Thursday, September 13, 2007 in Them kids o' mine

Another round of Emma says…

I was upstairs mid-afternoon, drawing a bath in the claw-foot tub… yeah, sounds indulgent but it really was more the quick version of adjust-water-get-in-while-filling-and-start-washing method. Anyway, the phone rang.

Just once.

I waited a minute, didn’t hear anything, and hollered to find out what was going on. No answer. I shrugged and figured it was nothing important.

I wandered downstairs after I smelled better. “Who was on the phone?” I asked Sarah. “Dunno.” she said, “Emma answered…”

She waited until the look of horror passed on my face, then reiterated what she heard on this end.


“Who’s this?”

“Nope, Daddy’s at work and Mommy’s in the bathtub.”

“Okay, bye.”

I went and found Emma and asked her nicely about the phone call and who was there. “She said she’d call back,” I was told, “I said you were busy.”

(Eventually the she in question did call back. 😉 )


Ron had an idea after supper, and we all went bowling. Candlepin bowling for you Americans. We got our stylish shoes, expect for me because I sat there and kept score, got a couple lanes off to the side, and raised the bumpers (with a string of red lights) for Emma.

A rousing good time, I think. Sarah kept curving left on one lane, and curving right on another. Meaghan started out awesome and in the lead, then tanked. Ron took a bit to find his stride, and Emma toasted everyone the first half of the first string.

Just before she concentrated on sending the ball down the lane, we all heard her mutter to herself, “It’s just me and the ball…”

Thursday, August 30, 2007 in Them kids o' mine

I had to make a new rule

Last night, round about bedtime, I had to put my foot down and make a new rule.

You are not allowed to check out more books from the library than you can carry.

Monday, August 13, 2007 in pictures included, renovations

It is finished.

The gold bedroom that is.

Finally done

Ron made the stained glass window insert, Carl did the window frame. We replaced the ceiling material and scraped the original trim on the ceiling, we replasted and repaired the walls, ripped out the closet the previous owners put in this alcove, and refinished the floors.

I’d say it was totally worth it. You can click here to see the whole set, or just look at what we started with.

Bonus shot of Pinkie Tuscedero:
Pinkie Tuscedero beads thoughtfully

Wednesday, July 25, 2007 in I Forgot To Pick A Category

Disney Princess Fairies are evil

I jsut had to console an upset Emma *again* because yet another Disney Princess Fairy got a broken wing. Sure, they look cute and the wings are nice, but they are fragile as all get out. Even the box says for kids, but these are clearly toys you have to be careful with. And Emma is, which is the problem.

She came to me sobbing because it was Tinkerbell this time, which was unforgivable. I said I get to it in a minute and she could round up the rest and I’d do them all at once. One of the other ones broke right in the hip area not 24 hours after she opened the box, so I had my work cut out for me. I took too long messing at the computer because Emma finally said at my elbow, “You know, when you go to the hospital they take care of you right away and not make you wait…”*

I have a whole pile of them all lined up on my craft table now, with glue drying. I’m trying one kind of glue first becasue I can;t fidn my hot glue gun. That doesn’t bond plastic very well anyway, but at least it would’ve held.

So they are tiny and fiddly and worse than Polly Pockets. UGH. To top it off, they are pretty expensive up here. I’ve seen the sets of two small dolls anywhere from $8 on sale right before Christmas to $15 all the way up to $23!!! has . (She has that set, FYI.) So yeah. Tiny broken toys here.

*Poor thing has only been to the hospital when it’s been really serious and we get right in. Which, when you think about it, is how it should be – not with the dozens of people sitting in Emergency with a cold or the flu.

Sunday, July 22, 2007 in Uncategorized

Driving Miss Emma

While driving around Miramichi on one of our countless trips up and down the road, we passed the funeral home. the parking lot was overflowing and cars were lined up and down both sides of the road for a block or two.

“Why are all these cars here Mommy?”

“Because that’s a funeral home, and someone died, so everyone is visiting the family.” (Note: why do they ask these things while I’m driving or otherwise occupied?)

There is a slight pause. I can tell she’s thinking, even if I can’t see her. “Well why’d they have to go and die on such a nice day like today?”

I dunno. Is there ever a good day?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007 in Uncategorized

2 things to hold you over

Emma lost another tooth last night. It was a bit of a to-do, since she was wiggling it and it hurt, then bled. I had to pull out all my mama tricks, and discovered a chunk of popsicle not only numbs the spot, it distracts the kid AND finishes knocking the tooth out.

Also, while grocery shopping we found a HUGE box of assorted bandaids on clearance for half price. Since then, a few of the most beloved of stuffed animals have encountered horrific accidents that need medical attention.

Such a a shame, really.

Bonus news: Emma has figured out how to tie knots, and she’s found a stash of skipping ropes.