Friday, September 8, 2006 in all about me, Them kids o' mine

The boy leaves home

I came home last Friday to an assortment of boxes in the dining room. Addison’s stuff, all boxed up. He’d already cleaned out things a couple months ago, lugging two garbage bags out of his room to the back door.

“What’s in there?” I asked.


“Like what kind of garbage?”

“Like stuff I don’t need, don’t want and is no good. Junk. Don’t open it MOM!”

I did my moterboat impersonation. “But… but… but…”

“Just don’t, mom. It’s junk. Trust me.”

Later, I sneaked a peek. I resisted pulling out broken artifacts and torn papers from his childhood. It was hard, though.

Saturday morning dawned early, and eventually we all got up. The boys went outside to prepare the van, lugging the back seats out, and tearing away to buy a new matress and a new dresser. A new matress even thought the one he had was brand-new and purchased right before his accident. He really needs full support, not a discount matress. A new dresser because the hand-me-down one he had was big, bulky, heavier than a Sumo wrestler, and stored about as much clothing as a Sumo wrestler wears. And it needed to hold his fishtank with Dudley in it.

I wrung my hands, paced around the house, tidied things halfway and tried to keep busy. They came back at lunch. The next was a quick blur of getting things up and down stairs, cleaning, and figuring out the puzzle of packing all the items in the van. Too much work and too many details to worry about to dwell on feelings, really. When they got to the desk – a near-the-end item – they discovered they had to rearrange half the items packed in there already.

Moving out

Finally, they were done.

I didn’t cry, exactly. It’s just my eyes started spontaneously leaking. “I love you, baby,” I sniffled into his shoulder as I hugged him tight, standing on the back doorstep so I could reach him. “I love you too, Mom,” he said in that same tone and grin Ron uses when I am being “cute”. Pathetically cute, usually. I watched them both get into the van. I closed the door. This is it, I thought. He’s off on the rest of his life. Without me.

I wandered around the house, drying my eyes so the girls wouldn’t have to witness their mother breaking down, and tried to watch the van leave from the front of the house.

No van.

I went to the back door again, and saw the van still in the yard. The boys were in the garage. By the time I opened the door and aksed what was up, they were packing his bicycle in the back of the van and talking about removing the front wheel to get it to fit. “We almost forgot his bike,” Ron said. “Ah,” I said and looked at Addison as he walked by me, again. “Well that was anti-climactic.” He fake-smiled at me really big and did a cheesy wave. “yep. BYE!”

And then they were really leaving.

I wandered back to the front of the house, saw them round the corner. I sniffled again. I dried my eyes on my shirt. I turned to see Meaghan watching me.

“So…” I asked, “Wanna help me move my bed and stuff into Addison’s old room?”

Tuesday, May 9, 2006 in Them kids o' mine

Orientation for college

Last Friday, Addison got Carl to drive him down to SJ to visit the college he will be attending in September. They were having an orientation day with plenty of seminars and chats. I think he had a blast, given that he completely talked my ear off for a full half-hour after he got home. And? Carl took him to see one of his friends, and if there ever was a reason for Carl to blog, it would be to record the conversations with the kinds of friends he has.

How was Addison’s day? Well, let me try and quote him*:

“I got to use a plasma cutter! And Ricky almost sold me a car!”

I say “let me try and quote him” because every time I tell a story, Addison says I screw up the facts. I say it often makes for a better story. 😉 Put the audience out of their misery in trying to keep up, Add – post to the blog yourself. 😀

(Why yes, he does read my blog. The boy needs to know what’s going on in the house while he’s at work.)

So he got to use a plasma cutter in the automotive department – not because he’s doing an automotive course, no, he’s taking computer programming and they don’t use those sorts of things – but because he met a guy there he knew and he let him try. Apparently it was more fun than peeing your name in the snow.

And Ricky’s car was an old something-or-other but really nice and never winter driven as it lived in Florida. only seven hundred dollars! All Addison would need now is another three thousand for insurance, a buddy to help fix it up and oh yeah, his driver’s license.

At some point he did get around to telling me about the information he got on student loans and places to stay, with inside tips from his buddy – like finding a basement apartment that has a middle aged woman upstairs and she’ll cook for you. Sweeeet. He met the instructors, two (I think) who were there when Ron and I attended.

Did I mention that the course Addison is taking is the same one Ron and I took, and where we met? So, little bit of a head trip there. Yes, the instructors remembered Ron and eventually me. The odd bit is that when we went, it was a tough course. When I look over it now, it’s hard, but nothing Addison can’t handle.

After all, he was taught by the best.

Wednesday, November 2, 2005 in I Forgot To Pick A Category, Them kids o' mine

Addison’s birthday wrap-up

We had picked up a new desk for Addison a few weeks ago, so his big present was all done. His card from us said, “We were going to get you a present, but today you’ve got something money can’t buy… Maturity!”

I had taken Emma to the Dollar Store where she picked out an assortment of interesting yet strangely compelling gifts for him. A rubic’s cube knock-off, some plastic collectible card holders and a Canadian flag luggage tag. Oh, and a package of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups.

Sarah got him a PC Gamer magazine, and because he said he didn’t care what kind of cake he had, Meaghan made him a very large pan of midnight mints. He also got a couple of good books with an awesome take-out French fries card (“You want some happy with that birthday?”), and a gift certificate to a gaming store. Plus he had the day off work.

The card from my mom was a Mary Engelbreight one with a quote from Pinocchio about being a real boy. We all stared at it for the space of a heartbeat. “I bet she’s joking,” I said. “I hope so,” said Addison.

Friday, July 8, 2005 in homeschooling, Them kids o' mine

Most excellent news!

It has been like Grand Central Station here today, and this is the first chance I’ve had to come on here and share the Big News.

Addison is going to college FOR SURE! I’ve been emailing the admissions officer / homeschooling liason for over a year, and today she phoned me personally to tell me to get his formal application in ASAP because he’s IN! They are holding a spot, just for him.

And yes, parts of our conversation went like this: Her: “What kind of grades did he get in math?” Me: “Well, we just kept doing it until he knew it.”

He will be going to NBCC, taking Computer Programming, coincidentally (or maybe not) the very program both Ron and I took, and the one where we met. 🙂

Also today, the boy had an interview at McDonald’s. His training starts in two weeks. 😀

I’m so proud and he deserves it so much. He’s the one who did all the hard work.

Friday, March 18, 2005 in Them kids o' mine

Again with the medical issues

I swear, if all this were on tv, I’d never believe it.

Addison went for an eye exam yesterday, and I expected him to come back saying he needed some weak glasses. Instead, he came back with a referral to an eye surgeon.

He has unbalanced oblique muscles in one of his eyes. The surgeon will be able to tell which one. There is a vertical deviation, which means he’s cross-eyed up and down. If he glances to the right, he sees double. To see correctly, he tilts his head.

He’s been doing that since he was born, but it was never really a problem or noticable enough to get checked out until he broke his neck. The tilting of his head cause strain on the neck muscles, and the last injury exacerbates it all.

Wednesday, March 2, 2005 in Them kids o' mine

Yeah, he’s smart all right. Dead, too.

The other night, Addison took an online IQ test.

I know, I know… but bear with me here. I actually find them “ballpark” accurate because I *did* have a real IQ test done, so I know about around where I am.
Ron and I like to take them just because we are geeks like that, and to see when we’re slipping. He always gets better than I do, around a 10 to 30 point lead depending on the test.

So he sends me his results then asked me what I normally get. I tell him. He asked me what Ron normally gets and I tell him. Addison’s score is between ours, so I ask him, “So what you’re telling me is, you are smarter than I am, but not quite as smart as Dad?”

“Well yeah, ” he answers, “But I already knew that!”