Saturday, May 10, 2008 in country living, pictures included, travels

I’m taking my camera everywhere now

I work hard all week, head down or lost online, and by the weekend, things happen so fast I need a blackberry or something to post it all in double time.

Last night Sarah, Emma and I wandered upriver. We had been planning to visit this used clothing store that is closing, but it was… closed. So we stopped in a few places. On the way back home, i notcied a car pulled over and a couple people peering off into a field.

Well, shoot, I’m driving so I’m pulling over. I grabbed my trusty camera and headed over to the couple to take the shot below and a half-dozen others.

Baby moose

The guy next to me had his camera in the trunk and it didn’t zoom well I guess. A couple other cars stopped to look, but a few peeled away with a “Geez, it’s just a moose,” attitude. Whatever.

So we were almost home and I see this:

Fly me to the moon

I pulled over so Sarah could get the first shot (the camera was in her hand) but when we went down the road further we realized there were more people watching and it would be a good show. So I pulled over to a dirt road that turned out to be a direct route to the field they used for launch. We had a great chat with a guy who turned out to be the pilot’s dad.

I took about a hundred pictures and a half-dozen videos I have yet to upload, including one of landing. Then we cheered and clapped when he did land. We and another family (of Mennonites) walked down into the field for a chat and a million questions. Emma even gave him a free hug.

We talked over one another as the sun set behind us, having made a new friend.

Did I mention it was awesome? Because it was.

Click on any of the pictures to go see the rest. I’m making the entry short because the house is empty with Ron and the girls on some sort of secret mission, and I have some work I really REALLY need to get to.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008 in House stuff, pictures included

How to have a happy home

This time last year, we bought this house. See how sad it was?

my new house in winter

All cold and empty and neglected. 🙁 Poor house. So we bought it – rescued it really, loving it and now fixing it up. Admittedly, we haven’t got very far yet and there’s still boxes everywhere. But look at it now.

Huddled house

Doesn’t it look happer? I mean, even despite the better lighting and the still-falling-apart-ness.

I love you house. It’s okay, we’ll have you all better as soon as we can. Starting when the mountain of snow melts. (We’ve made lists. Lots of them.)

Saturday, January 19, 2008 in country living, House stuff, pictures included

Now we can really settle in

Boy, I got pretty darn cheesy and sentimental in that last one. At any rate, our brains are now free of thinking of the last house and we can move forward with this one, and all the other plans in my head. I mean, I don’t want to be looking back too wistfully so I can’t enjoy what’s in front of me now.

Sunset and fog on the lake

I mean, we did pick this house in this spot for some pretty good reasons. I’m uploading more pictures, so be sure to click on through to Flickr and check them out.

Ron and I are running errands today – in and out of the house, up and down the highway. He stopped in to the hardware store earlier to pick up a load of pellets. While there, he asked about window prices. We have a whole lot of them – 19 or 21 are all the same size, all original, all pretty darn cold what with the single pane of wavy glass. They are 2 feet by 5 feet. Large. They all need to be replaced. But the hardware store has a decent price for one, a lot less than we thought – about $300. That was the good news for today. (There’s 39 windows & exterior doors in total – most, if not all, will be replaced.)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007 in House stuff, pictures included, renovations

Some discoveries are good

Sometimes, when we are working on the house, we find that shock us (not literally thankfully), bewilder us, and confuse us. Other times, sadly not so often, we find things that bring a smile, a little slice of the past poking in to say hi.

While running wires again last night, we figured out a couple things. The holes in the joists where the wires ran through were made with a hand drill. This was evidenced by all the chunks of wood chips which were half circles and slightly angular. This also explained why the holes were not quite level. Made it hard to pull on the wires. 🙂


So I was comforted a little, that eighty-some-odd years ago, some guy in overalls had to contort himself across the floor, just like we were. Except we were undoing all his hard work and replacing it.

Inside the floor, between the joists, is the aforementioned wood chips, some dust & dirt, some plaster chunks and the occasional bit of interest, like that tag we found. This time, I found a neat square of plaster face down almost under the wall. Must be from when they cut the first hole for the first lightswitch, I thought. I flipped it over and noted there was a bit of brown paper, or wallpaper backing, obscuring what was underneath. I gently pulled it away.

Wallapaper & plaster, art deco

Original wallpaper. Faintly art deco. The only down side is the piece is so small.

At least it’s better than what I found in the downstairs bathroom. The bathroom which is a DIY bad dream. The tileboard is installed sideways in there, and yes, you can tell. The floral sprays every other tile are certainly sideways. In one spot, since it goes up the wall halfway, I can pull on the edge a bit to reveal the wall underneath.

I kinda wished I hadn’t, for there was the wallpaper of the renovation before that. Brace yourself, it was probably from the late eighties, early nineties. It is hunter green and cream plaid.

I think we’ll leave that room for a while.


We will be off to Aunt Boo’s for the afternoon, so here’s hoping Uncle Leroy will give us lots of blog fodder. Or tomorrow I could tell the story of Grandma Betty. She’s not our grandma and her name’s not Betty, but there you have it.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007 in pictures included, weather related

It snowed

We woke up this morning to a somewhat white world. It was cold enough to actually snow, but I don’t think it will stay. It’s melted off the pavement already.

Poor Emma is confused. Halloween is tomorrow, and it is in fall. But it only snows in winter, right? 😀

Pictures forthcoming. ETA:
Snow! on apples!

Snow on the weeds in the field

I trhink I like the bottom one better. Click for bigger, and to see the more pics from the past few days. The snow is mostly gone now.

Thursday, October 4, 2007 in pictures included

More pics

I also updated the flickr album.