When I am rich, part 2523

I recently upgraded the blgo software to WordPress 2.5. Yes, I know I said I hated the backend, but it kinda grew on me. I also wanted to use the Batch Categories plugin.

Only problem is, while I can filter entries by category, I can’t actually batch edit categories on entires, like you can in MovableType. I swear, that the only thing I miss about MT. If I am presented with a list of entries to edit, I should not have to go to each single entry and change one thing.

I also now have tags, but you don;t know it by reading the entires, but just by the inadequate sampling of some converted categories-to-tags in the sidebar tag cloud.

So. When I win a bajillion dollars, one thing I will do is hire myself a personal editor to read through my entire blog, correcting my spelling & grammer, categorize and tagging all my entries. Partly so I can find things later when I go looking for something. (Why yes, my blogs *is* my personal memory bank.)

I suspect I will make someone very wealthy.