I still remember the small weight of carrying him on my hip, the jingle of the bell on his little baby shoes. I remember his first Halloween costume, the one I made for him. He was a clown. 🙂 I still remember, loudly, how he would run everywhere – would he ever just *walk*? – and the time he ran right into the wall. I remember when he could sit on my knee and I had to bend over to hug him.

Now, I have to look up – waaaay up – and he’s fully grown. I’m kind of astounded.

Happy Birth-o-ween Addison. 🙂


Well. With all the rain and even snow people to the north and west of us got, it is working its way here down the river systems. We don’t even watch the news and we still find out, partly because everyone’s talking about it and Ron saw some on the way home. We went upriver a bit to check it out and the roads are blocked up in Bristol. People have to go upriver on the opposite side, cross there, and drive down again. I heard one lady say it takes an extra 45 minutes.

Also, Fredericton is flooded downtown. Remember I mentioned in a previous post that Addison & Kaytlyn were moving? Guess where they’re moving to? 😀 I do know the area they’re at is higher than the river.

I’ve also been looking up some great shots on Flickr and here.

From the news and here.

While it floods a bit from time to time, and the water rises normally this time of year, this is the worst it’s been in a while. Pretty much everywhere. Except where I am. 😉 The fields are a little wet but that’s it.

Happy birthday Addison!

I can’t believe I am the mom of a twenty year old.

birthday geek

Hope you have a GREAT day!

The theory bears fruit. Smug fruit.

In some Addison news, in case you don’t read his blog, he got a couple of part-time jobs at the college. One as a tutor and one as tech support. He told me when he went to the office to apply for them (or some reason), he ran into the lady who does the homeschooling admissions. They got to talking, and she remembered his application. “Yeah, that guy was me!” He told her.

“What’s your average?” she fired back.

“85.” Sweet. She grinned. Then she related to him that she was thinking of homeschooling her own children.

Why yes, I am feeling rather smug about this at the moment.


For the backstory,  because this is spread out in the archives, Addison’s last few years of homeschooling were mostly interest-led and self-directed. That’s the scary unschooling word, folks. Plus he had a major accident and recuperation time, and then worked full-time for a year. When we applied for him to go to college, we talked to the lady mentioned above who is the one contact person for the entire province for alternative admissions in the the provicial community college system. I engaged in a dialogue with her before I even considered filling and sending an application form. We were able to prove to her satisfaction – without transcript or test results – that Addison was a smart guy and they should let him in. And they did. By the time we sent in the application with deposit, it was on her say so and pretty much a done deal.

Well THAT was exciting

So there I was sitting at the computer last night, minding my own business playing the Sims, when a voice behind me said, Hey,”

It was Addison.
And Kaytlyn.
All dressed up. Like, him in a suit looking mighty handsome and her in a twirly skirt, nice blouse and her hair did.

Right after I said, “What are you guys doing here?” Emma said, “Hey! Look at the shiny rings on your fingers! Did you guys get MARRIED?”

Yep. 😀

Emma at the hardware store.

We went to the hardware store, because we needed silver polish and lamp parts. More on that later. 😉

Because it had been a somewhat warm sunny day, we had alreayd been to the lake. Emma and Meaghan had gone swimming, while Sarah and I watched and swatted bugs. As such, Emma was still in her bathing suit, so I told her before we left for the hardware store, she had to go get dressed.

She wound up in her new blue princess dress. Over her tropical-print bathing suit. And you could tell. In retrospect, I should have told her to get changed, not just dressed.

Also, she was wearing red crocs.

Now, I have to mention we have been making fun of crocs since they came out. Yes, I can see how comfortable they are and I am even considering getting my own pair for kicking around the yard in. It would look better than my pink house slippers, that’s for sure. Meaghan especially hates crocs and considers them an abomination when worn in public. Anywhere in public.

But Emma is having a bit of a shoe issue. One pair of sneakers is getting slightly too small, the new pair of sneakers are hard to get on, and the cute flip-flops like her sisters’ don’t feel good on the toes, are getting dirty and leave a trail of sequins behind. So Emma was looking for quick footwear to slip on while running out the door. She’d settled on her WINTER boots. You know, the purple ones with the fur around the top. They look exceptionally interesting when worn with shorts.

So really, I had no choice but to buy her the knock-off crocs in bright red for three whole dollars.

And thats how she wound up introducing herself to the staff of the local hardware store in her bathing suit, princess dress (hiked up so she wouldn’t trip) and bright red crocs.

Of *course* I forgot my camera.


– Would you wear crocs out in public? Do you own crocs? What color are they?
– Given the chance, would you wear a princess dress while shopping? A tiara?
– What about the kids? Do they dress unconventionally when you go out?

Feel free to leave extensive comments or answer in your own blog. I’m flexible that way. Pictures get you bonus points, and I know how much my readers love bonus points.