Saturday, June 13, 2009 in Featured Articles

May I always have time to quilt

Meaghan sorted my fabric for me.

It’s not all my fabric: this pile is just the large pieces of quilting cottons, the ones I have plans for or need to be inspired by, or have to look at to check against another piece. The “in use” pile.

Not to be confused with the container of just flannel, the large bin of scraps which may have large forgotten bits in it, and the other large container of knits and non-quilting type fabric. Oh, and the bin with in-progress projects that had to be put away for a while until I feel like working on them again.


Meaghan’s making a quilt too.

Meaghan's project

Hers is six-inch squares, finally making use of a stash I got through a long-ago swap. All greens and purples, we hunted and tore and cut our way through my entire stash of fabric so she had as many different pieces as possible.

There is a dearth of some colors in my stash. You can see from the top photo – hardly any reds, minimum orange, barely any yellow. But a riot of pinks a healthy amount of greens and look at all that blue. I blame my mom for that, as she frequently hands over fabric.

It’s funny, I look at the pile and see the quilts I *want* to make; an Amish sunshine and shadow, maybe one really bright and one more subdued. I think I have enough for that. Realizing I have enough florals to make another quilt exactly like the one I have planned for Ron and myself. Queen-sized, old-fashioned florals in soft colors. I am going to have to pay for decent batting on that, as I want a certain look to it after I’m done quilting it. Or the long piece of white that reminds me of the finished spinning spools blocks tucked in a container. The large stack of blue and while fabrics inspire me to do an entire quilt in nothing but blue and white prints. And I don’t even like blue much, but this I know will be gorgeous. It makes me want to do more two-toned quilts, maybe a yellow and white floral with white. Or better yet, my mind wanders, a two-tone quilt in just solids, preferably a red or yellow with white, the block choice showing off something special – a curve, or a pleated part perhaps. Drunkard’s Path or Ohio Star.

I love piecing the tops, whipping them up quickly. The quilting part I can do, it just seems to never get set up. I took my .. er, I mean my mom’s quilt frame down to Rose’s house. Rose, you know Rose. Rose said she’s be happy to quilt for me, she loves it. One of the few things she can still do. She’s young at heart, can’t get out much and poorer than the church mouse. But her eyes lit up as I set up the frame in front of her favorite chair, made sure she had some quilting thread and promised to bring the needles too. “Well would ya lookit that!” she keeps telling her husband. I brought her a couple tupperware containers, a couple glasses to replace the last of her that broke when her hand shook so bad.

The phone rang. It was her husband, tired and worn. “I hate to tell you this, but you’ll have to come pick up your stuff and take it back. Rose had another mini-stroke, so she won’t be able to quilt.”

Yes, she’s fine now, yes she’s home resting comfortably.

I think when I bring the frame and quilt back I’ll set it up somewhere instead of packing it away again.