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I took Emma to the movie theater this afternoon, as a treat because it’s expensive and something we just rarely do. Especially considering we’ll be getting the DVD even if we hadn’t seen the movie. In our house, a Pixar movie means an automatic purchase. Emma, and indeed the rest of the family, is a huge fan.

So, we went to see Wall-E.

And here’s where I’d love to tell you what a moving, wonderful story it is, but … I have no words. The words I just typed don’t even begin to describe it. A magnificent film that should receive every award in existence would not even begin to cover it.

Within the first minute, my eyes filled with tears. Ten minutes in I was just trying not to sob. I’m sure any feeling adult in the room was the same. And in the ending scenes it was the same. A roller coaster, swept along in the imaginative storyline, the world – indeed what could very well be *our* world – Pixar has not only done it again, they have blown their previous works out of the water. The competition should be quaking in their boots as anything else is just a cartoon.

The technical details of the animation of a garbage-ridden planet will leave you breathless in its horrific degradation. And this isn’t a film where the pure beauty of a class of professionals pushing themselves to the limit and breaking boundaries is such a joy and awe-inspiring moment. No, it’s the combination that you rarely see; one of fine craftsmanship in both the view and the storyline.

I can barely even express the storyline – the depth of feelings intertwined with what is shown on the screen, the sparse dialog that leaves you welling tears and laughing in the next moment.

And while the irony of it was not lost on me – leaving the theater and seeing the garbage on the floor, overflowing the two meager bins, being assaulted by Wall-E merchandise cropping up in stores now at limited quantities and low prices – there’s still the spirit of Pixar embedded in the file, thumbing its noise and wagging a finger even as it receives funding from its own corporate overlords.

Somehow, we don’t mind, for the creative talents they employ and the stories they have to tell need to be told, need to be unleased in almost any way possible. As long as we don’t fully succumb to the lure of consumerism.

Which, I think, was their ultimate point.

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Some foods should not be combined

Like these.

Now some people like to know where they’re clicking, so put down any food or beverage and I’ll tell you. Ready? Okay.

They are mac-n-cheese nuggets. That’s right, macaroni and cheese. In nugget form.

My kids will eat a lot of strange things, and for Emma, mac & cheese and chicken nuggets are two fo the handfull of foods she *will* eat, but this?  The pictures of this item in our local flyer was met with “THAT IS SO WRONG!” and “Ewwww, grooosssss…”

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Worst service ever

We stopped in to the grocery store on Wednesday afternoon, because I realized I wouldn’t have time to do it on Thursday. Everythign was great until we got to the checkout. The clerk was in the worst mood ever and appeared to be having the worst day of her life on top of that.

She sighed dramatically at our cloth bags. She ignored Emma, then pushed her away. She tossed stuff in our bags indesciminately – cans on top of bread for starters. She was flying by extremely fast to the point I was going, “um.. hey.. can… I.. ahh.. ” Then whenever she got to something heavy, she’d make a huge show over how heavy it was and groan and moan over it.

Honestly, I would have offered to do it, but she wouldn’t let me! At one point, she called the supervisor over to have a quick chat, and Sarah was in front of me and couldn’t hear it all, but she said it was full of attitude. She wizzed us through faster than I’ve ever been through a checkout before, and the only thing she said was “haveanicedaythankyou” in a voice that sound like she was going to expire any second.

We were so shocked and bewildered we just took our groceries and went home, discussing it all the way. When I pulled in to the yard, I realized I had absolutely no memory of putting the groceries in the car. There was a split second of panic at the idea of driving all the way back until Meaghan said she put them in the trunk. If I had to have driven back, I certainly would have gone to the desk and said something.

It was really weird.

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I don’t think I can keep a straight face here

Hana Montana boot recal

Seriously. Seriously?!?! OH NOES! Some girls tripped while wearing these boots! QUICK! Get them off the shelves!!!


“If your child has a pair of these boots, you should ignore her pleas to keep them and take them way immediately.”

I’m dyin’ here…

Please, people; USE YOUR BRAINS.