40th Birthday

Today we went to visit Mam & Carl.It was a long day (& drive) but a great visit.Tomorrow is Andrea’s 40th birthday. So, the trip was part of Andrea’s birthday celebrations.

Yeah, I know it says Andrea wrote this. I did that so she would get the comment email instead of me. I’ll leave you to guess who “me” is ;-). I wanted to surprise Andrea with a whole load of birthday wishes first thing in the morning. You can help me out by leaving her a comment withing her a happy birthday 🙂

Happy Birthday to Meaghan!

And today Meaghan turns 16.

I just got done putting her cake in the oven. She was very specific on what she wanted – a layer cake with m&ms in the cake itself and all over in the icing. Bonus points because they have her initial on them.

She already opened a bunch of present too, which in our house is funny because the birthday person gets to say when they want them, and we’re usually so distracted that the day of the actual birthday, we’re up in the bedroom actually wrapping things that will be unwrapped within 5 or 10 minutes. (unless you “wrap” them in a bag)

I think my kids are just grateful we actually *remember* they even have a birthday.

Anyway, Meaghan is the hard one, as she’s pretty quiet, keeps to herself, and doesn’t like people doing anything special for her. She’s hard to spoll and she doesn’t want for much, but I think we did okay. I order a couple things for her that aren’t here yet, so I’m sure she’ll be pleased when they get here. (I’ll tell you later.)

I only tormented her a little. Yesterday I said something along the lines of “And I can’t even complain about however many hours of labour, because compared to the rest, you were kind easy, you just popped right out and it was kinda funny because I had extra fluid and you were bouncing around in there and…”

But then she put her fingers in her ears, closed her eyes and went “I KNOW! I HEARD! You told me already. Many times. You can stop now. PLEASE.”

So I did, what with it almost being her birthday and all.

(You can see Meg here. I had picked out some older pics to scan in, but I haven’t done that yet, and I wanted to get the entry posted today.)


I still remember the small weight of carrying him on my hip, the jingle of the bell on his little baby shoes. I remember his first Halloween costume, the one I made for him. He was a clown. 🙂 I still remember, loudly, how he would run everywhere – would he ever just *walk*? – and the time he ran right into the wall. I remember when he could sit on my knee and I had to bend over to hug him.

Now, I have to look up – waaaay up – and he’s fully grown. I’m kind of astounded.

Happy Birth-o-ween Addison. 🙂