilted immediately. Meaghan’s quilt is half done now the one I was making for her birthday back in November. I have 2 top secret projects I am also working on.

I started these diamonds with my walking foot, but there was too much turning back and forth and even around, so I switched to my free motion foot with the stitch regulator. I love that thing, even when I think it’s going to sew right through me. Halfway done the top, then a curvy border. We already found a nice grey on grey floral for binding, just to frame all that white.

I picked up a nice piece for the back of Kaytlyn’s quilt. the local shop has some extra wide quilt backing fabric and had done up some precut bundles. Somehow the width did not click in my head and I have enough to back her quilt TWICE. But it’s not like I won’t need the extra somewhere else. 😉

My nose is cold, my laundry pile is high, the boxes of decorations are still out, and I am still working on that whole balance thing. My brain has ramped up into the not shutting up part as well, so that’s not helping with the whole falling asleep and staying asleep situation. Either that, or my age is catching up to me.

Oh, got a haircut. nice and short. Why do I always wait so log? I’m going to dye it blonde again, and I was thinking of getting pink in it but now I’m leaning towards a nice shock of mermaid turquoise right in the front. Just because I can.

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Trip to town

Meaghan & I went to Fredericton today. We left early enough for us, before 10am. I did a round of forums support before we left. It was bitterly cold, -25C with the wind chill in some areas and I had to wash my hair before I left. Ron suggested I just dry it in front of the pellet stove. Works like a charm!

I forgot to eat breakfast, so when we got to Sarah’s we went in and I ate the lunch I brought. It was 11;30 anyway. I had one package of the Recipe to Riches Slow & Low pork. I only bought it because it was on sale for $5. No way I;d pay regular price – the whole box would feed 2 people and the box had a LOT of wasted space. :-/

We went a few blocks downtown, parked and walked to Yarns on York. Oh my yummy yarn. I don’t knit because I cannot stand the feel of yarn on my fingers. The clerk suggested maybe I was using cheap yarn (probably) but I also pointed out I don;t even like hand lotion for the same reason. *shivers*

Sarah suggested we go to this new spot – Pretty Little Freaks which sells retro stuff. OMG gorgeous. They had some steampunk heels my bff Rebecca would totally die for.

Then we went over to A & K’s house where I distributed the chocolate we got from England (thank you very much) and gave them 2 casserole dishes I had cleaned out the night before. Seems I have way too many and the ones I got for Christmas would not fit in the cupboard and are much nicer and more useful anyway. (some smaller one person and two person sizing).

Izzy was adorable as usual – she did eventually give me kisses. 😀 She was wearing her sleeper with rubber boots.

we hit the mall after that. Gahhhhhh… too many stores for absurdly skinny people. I was tweeting the whole time too so Ron would not worry e were in a ditch somewhere. Also? La Senza seems to have tarted right up. I told Sarah the only thing missing was the sex toy section. “They’e in the secret room at the back,” she said. I think she was joking.

After that, Michael’s where Meaghan picked up an armload of yarn. Sarah & I were pretty tired by then. We dropped her off then we went home. That was pretty much my day.

Work since then. I got home in time to put some supper in the oven.

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Sunday afternoons

Sure it’s the new year and all but I need to get back in the saddle, so plowing thru we are.

I started taking the tree down and packing away decorations. I want to write a post about how I choose decorations and how many you need for a tree. I wanted to do this last year too and even took pics but never wrote the post.

I tried to remember what I did this year and can’t even dig around my blog to check. So serves me right not blogging. 😛

For my new job, we can make our own hours essentially. This is awesome. On Sundays, the two other people in charge have church and family time, so Sundays I tend to keep a firm eye on things.

(I still can’t believe the things I’m in charge of some days. Just try not to think about it and get the work done.)

Aside from that, I clean up the house, do laundry and try and get in some quilt time. I fond a pattern for some super fast baby quilts and so I worked on those today with the fabrics I got on Friday when our quilt shop had a huge 50% of sale. I also had a gift certificate from my mom, so I used it up too.

Here’s the fabrics and the pattern –

stash of baby quilts in a hurry

Super nine patch baby quilts

I’ll put these up in my etsy shop (SIX! BABY! QUILTS!) and if I need a quilt for a baby present, well I have one.


We have eggnog to use up. I only bought 1 litre and hardly anyone drank any. I like it but I just cannot drink a huge glass of milk any more. Not if I want my insides to keep on liking me.

Eggnog pancakes for dinner tonight.


I’m still in my jammies. We try not to get dressed on Sunday unless we really need to go out.