Thursday, February 17, 2005 in Them kids o' mine

More cute stuff she says

Just some snippets of conversations I’ve had with Emma.

After her quick dental check-up earlier this week, I told her I get scared when I go to the dentist. I do, I even told them to put “She’s a white-knuckler” on my chart. Anyway, on hearing this, Emma said, “I will give you some of my Brave,” kissed her fingers then pressed them to my cheek. “There! Now you will have some for later.”

Her Brave is very useful to have around.


I aksed her what she thought of my hair. She smiled and said it was good. Later, I asked her it if was cool. She said no. “NO?!?! Not cool?” I asked her. She giggled, “No, it’s pretty!” I said what did she mean, not cool, I wanted it to be cool so I could be a rock star mommy in a video and rocked out, falling all over her bed. She giggled & squealed some more, then gave me a sad face with a big pout.

“I don’t want you to be a rock star mommy. Then you’ll go live at Much Music and won’t be my mommy any more.” I hugged her and kissed her, assuring her I wouldn’t go be a rock star mommy. Besides, I’m still her mommy when I’m not around right? Like when I went to the hairdressers? This cheered her up. And I assured her that when the people made a video on a movie tape, they sometimes had their babies with them to watch.


Last night, she hugged my leg out of the blue. “I love you Mommy!” she said and squeezed harder, “You’re a genius!”


A friend stopped and and mostly stood around with her jaw on the floor listening to Emma talk. We had watched I, Robot and Emma had seen a little of it – with plenty of explanations from us. So she told our friend, “On the movie I Robot they showed in the commentary how they guys use their imaginations and pretend to be robots and they make them all robot with a computer.”

Our friend looked at me. “Did she just say commentary?” she asked.

“Um, yeah,” I answered, “She likes to watch the commentaries on the DVDs.”

Here Emma interrupted us with more details of commentaries of other movies.

“And she’s how old again?” She’s four. Our friend turned her head, shaking it, hand over her mouth.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005 in Them kids o' mine

Making a Run For It

We made a pit-stop recently, one of those quickies where your blood still hasn’t quite settled from being on a zooming buzy highway when your darling child says in an eerily quite voice, “I really hafta go pee,” and then you remember you didn’t bring the potty OR an emergency change of clothing.

Unwilling to color the snow, we held on until we got to a coffee shop. (Yes, Tim Horton’s) By this time, my eyeballs were floating too. Emma peed, then while she was finishing up, I had my turn.

You know that point when you’re having a pee and you know nothing in the world can stop it now? Yeah. That was the exact time Emma chose to not only wiggle her way under the stall door, but right out the bathroom door.

And there I was, stuck in an undignified and uncompromising position, and all I could do was yell, “Emma! EMMA! Come back here! Emma honey, please come back? Emma! Stay here with Mommy! HEEL!”

But I finished in record time and snagged the back of her escaping hood just as she reached for the next door, the one back into the shop.

We later had an interesting conversation about strangers where I trod that fine line between impressing upon her the dangers of wandering around without adult supervision, and unintentionally scaring the pants off her.

Friday, February 11, 2005 in Them kids o' mine

How can we stand the cuteness?

Last night, Emma approached her father with an apple held behind her back. “Pick a hand, Daddy,” she asked him.

“Um, this one,” he said, and picked the left. I watched as she switched hands and said, “Nope. Pick again.”
Just now I got her all bundled up to go outside, and said to her that now she’d be all warm out there. “But now I’m all warm in here!”

Thursday, February 3, 2005 in Them kids o' mine

Today’s magic phrase is…

“Pour favour?” Everything Emma says to me this morning is appended with this.
“May I have some juice, pour favour?”
“Can I watch a movie, pour favour?”
“Can you wipe my bum, pour favour?”

Wednesday, February 2, 2005 in Them kids o' mine

She’s tearin’ up my heart

The other day Emma & I were talking about her hospital experience. I was wondering how she felt (okay, I was worried) when she went to the operating room, and I asked her if she was scared.
“Oh no Mommy,” she told me, “I wasn’t a-scared.”
I breathed a little sigh of relief until she said, “But I did cry a little.”
“You did?” I asked, getting all sad.
“Yes, because I was worried about you.”

Friday, January 28, 2005 in Them kids o' mine

Emma update

Finally we are back! Everything went well, Emma is feeling fine. Three extractions, a bunch of crowns, some cleaned up spots and whatever else he said fell out with the rest of my brains, because just then they had wheeled Emma out and all I cared about was going to my baby.
She was some cranky when she first woke up.
Two hours later, she was her usual smiles, telling the nurses “I love you” as well as “thank-you” and walking out the door.

See ya on Monday, I’m wiped.