8 for the 80’s – tv edition

I give up. This has been on draft for over a month. I’ve only got five. Feel free to run with the idea.
(although I’d appreciate some link-love)

1. What was your hands-down absolute favorite tv show from the 80’s? You know, the one you know every line to.
2. What were your other faves?
3. What was the most memorable or worst movie tv of the 80’s?
4. How did your tv watching change from 1980 to 1989?
5. Which 80’s tv show best represented your life? (You can pick more than one to cover the decade.)

Updated: more questions from Heidi!
6. Which TV Theme songs can you still sing?
7. Were you loyal to any of the networks?
8. Which 80’s TV show would you (did you) buy on DVD?

Now get cracking with the answers. I’ve turned on the ping-a-lator.

8 for the 80’s – movie edition

We’re totally going to the movies this week!

1. What was your hands-down absolute favorite movie from the 80’s? You know, the one you know every line to.
2. What were your other faves?
3. What was the most memorable or worst movie experience of the 80’s?
4. How did your movie watching change from 1980 to 1989?
5. Which 80’s movie best represented your life? (You can pick more than one to cover the decade.)
6. Who was your favorite actor or director?
7. Are they still going strong, or should they give up already?
8. Did you watch more movies at the theater, or on your new VCR or Beta? Did you constantly have to hook it up for your mom and show her how to program the thing?

8 for the 80’s – music video edition

Well, we did the fashion, we did the music, let’s do the biggie – VIDEO!

1. First music video you remember seeing?
2. Did you want your MTV and did you get it?
3. Were you a music video junkie like I was?
4. Best music video of the 80’s was…
5. Worst music video was….
6. What’s the most memorable 80’s music video for you?
7. Whose music videos did you enjoy the most in the 80’s?
8. Did video kill the radio star?

(Do you know how hard it is to come up with these things? What have I started?)

8 for the 80’s – music edition

1. What did the music of that era mean to you then?
2. What song takes you right back, whenever you hear it?
3. Shuffle your playlist (I know you have one). What’s the first song listed from the 80’s? (not a cover!)
4. Your 80’s music icon was…?
5. Hair bands! Discuss!
6. How much did your musical taste change from 1980 to 1989?
7. Which big 80’s music star should just give up already?
8. Which big 80’s musical talent are you glad to see has still got it?

bonus question: When you first heard Bowling for Soup’s 1985, what did you do?

(Squeal like a girl? ME TOO! :lol:)
More answers:
1. Dude, I was in high school in the 80’s. Music was *everything*. Every song had meaning, every line said the things I couldn’t and didn’t dare. It was all about the music, man.
2. Well, there’s a couple – Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time. (Ahhh, a classic..) and the Thompson Twin’s Hold Me Now sweeps me away to a darkened gym. Let’s Dance is one my mom played over and over on the tape deck in our Volvo station wagon on the morning drive to work & school.
3. I’m like the only person in the world without a playlist to shuffle. Sigh. But on the hard drive, I do have a Duran Duran song somewhere.
4. At the start, it was Debbie Harry from (who else?) BLONDIE! I still have the greatest hits album. Then it went to the Go-Go’s, Duran Duran and Madonna.
5. Oh my gosh! The late 80’s hair bands.. too cool! I really felt like it was the start of something, even at the time. Sure, it was funny, but SO COOL! And look show it brought metal to the mainstream. Great for those angry days.
6. I think it broadened greatly.
7. MJ – so NOT the king of pop.
8. Madonna, baby!

Eight for the 80’s

A new meme! Had a brainstorm, here’s how it works: Copy & paste the following question in your blog, then link back (ping, trackback) to me or whomever you got it from.

This week, the first, I’m focusing on the best part – FASHION! :lol::oops:

1. What was your hair like?
– sad to say, pretty much like it is now, but blonder.
2. What did you *wish* your hair was like?
– what I wished it was like back then was long and with a spiral perm, like Madonna’s in her Desperatly Seeking Susan look.
3. What was the coolest item of clothing you had back in the 80’s that is totally embarrasing now?
– Just one? Let’s see… there were the legwarmers, the fingerless gloves, the harem pants…
4. What was a cool fashion trend that you didn’t understand back then, and still don’t?
– Day Glo. ’nuff said.
5. What was a fashion trend you *wish* would come back?
– Real punk, when it was fresh and new.
6. … or that you were happy to see did come back?
– Well, I wasn’t happy to see legwarmers. 😯
7. Who was your 80’s fashion icon?
– Mostly Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. The Go-Go’s too, and when I was feeling “sophisticated”, Duran Duran.
8. Describe your best (or worst) look for the eighties.
– Should I start with the braces or the things I could change? :mrgreen: Well there was the bright yellow big shirt I had, just like Boy George’s, except I wore mine with big black belt, pinstipe black pants and Peter Pan get-aways, those suede ankle boots. Remember those? The worst part of this outfit is I have many pictures of me wearing it.

Let’s see how long I can keep this up. Got suggestions for questions? I’m all ears. If you don’t have a blog, feel free to answer in the comments.
(edited to answer my own questions. Doh! :oops:)

Great. Now I am singing, “Gonna dress you up in my love, in my love, all over your body,” over and over in my head.