Monday, January 10, 2005 in Them kids o' mine

The halo removal.

Just to get everyone up to speed, my son was in a bicycling accident, broke his neck, and was put in a halo brace until it healed. You can read about that here. Friday, we travelled to the Big Hospital at the crack of dawn, to wait around and get it off.

The appointment was for 10am, so we dropped Ron & Addison off at the office, and the girls and I headed for some shopping. I really coulnd’t keep my already scattered mind on anything, so I mainly followed Emma around the toy aisles and waited for the other two to finish inventorying the lip gloss. When we headed back, parked and went all the way up, Ron was in the waiting room and told me we were still waiting for the doctor to show up. There was some emergency, so he finally made it around 11:30.

I think it took a good 15 minutes to get off, and we saw two more people go in to the room to help. Addison finally came out looking very different in a soft neck brace and two big holes on his forehead. Things got a little tense when we explained to the nurse that, since we got a very large bill for the halo brace, we were taking it with us.

“Well!” she huffed, “Unless people are destitute, they normally donate it to the wing.” I explained how were were currently talking to the City and their insurance company, so when that was resolved, I’d bring it back. I also thanked her very much and hoped I never see her again. 😀

The holes are healing up nicely today, and not the mess they were when we were visiting family. His neck feels better, and he walks around without the brace most of the time. X-rays next week, more physio, settle with insurance guys and then we are home free.

But the doctor did tell him to stay off the bike for a while. And no skiing.

Wednesday, January 5, 2005 in Them kids o' mine


Friday morning at 10am, Addison is scheduled to get the friggin’ thing (the halo brace) off his head.

And this afternoon, (sigh and roll your eyes here) he accidentally moved the shifted pin back into place when he dinged himself in the head with an elastic band.

Tuesday, January 4, 2005 in Them kids o' mine


After washing him up for the day, we noticed Addison has one pin (the one that was infected bad) that has shifted *up*, pressing on a nerve. His vest portion is also loose enough for me to put my hand under it, in the back. When he first got home, I could barely squeeze a washcloth through it.

But if he sits perfectly still, he feels fine! < / irony > And yes, looking at him, you can see the whole thing has moved and is now crooked. We’re phoning like crazy to see how soon we can get it off. Even if someone can do it today.

Tuesday, January 4, 2005 in Them kids o' mine

Well poo

Before Christmas, the doctor told us to call back today, after he had a chance to read the written x-ray report. Then he could tell us and/or schedule when to take off the halo.

I call today and he’s on a plane somewhere, he’ll call me back tomorrow. Great. It’s a week overdue to come off, and he said there’s no point in having it on longer than needed. Plus the pins are loose. Again. Addison can tighten up one by hand.

(plus it’s hurting my baby.)