And on the up side

(I forgot to mention this)

Addison made the Dean’s list *again* with an average of 83.

Not saying this to brag, just letting the general public know that homeschoolers – and self-educating ones at that – do just fine out in the “real world”.

Oh, and when he and Kaytlyn were here last, Ron had two *TWO* people to talk intensive programming techniques with.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007 in Them kids o' mine

She has passed the first test

This morning, I recieved the following email from Kaytlyn:

Dear Andrea
(or, The Escapades of Addison)

This is a public service announcement, written in the hopes of making the general public aware of the true nature of Addison’s mishaps escapades . It has recently been brought to my attention that there is some doubt as to the frequency and severity of “Addison’s Accidentsâ„¢”; I would like to clear up any confusion or misunderstanding.

I admit that, at first, I found it shocking that anyone could possibly not realize what causes myself (and my in-laws before me) so much stress and worry. However, the longer I sat and considered it, the more I came upon the realization that this young man’s follies really are almost to the point beyond belief. A piece of scaffolding through the back? A chisel through the hand? A broken neck? Hit by a minivan? These are meant to be fictitious tales read about in novels, not factual happenings regaled by exasperated relatives. Or so we thought.

This morning we both awake to the sound of a blaring digital alarm clock. We open our eyes and are met with darkness.
“Turn on the light,” I half grumble through my exhaustion. Muttering an incoherent syllable of agreement, Addison pulls himself out of bed and reaches forward to turn on the large ceramic lamp perched atop the dresser.
Addison falls back to the bed, clutching the side of his face and moaning. The lamp lays, cracked in half, in the middle of the floor. I panic.
“Oh my GOD!” I say, grabbing his shoulder gently. “Are you bleeding?!”
“Nooooo…” More moaning. “It landed on my face.”
That’s right, folks. In an attempt to merely flick a light switch on, he managed to pull the entire thing onto his head. Want to hear the kicker?
Click! He flicks the light on from its broken position on the floor. We’re illuminated.
That’s correct: He did not break the light bulb. He broke a giant hollow ceramic base, and he broke his face, but not the bulb.

So now my lovely fiancée’s face is marred at the top of his nose by a large red lump, highlighted by a fine red line running horizontally across said lump. The real beauty is the shiner he gave himself – the swelled and blood bruised lower eyelid. It looks as though I’ve been pounding on him.

So there you have it. Further evidence to prove just how worrisome Life With Addison truly can be.

Warmest Regards,

I’m surprised he has gone this long without hurting himself.

Thursday, February 1, 2007 in family, Them kids o' mine

A modern day fairy tale: Geeks in love

Once upon a time, there was a girl. This girl was a bit of a geek, so she went to college and signed up for a Computer Programming course. She met a guy, who was also a bit of a geek and who happened to be in the second year of the same program. They fell in love, got married and had four geeky kids, although not necessarily in that order. The happily ever after part is still happening. (Most days.)

Well, that geeky couple had a boy. And he grew and he grew and he grew. (Really, he ate quite a lot.) He also spent a good deal of time in front of one of their many computers. He grew and he grew until he grew right up. Then he went to that same college, where he took the exact same Computer Programming course his parents took.

And he met a girl.
Who was in the second year of the same course.
Who was just like him, only female.
Who fit right in with the rest of his family.

So he did the only thing he could, really. He asked her to marry him.

And she said yes.
(In retrospect, it was pretty much inevitable.)

Sunday, December 31, 2006 in how my children learn

Also forgot to mention

Addison made the Dean’s list. When he was talking about this to Ron, he added, “Of course, you know what that’s like.”

And when we went to the same college, they only did this at the end of the year. I guess now they do it for the first term as well.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006 in Them kids o' mine

Happy Birthday Addison!

I got up this morning, and Addison has already turned NINETEEN! Sheesh.

It seems like just yesterday he was cracking jokes, growing like a weed out of his clothes, posing for silly pictures, playing computer games, and being so busy he’d run into walls.

Huh. It’s weird having a grown-up for a kid.

And I hear that being a grown up sucks really bad, so here’s hoping that on his first offcial day as a grown up that it doesn’t suck.

(Note for Americans: Nineteen is the age of majority here. Even in all the legal grey areas, the max is 19.)

Saturday, September 23, 2006 in House stuff, Them kids o' mine

Loose ends

I remembered I totally forgot to tell you then ends of a few story threads. I wanted to write good articulate entries about each one, but… eh.

– Sarah didn’t get the job at the CD store. It was a good experience all around though. The manager was impressed with her, and it was down to her and TWO other people. He oversees all of that chain’s stores in the Maritimes (around a dozen at least). She’s still getting plenty of hours at Subway, and they are mondo impressed with her. Also, she has managed her money quite well. The only splurge has been a 30Gig mp3 player, and if you’ve seen the amount of CDs she has, you’d know that was a good idea.

– Addison is doing, in his words, “Fine, gah.” The second day he was there, his fish died though. He had fun with putting together furniture, figuring out buses and biking long hilly streets. He is finding most of the classes, for now, a joke. As in, given how seriously people stressed how hard it was going to be, having a class on how to use email and a math class that started review with addition & multiplication, well, he’s finding it a lot less scary than expected, I think. The lady he rents the room from is so happy to have him there that she insists on cooking for him. Problem is, she’s not much of a cook. Two weekends to Thanksgiving, Add! 😀

– After Ron helped Addison move, our van almost died. There’s no way it’s gonna make a long trip like that again. I can still run around town with it, which is good.

– Meaghan has been baking up a storm. Pumpkin pie, homemade pastry of course, cherry coffee cake, cheesecake (baked) and various appetizers. Too bad nobody is here to eat it. She’s also discovered the joy of reading the dictionary.

– Emma is thisclose to being a fluent independant reader. It’s kinda scary but cool how it suddenly clicks. Also scary? Her birthday is not that far away (December) and she’ll be six. SIX, people! As in “Now We are…” She took the small box the bathroom ceiling light fixture came in and made a car. “It’s one of dem small cars,” she told me. “A Smart car?” I asked. “Yeah that.”

– Just today, we finished the bathroom. I still have some touch-up painting (it never seems to end) but we have reached the point we can put away tools. The point at which we can call a realtor to come over is in sight. In the distance, but in sight.

– Ron has looked at some houses for sale. I found one (okay, TWO) I want. 🙂 I still have to look them over sometime. (oh yeah, and sell this place)

Fall pics are coming, I promise. I was going to put them in our gallery, rather than up at Flickr, as there is a LOT, but my ftp program is being funky.

I could go to sleep right now.