Dumpsters and movies

The dumpster guy got here at 6:30. In the AM. They don’t wake me up that early in the country. Heck, Ron doesn’t even get up that early for work. So we went back to sleep.

Over a leisurely breakfast, Meaghan asked if she could go see the new Harry Potter movie.

Ron: “You got money?”
Meg: “Yeah.”
Ron: “Who’s going with you?”
Meg: “Sarah.”
Ron, to Sarah: “You got money?”
Sarah: “Yeah.”
Ron: “Well, yeah, you should be able to..”
Me: “And they say parenting is hard…”

I voted for flames.

Every time we go get the groceries, we drive by this one place, and I make fun of it every single time. It’s a garage, and they do custom paint jobs. On farm equipment. Just saying it out loud gives me the giggles. I mean, *who* gets a custom paint job on their farm equipment?? Pinstripes on your John Deere? Detailing on your combine? The lols are good for miles.

And then Ron got a new toy.

Ron's new toy

Actually, I shouldn’t call it a toy. Really, out here in Lawn Central, it’s an outright necessity. The man is skinny enough; he does not need to sweat off more pounds pushing a mower around roughly 3/4 of an acre of unlevel ground to get out lawn mowed. I’ll leave it to him to tell the story, as it’s a good one, and he’s now the proud owner of an old and crotchety lawn tractor I call Stanley. (The model is a Roper. Heidi says we need a weed whacker named Helen.)

Only problem is – other than the tires, the muffler, the battery hookups and the carburetor – the body needs work and is rusty in a few spots. In fact, when he got it from the guy, he had said he’d give it a quick paint job and touch up the rusty spots. It wound up looking like he’d cleared out the last of his red and white spray can collection and just made a few quick passes.

Ron and I were out looking at it one afternoon, pondering what to tackle first, when he pointed out the paint job and the need to have it redone. Before I knew it, in all seriousness, I blurted out, “Yeah, there’s that place down the road that paints farm equipment…”

And then he had to giggle at me. “What should we go for? Flames? Something in pink maybe?”

Ahhh life in the country… it never gets boring that’s for sure.

Edit: Ron is looking for guesses as to the paint color he picked up.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007 in House stuff, what a guy I married

The thing about the clothesline

When we first moved in, one of the top ten items on Ron’s list was “put up clothesline”. Well, I still don’t have a clotheline, but let’s not go blaming that wonderful man I married that works so hard.

See, he has a really good reason for not putting up the clothesline, even though we have brand new line and all the hardware. Purchased on sale no less. There’s even a great spot to put it: right from the back porch directly off the back hall & laundry area, connecting to a convenient pole in the back yard that is at a distance twenty feet less than the cord (doubled) we have.

One of the biggest hurdles was getting out the back door. Seems like such a simple thing, doesn’t it? You grab the basket of wet clothes, take two steps and open the door. But. The back porch had sunk down off the posts a bit and opening the door was pretty much next to impossible. Especially since it was locked and you could see the tilted deadbolt right through the crack.

We did solve the problem once, but it sagged again and by the time we got it opening again, it wouldn’t stay closed in a stiff breeze. We fixed that, too. By then we noticed a new problem.

Well, it’s not a *problem* per se, but it is an issue. Something I can perfectly understand waiting on to hook up my clothesline. You know, the one that will be attached to a post on the back porch?

Seems right by that very post, tucked up in the eave, we have this:

And we just can’t do a thing out there until mama has seen the babies safely off. Yeah, we’re big softies. Just don’t go tellin’ everyone, okay?

(See the whole set here.)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007 in I'm a computer geek, what a guy I married

We’ve been apart too long

I read Ron’s entry this morning about how he’d be internet-less for the next little while, and was bummed. I missed him already.


And then I remembered I am actually *married* to the guy, and he has email at work. Plus I can phone him. Doh. (which I do, every day)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007 in vehicular madness, what a guy I married

Figures the other shoe would drop, but it does pay to be kind.

So we had a bit of an adventure Sunday afternoon. We got everything packed into the car for a trip to stay with Ron for the week to close on our new house. Ron took the long way around so the drive would be easier on me, what with smoother highways and all. It was a gorgeous day – I think the highs were in the mid-20s. We even stopped for ice cream (and a couple burgers for the protein-low).

There was a noise coming from one of the tires, but after a quick look, Ron figured it was something to do with the studs wearing down. By the time we got back on a major highway through nothing but woods, the tire was wobbling. I could see it and figured it was heading for flat. Ron pulled over in a good spot, and had a look. The hubcap was HOT. After trying to figure out if it was the brake pads, he determined it was the bearings. Part of determining this was getting the jack out of the trunk – the trunk that was crammed FULL of stuff. We had to unload everything at the side of the road.

Emma thought it was great fun playing in the wide ditch and looking up at clouds while noisy trucks and gawking Sunday drivers went by. I bet we were quite a sight. One person stopped, but by then, we figured out what was wrong and what we were going to do.

We then limped a few miles further along, going slow and with hazard lights, until we got to the nearest gas station – the Petro Canada by King’s Landing. Ron tried to find a rental car that would come get us, but no go – especially on a Sunday. The manager overheard us and offered to take the me and the girls all the way up here for the price of the gas. They even knew who to call to tow. So, six and a half hours after we left our house, us girls got to the “hotel” where Ron stays all week. Randy is our new best friend too. 🙂 We had loads of interesting stories to share.

As a side note, Randy was working airport security in Halifax on 9/11. He overheard some people trying to find a rental car to Yarmouth and offered them a lift. They hustled away from his fast and stared at him for the next half hour. They were from New york and Boston and told him people just don’t do that there. Well, they do here. They did wind up getting a list and Randy says they still keep in contact, good friends now. So say “hi” Randy, or Randy’s wife. 🙂

Ron stayed with our car, got it towed to the Ford dealership in Woodstock, and Leroy (my uncle, Aunt boo’s hubby) met him there. They went back to Boo’s to get their car so Ron could have something to drive while ours was in the shop.

It was good he left the car at the Fod dealership instead of the mechanics he’d been at a week or two earlier – ones who had worked on that same tire. >:-( And not only did the dealership mechanincs confirm that yes it was indeed the bearings, it was also in the realm of if we had just kept on driving it would have been a snapped axle.

The dealership was awesome – they had the car all fixed and the summer tires back on it (Ron took them down on his lunch hour) for us to pick up after supper, which we did. Then with both cars we headed back up to Aunt Boo’s to take her car back and visit for a bit. That was the first time I had driven a vehicle in three weeks. It was tiring, but the company’s great – even if Boo can hobble faster than I can at the moment.

Monday, April 23, 2007 in pictures included, what a guy I married

Ron’s birthday cake was yummy

Chocolate pound cake

Mmmm, chocolate pound cake. I made it for him on Friday, so it was ready when he got home. Granted, it was the *only* thing I did on Friday.

I have more adventures to tell, but I’m really tired.