Workout playlist

I felt like warmed-over crap when I got up this morning, and since lollygagging over the internet with a pot of tea wasn’t helping, I got the brilliant idea to get on the elliptical for a change. Hadn’t been on it in a week.

Moby – Alice: Moby is pretty good to space out to, and warm up to.
Pink – Sober: I just like it.
Flo Rida – Right Round: best sampling from the 80’s I’ve heard in a while
Guns n Roses – Paradise City: watched a show yesterday on the history of metal
Goodnight Nurse – Milkshake: punk cover of a Kelis song
D.A.N.C.E. – Justice: Sarah found this for me, puts me back in the roller rinks under the disco lights
Restless (f. Josh Homme) – UNKLE: another from Sarah, no idea who these guys are
99 Points of Authority – Jay Z / Linkin Park mashup

Yeah, that did the trick.

I’d recover better if I wasn’t laughing so hard.

So over the past few days, the girls have been working on a special project. Today (probably since I haven’t really been on the computer) Sarah did the final editing and mixing.

I now present you with Sarah and Meaghan’s parody of 30 Second to Mars “From yesterday”. Even if you aren’t familiar with the original song and video, I think you will still enjoy it. (Besides, you can see the original one all over youtube anyway.)


Blue Christmas playlist

I love Christmas, love the music, love the season, love my family, loving giving people presents. For some reason, I’ve always loved sad Christmas tunes, and now that I’m older the bitter and sad makes the happy that much sweeter.

Please come home for christmas – Holly Cole
Fairytale of New York – The Pogues For those Irish Christmases of old when yer love went wrong.
Get me through December – Natalie Mcmaster & Allison Krauss
River – Linda Ronstandt Another done somebody wrong song, but at Christmastime.
Song for a winter’s night, and Wintersong – Sarah Maclaughlin. When you miss the ones you love.

*sigh* There’s just too much sad going around lately.

Wednesday is hump day. Is it over yet?

So yesterday, even though we had no boots, we went out. It took twenty minutes to get the van out of the ice and snow. The sun was shining (the tank was clean) and it melted a bit by one of the back tires so it would just spin messily.

I showed the girls that trick where you jam a floor mat under it, then watch it fly right out the back. “COOL!” Two floor mats and I finally got out. There was also a bit of pushing involved, but with Emma still in the van going “whee! whee!” every time it rocked, it was a little distracting.

And then we went to the pawn shop, where Sarah bought an electric guitar. That brings the household instrument count up to four, and we have one happy teenage girl.