I’d recover better if I wasn’t laughing so hard.

So over the past few days, the girls have been working on a special project. Today (probably since I haven’t really been on the computer) Sarah did the final editing and mixing.

I now present you with Sarah and Meaghan’s parody of 30 Second to Mars “From yesterday”. Even if you aren’t familiar with the original song and video, I think you will still enjoy it. (Besides, you can see the original one all over youtube anyway.)


Oh Gwenny, you have no idea…

In the September isue of Harper’s Bazaar, Gwyneth Paltrow drops this gem:

“I do not know how single mothers have more than one child with no help,” she tells the magazine. “It requires so much of my life, and I don’t have to change sheets and clean toilets, you know.”

Coem on over to my house, Gwenny. I’m not a single mom, but I can assure I spend enough time cleaning. I can show you how I do it. 😉

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