This grandparent stuff is awesome

So the Saturday before last, Addison & Kaytlyn & Izzy cam up for an impromptu visit. I got A & K to clear out some books & Add even brought some meat they had to eat up, so he cooked supper.

Izzy ran up and down our front hall.
She payed in the plastic drawer.
She found that bar of soap we left too low. (eww)
She took webcam pics of us together.

me & izzy on the webcam

We dug out toys we’ve been setting aside just for her, and toys that my grandmother had at her house for me to play with.
We played with the magnets on the fridge too.

Addison came over and watched us. He notcied we have the bright green silly man face magnet with the big ose. It’s a strong magnet and we got it from Grampy. I was helping Izzy pull it off the fridge and put it on again.

Addison reached down and pulled on the magnet.

“Aw, it lost its strength.”

“No it didn’t, honey.”

“But it was stronger when I was little.”

I looked way way up, because I was sitting on the floor and he was standing.

“You grew up, sweetie.”


We took Izzy out to the backyard to run around (because we can!) and her Grampy showed her where apples comes from, and her Aunt Meaghan chased her in the grass and her mommy gave her airplane rides and her Nanny took pictures and got tuckered out.

End of summer

It was a good day. My cheeks hurted.


In other news – they came back to put the pump in the weel yesterday. A big excavator, some more digging and some clumping up and down to the basement. It is awesome.

The living room is done and we are putting furniture back into it, slightly differently. Especially since half the furniture was in the room with the stove. It’s getting cold enough to actually run the stove and the furniture was in the way, so we had to finish up.

Early morning frost

I couldn’t sleep, what with overheating myself, the dry air kicking in my sneezing nose, and an aching crick in my neck that slowly lead to a headache. So I got up and quietly surfed channels *I* like for a change. Even if I could barely hear them.

When the sun rose a little more and two younger girls came downstairs, Meaghan mentioned how nice it looked outside with the sunrise and the heavy frost. I pulled my long grey sweater over my jammies, my pants were on (thankfully) and I grabbed Ron’s work coat. My hair? Oh man.

But even if a couple people did see me (I’m sure the neighbors thought “Here she goes again..”) the shots were worth it.

Early morning frost

Daisy frost


Dandelion frost - crop

I’m gonna need a nap later though.