Happy Birthday to Meaghan!

And today Meaghan turns 16.

I just got done putting her cake in the oven. She was very specific on what she wanted – a layer cake with m&ms in the cake itself and all over in the icing. Bonus points because they have her initial on them.

She already opened a bunch of present too, which in our house is funny because the birthday person gets to say when they want them, and we’re usually so distracted that the day of the actual birthday, we’re up in the bedroom actually wrapping things that will be unwrapped within 5 or 10 minutes. (unless you “wrap” them in a bag)

I think my kids are just grateful we actually *remember* they even have a birthday.

Anyway, Meaghan is the hard one, as she’s pretty quiet, keeps to herself, and doesn’t like people doing anything special for her. She’s hard to spoll and she doesn’t want for much, but I think we did okay. I order a couple things for her that aren’t here yet, so I’m sure she’ll be pleased when they get here. (I’ll tell you later.)

I only tormented her a little. Yesterday I said something along the lines of “And I can’t even complain about however many hours of labour, because compared to the rest, you were kind easy, you just popped right out and it was kinda funny because I had extra fluid and you were bouncing around in there and…”

But then she put her fingers in her ears, closed her eyes and went “I KNOW! I HEARD! You told me already. Many times. You can stop now. PLEASE.”

So I did, what with it almost being her birthday and all.

(You can see Meg here. I had picked out some older pics to scan in, but I haven’t done that yet, and I wanted to get the entry posted today.)

Random conversation with smart-mouth kid

Me: “I wonder what else we can have with supper.”

Meaghan: “What are we having so far?”

Me, distractedly rummaging though fridge; “Pork things.”

Smart-mouth; “How about potato things?”

Happy Birthday Meaghan!

Another day, another birthday. Hey wait a second – how did my previous “baby” get to be FIFTEEN? If this keeps up, I’m going to have to go to bed, because I feel old.

I have to make a birthday cake today, by request. (On your birthday, you get to do that.) Apparently I am making a book cake. How? Not sure yet…

Edit: here’s a pic of them before htey went out last night.
Halloween costumes

Meaghan made an M&M costume that morning.

Meaghan’s quilt

Meaghan's quilt. (story included)
I finally finished the re-working of this quilt.

I got the quilting bug somewhere in the mid-90s when my bigger kids were small. Meaghan was a toddler, if not a barely walking baby. I had already started a quilt for Sarah (handquilted, still unfinished) and decided that Meaghan needed a quilt too. Besides, she kept running off with the softest or cutest fabrics, stuffing them in her crib.

I originally whipped this up in a few days, possibly as little as three. No pattern, I just had dozens of strips of fabrics someone had given me. They had got them from a bedding manufacturer as waste and ordered it by the garbage bag full. I just grabbed from my stash, whizzing the strips through my then-new serger, cutting the larger sewn strips into blocks, rearranging and sewing back together until it was big enough. Some pieces of fabric leftover from small dresses and pajamays made their way in. I had originally layered it with regular poly quilt bat, and sewn together two large pieces of bright clown fabric sheeting (I’d never use it for anything else) for the back. I quickly tied the layers together with pink embroidery floss. I did a fast and loose job of binding, cutting the back bigger , and folding the edges around to the front and quickly stitching them down. My grandmother, who taught me how to sew and quilt, pronounced it "passable".

Five years ago, when we moved here, I noticed that the seams were coming undone on the front, the back was worn, the stuffing loose where it wasn’t bunched and the hastily folded corners poking out and dragging everywhere. After many years of being loved to death by a little girl, and many trips through the washer, it was showing its age.

I took it apart.

I found new filling, an old twin poly duvet middle from Ikea, and a new white flannel backing that used to be a sheet we never liked. The former clown backing had been pronounced too scary now. 😉

I sent it of to a lady who would machine quilt anything you gave her, for $25 and up. My mom said she’d finish binding it, then she never got round to it and niether did I.

Until today.

"My quilt!" Meaghan squealed when I dug it out. I’d just finished overhauling my long-unused sewing machine and was itching to get back behind the pedal. Meaghan sat across the table from me as I worked. This time, I did a more careful job, one that was now backed by years of experience. It only took twenty minutes or so.

I remembered when she was so little she barely spoke, but she grinned so wide wrapped up in her quilt, lost in its folds. After removing all the pins that had stuck in it far too long, I picked it up and draped it round her shoulders. It barely covers her now.

"Here you go, baby." I hugged it round her best I could.

"Thank you, Mommy." She smiled. It still keeps her warm.

Parental pride

It’s a fine day for me when one of my kids finally “get it”. Meaghan talks here about cleaning and sorting, and WWMD(what would mom do).


Loose ends

I remembered I totally forgot to tell you then ends of a few story threads. I wanted to write good articulate entries about each one, but… eh.

– Sarah didn’t get the job at the CD store. It was a good experience all around though. The manager was impressed with her, and it was down to her and TWO other people. He oversees all of that chain’s stores in the Maritimes (around a dozen at least). She’s still getting plenty of hours at Subway, and they are mondo impressed with her. Also, she has managed her money quite well. The only splurge has been a 30Gig mp3 player, and if you’ve seen the amount of CDs she has, you’d know that was a good idea.

– Addison is doing, in his words, “Fine, gah.” The second day he was there, his fish died though. He had fun with putting together furniture, figuring out buses and biking long hilly streets. He is finding most of the classes, for now, a joke. As in, given how seriously people stressed how hard it was going to be, having a class on how to use email and a math class that started review with addition & multiplication, well, he’s finding it a lot less scary than expected, I think. The lady he rents the room from is so happy to have him there that she insists on cooking for him. Problem is, she’s not much of a cook. Two weekends to Thanksgiving, Add! 😀

– After Ron helped Addison move, our van almost died. There’s no way it’s gonna make a long trip like that again. I can still run around town with it, which is good.

– Meaghan has been baking up a storm. Pumpkin pie, homemade pastry of course, cherry coffee cake, cheesecake (baked) and various appetizers. Too bad nobody is here to eat it. She’s also discovered the joy of reading the dictionary.

– Emma is thisclose to being a fluent independant reader. It’s kinda scary but cool how it suddenly clicks. Also scary? Her birthday is not that far away (December) and she’ll be six. SIX, people! As in “Now We are…” She took the small box the bathroom ceiling light fixture came in and made a car. “It’s one of dem small cars,” she told me. “A Smart car?” I asked. “Yeah that.”

– Just today, we finished the bathroom. I still have some touch-up painting (it never seems to end) but we have reached the point we can put away tools. The point at which we can call a realtor to come over is in sight. In the distance, but in sight.

– Ron has looked at some houses for sale. I found one (okay, TWO) I want. 🙂 I still have to look them over sometime. (oh yeah, and sell this place)

Fall pics are coming, I promise. I was going to put them in our gallery, rather than up at Flickr, as there is a LOT, but my ftp program is being funky.

I could go to sleep right now.