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Pick your fave underwear, donate to cervical cancer research

I meant to write about this way sooner I did. I was all jazzed to and everything, because I thought that someone from had hunted me down specifically becasue of my illness all last year.

Nope. They just googeled me on twitter. And then sent an automated email. I know this because I got a duplicate a few days later, but from someone else entirely.

While crushing to my ego, it doesn’t dim the fact that they are holding The Undies an “awards” ceremony for your favorite underwear. Each vote will be matched with a donation, up to $100,000. Last year they got 12,000 votes.

So for a small cancer that can actually be prevented, there’s still more work to be done. I know some people are on the fence about Gardasil, and this is one way that you can help bring more funds for more research.

Click away!

And today it’s free coffee

Yesterday I created a fenzy with WordPress themes, today it looks like we’re giving away coffee. :D

Go sign up at Joffrey’s. Gotta have a blog, that’s it. (Although I didn’t go through the signup myself, so I have no idea if it’s limited to Americans.)  They’ll send you coffee.

Some days I wish I drank coffee. Then again, I start to think of how I could do stupider things much, much faster, so I go have another pot of tea instead.

The $5 theme club giveaway!

For the WordPress users in my audience, I have an interesting giveaway today. Small Potatoes is a great theme designer who recently started a paid theme club. Over the next year, he will release at least one new theme a month to club members. His themes are good. Really good – both in design and coding.

The best part? The theme club is only FIVE BUCKS.

Even better?

There’s a giveaway contest! But hold your clicks, you don’t have to go anywhere – I have FIFTY – that’s right, 50 – free memberships to give away. Leave me a comment saying how much you love new themes, and I’ll send you the details. Isn’t this awesome? Tell all your friends and link to me if you can to help get to word out.

And if he ever gets to this end of Canada, SP is already invited to stop in so I can feed him. Poor boy is too skinny, working so hard.

Note: if your blog is hosted at WordPress.COM, you can’t upload your own themes there. not even with a paid upgrade. You need a self-hosted version of WordPress to install more themes.

Some foods should not be combined

Like these.

Now some people like to know where they’re clicking, so put down any food or beverage and I’ll tell you. Ready? Okay.

They are mac-n-cheese nuggets. That’s right, macaroni and cheese. In nugget form.

My kids will eat a lot of strange things, and for Emma, mac & cheese and chicken nuggets are two fo the handfull of foods she *will* eat, but this?  The pictures of this item in our local flyer was met with “THAT IS SO WRONG!” and “Ewwww, grooosssss…”


I have two giveaways to tell you about, so make sure you visit both blogs.

Rachel at her book review blog has a giveaway for The Minivan Years: Celebrating the Hectic Joys of Motherhood, so go here to enter. It is especially geared towards Christian moms, and seems like a good as well as funny read. You may also want to visit Rachel’s main blog, just to say hey.

Carrie also has another giveaway for more Ayo CDs. I won one, and they sent her two more! So go enter there too.

The great thing about blog giveaways is you can not only find new blogs to read, but you can enter as many as you like!