Thursday, May 1, 2008 in weather related


Well. With all the rain and even snow people to the north and west of us got, it is working its way here down the river systems. We don’t even watch the news and we still find out, partly because everyone’s talking about it and Ron saw some on the way home. We went upriver a bit to check it out and the roads are blocked up in Bristol. People have to go upriver on the opposite side, cross there, and drive down again. I heard one lady say it takes an extra 45 minutes.

Also, Fredericton is flooded downtown. Remember I mentioned in a previous post that Addison & Kaytlyn were moving? Guess where they’re moving to? 😀 I do know the area they’re at is higher than the river.

I’ve also been looking up some great shots on Flickr and here.

From the news and here.

While it floods a bit from time to time, and the water rises normally this time of year, this is the worst it’s been in a while. Pretty much everywhere. Except where I am. 😉 The fields are a little wet but that’s it.

Saturday, April 12, 2008 in weather related

Just when I thought spring was here

It’s SNOWING outside.

On the one hand, it will cover up the dirty half-melted snowbanks. On the other – it’s more snow.

Monday, January 7, 2008 in weather related

I am relegated to talking about the weather

It’s a big topic though. We’ve headed into our warm week in January spell. Seriously, every year after some frigid temps, we get an unseasonably warm week in January, then February is brutal cold. Right after most of the snow gets melted.

Fortunately, there’s still quite a bit out there, but huge runs of it have been barreling off the roof and hitting porch roofs making loud noises at all times of the day and night.

Sometimes I wish I hibernated.

The Bedroom Shuffle

We did it again, we rearranged bedrooms. At least this time only one got moved. Ron and I had originally set up camp in one of the bigger bedrooms, the one with the floral wallpaper.

It’s also on the northwest corner. You can imagine what it’s been like, especially on the brutally cold night with strong winds.  At one point, we pulled the bed away from the walls because it was too chilly. So , we decided it would be better to move to the small “baby” room at the top of the stairs.

But first we had to clean it up, as it had some boxes stored in there, some tools and it was the room we had ripped the floor up in to find wiring.

Last night we just had the bed and alarm clock in there, so today I’ll be moving in the dresser and the clothes. It has a smaller closet, no rod and no shelves, just hooks. Ron will put up some shelving for his things, as he uses the huge wardrobe in the green bathroom for his dress clothes for work.

At any rate, the floral bedroom closet was cavernous and dark, also without rod, but with huge deep shelves and no light. It would make a great soundbooth for podcasts though *cough* Sage *cough*. (bundle up, and we’ll knock before we flush the toilet on the other side of the wall). We’ll keep the door to that room closed, and even after an hour we noticed a difference.

So the little nursey we’re in will probably work out fine for us, especially once I get the two huge east-facing windows covered in dark fabric. It was a little bright when the sun rose.

It was warmer though.


Go visit Jay. She wrote some nice things about one of my pictures.

Monday, December 17, 2007 in weather related

Crazy weather

We got dumped on, like everyone else. The forecast said we might warm up and get rain, but that missedus, which I think was good. I want the snow to bank up on the side of my house.

Excpet by the back door, where the north wind blows in, it also blows the snow away from it. I need a snowbank out there to stop the wind from visiting us indoors. I’ve blocked all the cracks I can from the inside.

Not sure how much we got in total. The wind keep blowing it away in some parts, and drifiting it real deep in others. Ron went to work, but I made him take lunch so he didn’t have to go back and forth.

You can read a bit about it here, and also I found this story pretty ironic, considering.

Sunday, November 4, 2007 in weather related

We’re fine here.

Hi! I thought I’d better post to say we’re fine. Someone emailed asking we’re okay. The power didn’t go out here (obviously), but we did get a lot of wind & rain. For some reason, the pellet stove turned off in the middle of the night, so all we got was cold. It’s nice and sunny here now, and when I got up, there was even a bit of snow on the ground.

This house is pretty solid and it held up well. 🙂

I feel for the people in South-southwest Nova Scotia where it landed. Hope y’all are okay! You can check out the news here.

I just checked – the small town closest to us had a power outage, but we were unaffected. At least, near as I can tell because nothing but the stove showed any signs of being off. (The pellet stove is plugged in as it has a fan.)

p.s – if you checked any of my sites earleir nad it was down due to a databse error, I got it up pretty quick again. Our host does backups or something on Sundays at noon my time, and this is the second time they forgot to restart MySQL.  It took one checkbox and one button click. *eyeroll*