I never want to move all my crap again

Yesterday we got up early, drove for three hours, emptied our house of the rest of the stuff in the attic and any stray items, cleaned it all *again*, and drove in tandem with a big truck taking four and a half hours to get home at midnight.

Moving crew

It was an insanely busy day. I thought Ron was supposed to be on a vacation, but the man does not know how to sit still. He almost threw his back out too, but that was near the end. 😉 My knee went out on me again though and today in the short two hours it took to unload, I managed to make one finger purple while Ron had issues with his calf muscles. We’re getting old or something.

The remaining items were mostly in the attic, which as you might recall, was on the third story. Sure, it was easy access as the stairs went all the way up – but that’s three flights of stairs. And tiny landings. Soem of the other items were thing Ron needed when he was there working for the day, or to stay overnight.

I just about cried when I realized some stuff had been boxed up ages ago when I went on some sort of cleaning or decluttering spree. I boxed it up and stuffed it up there intending to sort it out “later”.

I do have to justify some things though – especially the three truckloads. 😀 Firstly, the last two loads were not full loads! Neighbours on both ends had their collective jaws on the ground at the thought of that much stuff. This last round, we had ordered a smaller truck, but they gave us a free upgrade to a 24 foot model. We only had a double-layer of boxes in the back, a couple bookshelves, two chairs and a small table. Oh, and a couple more tv’s, our stereo which hasn’t been used in a couple years, and stuff we didn’t have room for back there. Over half this last load was books. Tons and tons of books. As a homeschooling family, I guess you could put a good spin on it and say we have loads of resources.

I spent some time digging up small section of plants and finding bulbs to bring back and propagate over here. I still have to find where I want to put them here – even if just for over the winter. It wasn’t much – just a half-dozen potfuls.

We’re thinking we’ll just take the study and build bookshelves in the whole way around half the room, over and under the windows too.

If I’m not careful, I could easily fill this house. I probably will if I unpack it all – and this house is twice as big as the last one. 😉 Come spring, I have having a massive yard sale, and we’re spending the winter sorting all kinds of things, some of which hasn’t seen the light of day in ages.

The good stuff will be given to family if they want it (no Mom, there’s nothing you need or want 😛 ) or sold on ebay. But I don’t think the items I have in mind are anything family would want or need, as I probably got it from someone else’s castoffs anyway. The toys, books and clothes will get a good going over. So will the craft items, old schoolwork and mountains of files.

I have a lot of work ahead of me, and only a small part of it is fun. The a.d.d. part of my brain has a real hard time with making the decision to keep it (Is it worth keeping? If not, do I give it away, sell it, or toss it?) and store it (where do I put it? what do I need it for? Where will we use it? Will I remember where I put it?).

Wish me luck, I’m gonna need it. Right now, I’m wondering if I’ll have enough boxes cleared out to decorate for Christmas. At least I put all the boxes of decorations in one place.

We are all exhausted and sore

Even my fingers hurt from gripping the roller. House looks fantastic and it’s still not finished. It’s the gold bedroom reno that goes on and on and on. Did I mention the guy who was going to help us around the window came down with an acute case of appendicitis? Also, a lot of the rooms I cleaned were dirty again by the end of the week. Anyway, things are still moving forward and at some point it’s going to be sold whether we think it’s “done” or not.

Aside from half of us sleeping on air mattresses, my kitchen was tricked out with a cooler and a microwave. That’s it. Meals were “interesting” to say the least and half the time we opted for fast food, which is difficult in itself in a city with not a lot of choices and our conflicting dietary whims & needs. That leaves Dairy Queen, Subway and the Chinese food place we like where we always get plain fried rice, chicken balls and fries for Emma. I’m sure I am not the only parent who has a mental menu list of her family’s choices from any given restaurant.

Aside from heavy cleaning and dusting we did:
– misc. caulking
– paint touch ups
– finished paint jobs (hello bathroom ceiling over the tub…)
– painted every piece of trim and ever surface in the gold room a total of FOUR TIMES. (Okay, some was only once or twice, but it felt like four. The walls that were done got four.)
– packed things lying around
– repacked boxes that were half-full, overflowing or needed lids.
– ran back and forth to hardware store a kazillion times

I don’t think I want to do anything like that again anytime soon. I’m well aware the red house needs work too, but we won’t be on a time crunch, we have enough room to move around and close off one room and not try to live in it too, AND it’s right here. By the time we get all the tools and equipment in the garage, it will be full.

Meaghan is *still reading* the book. I snagged it while she did some chores for us and I read the last couple of chapters.

We are such rednecks

We just went dumpster diving… in our own backyard.

yes, I took pictures, no I don’t have the cord to get them off the camera and onto the computer…

Edited to add pic, finally:
Dumpster diving!

How we’re spending our Canada Day

Well, we spent a good fours hours of the day driving. ron had a big ol’ truck from U-Haul (we had the horse on the side– Hello Idahoans!), and I puttered along behind him in our car. Halfway home, Emma went and sat in the truck with Dad and Mom & Meaghan had such a quiet drive the rest of the way.

Emma had a great time in the big truck, especially when I reminded her of our online friend Rebecca whose Daddy drives a big truck. She thought it was way cool, and thinks R. is a very luck gal to go with her Daddy to work sometimes. (You know who you are. 😉 )

Most of what we moved over was the stuff outside the old house. Swing set, yard tools, stuff, more stuff, the garage which was really one of those temporary ones with the tarp over them, and – you guessed it – more stuff.

When we got back here, I took over a container of strawberries to our new neighbours here. Rosella asked me what on earth did we bring over this time, and was that all of it? She was shocked when I said no, we still have more stuff left over there. (Poor gal, she already thinks we have tons of stuff and said it’s a good thing we bought such a big house.) But we did bring about half the boxes left in the attic, and I think most of our books are now here. Except for whatever books were still in the attic.

Yeah. We have a ridiculous amount of stuff. I am thinking of blogging about some humours lists, especially Things We Never Need to buy Again. Because when an ADD gal from a pack rat family marries a guy from another pack rat kind of family, well… interesting things gets boxed up when moving households.

I have more tales to tell, including the ones I said I’d tell later and never got around to. Someone reminded me. 😉 Ron’s got some too, so I’d better wrap it up so he has a chance to use this later and let you all know about his new toy.


Moving time

Still on a break – gosh I’m tired. Kaytlyn and Addison got here and it was non-stop talking all over each other for at least a couple hours. I asked for my mother’s day present and Ron asked for his father’s day present and Addison said he cheated and got one thing for both of us.

But it was a really good DIY book with big pictures so that made up for it. How did he know? 😀 He said we probably knew most of what was in it, but it’s good to have instructions while you work so you don’t forget anything.

Things are chugging along. Emma hung off Addy for an hour solid, us girls talked Eljay icon goodness, Kayty brought up a Sims expansion pack and then took Sarah to the mall. We overheard Emma say, “You go girl!” Oh, and we had cake. My plan is for all these people to eat up whatever food is in the fridge so we don’t have to move it. We got the right people here I think.

My mom is bringing over ham and potato scallop tomorrow and I told her not to leave me leftovers this time. *whew* this is the culmination of a weeklong argument discussion that she finished with, “I’m bringing you food and you’re gonna LIKE IT!”

Everything is not as overwhleming with Ron around. I’m pretty exhausted though.

Moving boxes

Some of the boxes we’re labelling turn out funny though. Here’s a pile ready to go (one of many), with a whole box marked “TEA” right on top. Yes, it is full of tea and nothing but tea.


Well, since we are in fact actually, really, truly moving this time, for reals, with a date and everything, there has been much talk about boxes.


Did you know it is entirely possibly to have a twenty minute conversation about the virtue of certain cardboard boxes? There’s boxes for linens (big), boxes for books (liquor), boxes that are good but need a bit extra (banana), and where to find boxes.

– grocery stores (call ahead and they’ll save a pile from Produce)
– liquor stores (find out what day they get their shipment and pull up to the loading dock)
– cheap department stores (various, great for household goods because that’s what they sell, duh.)

And then you have how to pack boxes, whether to fold or tape shut, differing label techniques (markers or stick on), what to wrap around fragiles (newpapers leaves smudges but linens have to go somewhere), and what exactly consitutes a breakable anyway. Besides dishes, that is.

We have to do things differently, so as we pack I have to decide what’s staying behind (because we’ll be back to work on the place), what we can move ourselves – both on moving day in our car, and what we can move later with all the going back and forth, plus the horrifying realization of the sheer volume of books we own against the knowledge we are being charged by weight.

The books will temporarily remain behind.

Carl dropped in real quick this afternoon to drop off two bags full of newspapers. Since he had time, I asked him if he could take me to the bargain-type store down at the mall. When we got there, I waved in the general direction of their loading dock at the side. He drove off and I went in the front mall area. I then went straight to the back of the store, right by the “staff only” doors. I’d been there before, I knew the drill. I found a staff member, asked for some boxes and she brought me back three.

I clarified that I could take as many as she wanted to give me, and that’s the magic password to beyond the doors. I walked all the way back through, waved to the stockroom guy Ron & I had seen on Sunday, and got ready to sort by the loading bay. One of the employees opened the big door, and…

No Carl.

I looked around, didn’t see him, so I started making a pile outside. By this time, THREE employees were helping me, and we were having a grand time. They were dumping the unsuitable ones in the dupster. Pretty soon a van drove up. Not Carl, just another lady looking for boxes.

“MY BOXES!” I said. Actually, not really, although I did almost blurt that out. She was moving too, and took a couple armloads. In talking with her, I discovered she did not know about the liquor store, for today is the day they are full of boxes.


Anyway, when I had a huge enough pile, the staff promised not to throw it out on me, and I went off around behind the mall to find Carl. Lost again. He was parked near the back door, so I waved him over. When we got to my pile, he was ready to scratch his head. I think he may have took off his cap and scratched anwyay.

Eventually we got all the boxes in the car, and it only took two tries. We confused one employee, as she had seen the trunk full, then we pulled down the seat and pushed things into the back. So the next time she came out the trunk was empty. Heh.

Now, it takes real skill to get big boxes in a small trunk of a mid-sized sedan. Carl has just graduated to expert status. As we pulled away, I asked somewhat rhetorically if he had any idea just going to pick up a few boxes turns into an adventure. “Well, it does make things interesting,” was the reply. But we agreed it makes a good story for the blog.

At least we have our priorities straight.