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Some things aren’t coincidences

snow fairy

Remember back here, when I wrote about Emma hugging a random stranger instead of her usual target of store clerks?  It turned out that Emma had picked a lady who had just been to the hospital to see her ailing grandfather.

Her name is Erin, and today Ron and I stopped in during visitation at the funeral home, in honour of her grandfather. Erin has been working as an admin assistant in Ron’s office. She started three weeks ago.

When she saw us, her face lit up in relief. She told us once again how much that one simple hug from Emma meant to her, with her eyes glistening. She introduced us to her parents, saying, “Remember the little girl I told you about? The one who gave me the hug? These are her parents.” Her mom’s eyes shone when we shook hands and hugged. Erin told us how she never really hugs people, and she shared a few stories about her grandfather while we looked at pictures. He looked like a hugging man, surrounded by many children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She was really, really glad we came.

It was a quiet drive home, fat fluffy flakes drifting from above.

Later, I asked Emma if she remembered the lady in the blue coat, the one she hugged at the grocery store. She thought a minute and said “Yeah.”

“Well, we saw her today, and she said to tell you she said hi. She still remembers you and your hug.” Emma’s face broke into a wide, beaming smile and she had to grab the nearest person and hug them. In this case it was Meaghan.

We haven’t told Emma anything else, but someday we will.

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The heart of a child

We went grocery shopping last night, and Emma was in a free hug mood, hunting down clerks wherever she saw them, not just at the checkout. She rarely, if ever, hugs anyone else and even then usually chats them up first.

In the cereal aisle, Ron got ahead of me, I lingered back to broswe, and Emma was sort of in the middle. “Would you like a free hug?” I heard her say, and looked up in time to see her hugging a lady in front of her cart.  She hugged her and moved on, while I made my way to the lady to explain.

“I needed that,” she said, as I noticed her face was pale and drawn. “My grandfather’s dying.” She had just left the hospital.

In the whole entire store, Emma randomly hugs one stranger and she’s the one who needs it the most.

(I gave her a hug too.)

Meet Bobby

This is Bobby. Bobby came to live with us last weekend.

Meet Bobby

Bobby is a result of taking Emma (and the others) out for a wee bit of shopping, where we did not aim for the Dollar Store for a treat, but bumped it up a notch. This is what happens sometimes.

Now Bobby has made friends with Mr Bones and the Visible Woman. Sometimes I find Bobby and his parts in odd places, but mostly I’m just glad the CSI team has not stopped by.

Emma tells me that Visible woman and Mr Bones are an item, and in fact the parents of Bobby, but Bobby himself looks at us haughtily out of his one good eye, and Visible Woman already has a plastic fetus to take care of.

Yeah, I know. We ARE weird.

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Time keeps on slipping too

Emma and I were cudled up in bed, gearing down for the night. I had rolled over on my side, book in hand, and she cuddled up behind me.

“I love you mommy,” she whispered. I imagined her smile.

“I love you too honey,”

“But I’m slipping away from you…” It caught me for a second, for indeed she is, she’s growing up so fast, and I never seem to have enough time for her. I turned to comfort us both, “Oh honey, I’ll always be here for you…”

That’s when I saw her head wedged between my pillows and Ron’s.

“No, I’m slipping away from you,” she clarified, and placed her head back on the edge of my pillow where it promptly slid off again.

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Sleepy Emma

The other night when trying to get Emma to settle down for her evening snuggle in my bed, I suggested we have a contest to see who could fall asleep first. To my surprise, she fell for it. After a while, I noticed she really was falling asleep. I hollered for Ron to come escort her to her room, which he does every night.

She didn’t even stir.

I shook her shoulder. “C’mon, honey, you have to go to bed, wake up.”

Finally she was able to sit up, but her eyes were still closed. She whispered, “Did I win?”

“Yes you did.”

Then she fell back down on the pillow, fast asleep.


Yesterday, I cleaned out the fridge for lunch. Emma decided that we should write on the calendar what days are leftover days. Since to me that could be any time, I let her do it anyway. When I looked at the calendar, I asked what that weird square box was. “It’s a leftover,” she said. Meaghan looked and asked, “Then why is it glowing?”

Leftover night

(More assorted fall pics on Flickr, and check out my new fall header.)

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We’re raising another geek

We were all snuggled in bed; Emma, Ron and I.


“Yes honey?”

(Here Emma rattles off a series of ones and zeros.) “That’s three in computer talk, right?”

“Uh… yes it is…”

“And that’s a byte, right?”


I finally whisper, “I think she’s been watching Scooter Computer & Mr. Chips again.”

“Daddy?” Emma asks again.

“Yes honey?”

“What do you do at your job?”

Ron goes on to explain he talks to computers in their language and tells them what to do. Emma says, “WOW. That’s really cool.”

I think Emma’s really cool.