Stuffing in as much as possible

First off, y’all gotta go look at my mom’s blog where she’s been posting quilt pictures and food. I’d say it makes me long for home again, except I just got off the phone with her, so I’m full up for the week. 😉

My Mom: Best in Small Doses. (If you’re wondering, she’s probably cackling loudly over that right this second.)

To pick up where we left off in the sage of my life –

Wednesday: Ron had called the internet install guy and asked if he could drop in and have a look at our wiring and talk about how much it would cost to move it so it comes directly into the office upstairs. He showed up right at lunch on a day Ron was at the office, took a hard look at everything, shaking his head and muttering, then I went to check on lunch. I come back and he has the entire thing disconnected and is moving it already. Why yes, I *was* right in the middle of mucking around in a client’s database. By the time he gets it all set up again (bang, thrash, pound) it won’t work on my computer. He gets his laptop hooked, checks the connection, gets it working for him to verify it’s up and running. He takes one look at our computer, says “It’s not Windows, can’t help ya.” and leaves.

So I had to wait until Ron got home, and he spent an hour getting it back up and running, where we discovered our router was toast and our IP adrress changed too. Then he had a client project to start that took from 8pm to 3am. (Wow, you really wanna work from home now, don’t you? 😀 )

Thursday: Emma and I went on a field trip to the Potato Museum, got home in time to make lunch. Then Ron and I went on a “date”. 😀 First, we picked up some books for Emma from Tree of Life. They are out in the middle of nowhere in a very nice spot, but really only a pleasant drive between my house and town. Great people, you should buy homeschooling books from them. I got books 1 through 3 of Draw Write Now.

In town, we picked up a new router and Ron picked out a desktop for him. We’re gonna need it. He asked about getting no operating system and they said sure. All they did was swap out the hard drive with an empty one.

When we got back, Emma and I spent a good solid hour drawing.

Friday: I worked. Ron put the second window in our bedroom, since it’s been cold at night and the old window by the head of our bed was chilly. It made a HUGE STINKING DIFFERENCE. Now we have all new windows on the North and East side of the upstairs of our house.

It hasn’t been cold enugh to run the pellet stive all the time, but we have been using it to take the chill off the downstairs. We still get quite a bit of solar gain, and with the new windows in place, we’re retaining heat well.

That night, I finished up some work (two clients had server crashes, yay fun!) and we went to get groceries past 7:30pm on a Friday night. remind me never to do that again.

Saturday: I loaded up my car with a bunch of crap that thankfully was already set aside by my past self. (Yay for smart and lucid days!) I took myself down to the clubhouse/community hall where we were having a small community yard sale. I spent all darn day there and made maybe $30 at most. I came home with 3 empty boxes though, and I spent less than $10.

Also this week in Meaghan’s kitchen:

Seriously, I’m gonna hafta start freezing some of this stuff. I didn’t even count the peach jam and pear preserves, but that might have been last week.

No school, no harm

As many of you know, Sarah is our oldest child who has never had any type of formal schooling. She has been educated at home from the beginning. Since this was her final year had she been going to school (and we felt she was “done”), she decided that she would like to take a standardized test. This was mostly to have a simple piece of paper from a third party as “proof” that she has an adequate education. It should make college application simple.

I mentioned back here when we got the test. For the curious, we ordered the CAT tests from the Canadian Test Centre. They were easy to administer, and slightly amusing. We took the $75 option to do the Canadian Achievement Tests (CAT) and the Canadian Test of Cognitive Skills (CTCS). These are the only options available for the home educated, and should be enough. The homeschooling-specific order form will not let you order anything else. (They have cheaper supplemental tests for teachers, which is why I mentioned it.)

When we were done, we sent them back to the Centre for scoring. The tests themselves are not purchased, but leased, so you send back everything.

On Friday we recieved the official results. Sarah has completed the equivalent of grade 12.9+ overall. She is in the 69th percentile for her age, and the 70th percentile for grade level. The percentile ranking means she did better than seventy percent of students in her grade who also took the test. Her highest scores were in Language/Writing & Vocabulary, where she got a 93 and 97 respectively. Not surprising for someone who spoke in full sentences at two, and currently reads a book a day with interests ranging from Gossip Girls to Goethe.

On the CTCS, she got just above average. It’s like an IQ test but not quite. She was dissapointed it did not include the usual logic problems which she’s fond of and very good at.

Overall, not too shabby, and we were quite pleased. So now she’s officially graduated. (and apparently will accept cheques 😉 )