Good gift ideas

Live Free Learn Free Magazine is having a Mother’s Day special on subscriptions. $25 US for a whole year!

Also, relatives take note that I like Home Education Magazine, Life Learning magazine (it’s Canadian too), and Homeschooling Horizons (also Canadian).

Ron likes this stuff too, so take note for Christmas. (Yeah why didn’t I post this before our birthdays??)

Homeschoolers for Open Office

Chris, Daryl and I have been discussing Open Office. It would be neat to start an informal group called ‘Homeschoolers for Open Office’. Its an office software suite for Windows and linux thats FREE. (No, there are no * with that free)

It is an open source suite and Open Source has a lot in common with homeschooling.

Open Office is downloadable at

The Homeschooling Revolution

Izzy has a last call for her book, The Homeschooling Revolution. I have my copy (thanks Iz) and will write a more in-depth review later, but let me say this: GET THE BOOK! It is totally worth it to have in your home education library, especially at the price she is offering ($2 US from your paypal account. DUDE!).

If you are thinking of homeschooling, or need a reference outlining the movement, this is the book to have.

Ron’s seminar

We finally have a cleaned-up version of Ron’s seminar on The Master Plan of Education.

I set it outside the regular blog structure, on its own page. It’s rather long, 1900 words, so I broke it down into 3 pages. (not as hard as you think) Please let us know what you think. You can comment here on within the article itself.

Fun with science

Gina is having fun learning all about baking soda volcanoes, so I’m being helpful 😆 and passing on more info. Best book? 365 Science Experiments from Everyday materials. No really, you have this stuff in your house already I bet. I’ve had years of mileage from this book, and Emma hasn’t even started it.

Baking soda + vinegar = lots of fizzies. (using both to clean your house is a whole other post) My kids really liked the time we put both in plastic film containers (OUTSIDE!) and made explosive rockets. Put vinegar in a narrow-necked bottle, spoon some baking soda into a balloon, then place the lip of the ballon over the bottle. Tip up the balloon so the soda goes into the vinegar, and watch the balloon inflate. Too cool. Arm & Hammer even have free pdfs with experiments & fun stuff.
Moving on to cornstarch, Meaghan could make goop and play with it all day. And she has. It’s a solid! It’s a liquid! It’s all over the kitchen!
And somewhere behind me is a jar of rock candy.

Want more? Okay…
Science made simple
Super Simple Science
A to Z’s Home’s Cool list of experiments.

Handy homeschooling links

Homeschool Buzz News & things, mostly US.
A to Z Home’s Cool – Homeschooling Web Site, all you ever* need to know.
About Homeschooling
Department of Education – Anglophone Sector – Educational Programs and Services curriculum development branch. This is where you can find PDF files of their course outlines.
Donna Young’s Homeschool Resource Website – lots of forms! Dr Willie’s apologia site. Yes, it’s creation science and yes, I plan to write up an article for here as to why I like it and use it.
Homeschooling in NB
Tree of Life supplier here in NB, from a Classical Christian perspective. Fast order turn-around time.
Maple Leaf Used Curriculum a used curriculum message board in CANADA
Life Learning Magazine – Canadian and also has this month’s issue FREE in PDF format. Mmmm, unschooling.
another Canadian 2nd hand exchange board
Homeschool and More – Online Catalogue supplier in PEI, very reliable and helpful
Guilt-Free Homeschooling Good articles, and honestly – I wish I’d come up with that tile. 😉
Homeschool Oasis Main Lobby Really, if you are burned out and / or thinking of homeschooling through high school, Barb is Awesome.
To balance my views, since most of the above links are sometimes heavily Christian, I also check out Homeschool & Other Education Stuff a libertarian-leaning edu-blog.

If you like mailing lists, you can join this one for people in NB. It’s low-traffic, and the owner (NOT ME! HA!) often sends out links to free resources.

There is also The Canadian Home Based Learning Resource page, which has lotsa of good stuff. Also, they are doing a site overhaul and their NB section is almost empty and looking for a person to handle it. I sent an email volunteering for the job. 😀