Thursday, December 20, 2012 in Them kids o' mine

Emma turned 12

She is a Young Lady, not a kid.

She really likes portal

Her presents were either Portal or Minecraft related, or money. Which is just as good, because she can buy things relating to either game.

I need to post a picture of the two of us standing together. She comes up to my nose.

Over the past year, she has had a couple of ridiculous growth spurts.

Thursday, November 5, 2009 in Them kids o' mine

Oh hey look

Since Sarah is off to college and has a thousand tales to tell, one of the reasons to move this domain to a multi-blog platform was to give her space under this umbrella.

The college years

She squeezed out an intro post between school, homework and work. So there ya go.

Personally, I can’t wait for the post she writes while hopped up on chocolate covered coffee beans.

Saturday, September 12, 2009 in family, Them kids o' mine

Sunny Yellow Days

On of my online buddies has been posting a series of nostalgic toys from the seventies on a countdown to Christmas. Yesterday, Jim posted the Fisher Price play castle.

When I was a kid I was pretty well loved and had just enough of the cool toys to be slightly spoiled. My castle was kept at Little Nanny & Grampy’s house, in the sunroom with the built-in storage benches along three walls. The left-side bin on the middle bench was the spot for My Toys. The dog slept on the middle one, occasionally jumping up next to me to investigate the lid being open.

At some point, the castle and all the pieces came to live at my house, when I was a grown-up and had two children to enjoy it and the grandparents were downsizing. They figured I could be responsible enough to keep it at that point.

Somehow the pieces did survive my children, thsoe two and the next two (although one of the horses has a broken leg) but the biggest part – the castle itself – got lost in our move around Miramichi. I am still convinced, Mom, that it is over in Michelle’s upstairs bedroom closet in the back somewhere. You may have to show her a picture to see if she recognizes it, because she may think it belongs to one of her kids (or a sibling, maybe it got moved to Dave’s old house, who knows?).

The dragon I swear I saw recently, Emma had a huge story about him and I have this urge to tear apart the house to look for him. I have an overwhelming urge to take his picture.


The other news from the weekend may seem unrelated. Meaghan is almost done the first coat of painting the kitchen. She got antsy this week over the fact I took most of the wallpaper down and left the rest, papery bits too high to reach without some serious equipment. Oh, the curse of ten foot ceilings.

At any rate, by the time she fell into bed last night, all but the most stubborn bits of paper were gone from the walls, some trim removed and some cleaning happening. We’ve cursed the guy who lived here before yet again over stupid stuff we found. Re-cutting doorways and no header, for example. It’s hard resisting the urge to rip apart most of it to re-do it, and just let the girl simply PAINT the room, darn it. It desperately needs it and a fresh look will keep both Ron and I from dismantling the whole thing for at least a year or two.

Previously, it has country-check blue and white wallpaper with a rosy 80’s beige on the ceiling and bulkheads over the white cabinets. (seen here) This in a room with no natural light until at least mid-afternoon in summer. It’s a cave on winter mornings.

Not this winter though. We have almost a whole can of paint from when we did the kitchen in the last house. The color? Yellow. A bright golden yellow we love that makes us smile.

Meaghan is painting the kitchen

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Emma writes a movie

Oh my good Lord, I can’t believe the amount of comment on that last entry. 😀 You have aaaallllll day tomorrow to enter too. I’ll count all comments left by midnight my time zone (AST).

Now, onto the stuff my family wants to read. ;P

Emma joined the summer reading club at the library, and next week is the last week. She said she’d read 30 books and she’s done so already. It’s every Wednesday at 10:30 am, which even then I sometimes have trouble making on time.

But today and tomorrow afternoon, we headed (and will head) to *another* local library and do a Movie Making workshop. There’s only four kids including Emma, and it’s supposed to be for kids in grade 4 and up, but they said she could go. Cuz, you know. They know her.

She did a lot of talking and I told the fresh-faced young man to tell her to stop any time. The other kids were kind of shy. The movie will be performed with puppets and burned onto DVD. (note to self: get blank DVD) It involves a farting robot dog, his owner, a girl wizard and a dragon. Hijinks ensue.

Friday, July 3, 2009 in Them kids o' mine

Librarians love us

At the risk of ticking off relatives who can’t stand the jumping around, and everyone else as I do this before actual work, here’s the Emma library story.

We were at the library twice this week. They started the summer reading club and we had arrived just after everyone else in charge of that had gone on their lunch hour. The meeting was the next day, so we could sign up then.

As a side note, Meaghan & I hadn’t realized it was lunchtime, and joked that as long as Ron (at home) had bread and peanut butter, he wouldn’t starve. When we got back home, Ron was just finishing up his peanut butter on toast.

Anyway! They had a book sale. I filled two boxes full of romance novels, not even looking at most of them, just going for particular covers. They color-code certain lines, so I grab the ones I know I like. That’s how I got this:

3 for 1 deal!

Funny enough, but it would have been even funnier (and serve me right) if I had read it already. I lugged home two boxes and gave them $13. Meaghan didn’t find anything. I also checked out a couple quilt books.

Next day, we hustled there bright and early (for us), got there just in the nick of time. Boy, they start on the dot for story time… anyway, it was a Canada Day theme as it was Tuesday before Canada Day. After the story, and the singing (that’s when Meaghan escaped upstairs), the library helpers asked all the kids stuffed in the basement what they liked best about living in Canada. Some answers were:

“my sisters lives here”

“it’s green”

“it’s big”

“it’s nice”

And then she called on Emma in the middle of the crowd. In a clear voice, with perfect enunciation, she volunteered her answer.

“Because it’s better than the United States!”

And beamed.*

I slid just a little further back into the alcove nearest me and watched all the parents giggle and cover their semi-shocked open mouths. Then we had the chaos of craft time and nobody pulled me aside for anything. We made a toilet paper roll beaver, and had 12 pairs of scissors to share with something like 57 children.

Then I got Emma all signed up for the club where she promised to read thirty whole books all by herself, by August 12th. They are going to let us come back for next week’s meeting too.

* the beaming was because she Followed The Rules and was Being Quiet, not shouting her answers and also raising her hand at the appropriate time. “Wasn’t I quiet when she said to be quiet Mommy? Didn’t I do good at raising my hand?” “Yeah honey, you did great.”

Wednesday, June 3, 2009 in Featured Articles, Them kids o' mine

This time it was different

Over the weekend, we helped Sarah pack up most of the crap in her room, stuff it in our dinky car, and then I drove her down to Fredericton. She’ll spend the summer working (when she finds a job) and then in September will start classes at the NB College of Craft & Design.

It will be her first day of “real” school. 😀

Yes, we have already sent one kid off into the wild blue yonder of “real life”. But this time was different, and my feminist cred is gonna slip here, but… this time, it’s a girl-child! It’s totally different!

Alas, we managed. We stuffed what she really needed into her new room downtown (easy), I spun her around the grocery store (she’s familiar with it, knows how to shop), impressed her new roomies with the fact she knows how to cook more than KD (one guy’s face looked like he just saw heaven), and then…

And then I had to just… Leave her there. That was the hard part.

Skip past the melancholy glaces into her half-empty room, the mental fingers in my ears as I try not to think about it…

The smiles when I see an email that says, “I bought second-hand curtains, they’re awesome!” (paraphrased, not a direct quote), or the note on Twitter that she unfurled her freshly laundered blankets that night and found emma’s pajama pants tangled up in them. Or seeing how she has a stuffed full calendar of people to visit, things to do, places to go.

Yeah, she’ll be fine.

Not so sure about the rest of us.