Saturday, January 6, 2007 in all about me, what a guy I married

If they didn’t think I was a little off, this would cement it.

My neighbour came over to pack up her decorations and take them home. Afterwards, I entered the lviing room to talk to the girls.

“Did you have that sticker on the whole time?” Sarah asked, interrupting.

I looked down. “What sti… oh, that one.”

Hmmm. Yeah. Emma had stuck a sticker on my shirt for being the Best Mommy. It was Patrick, as in Spongebob and…

It’s okay though, I wasn’t the one who got Spongebob in a feather boa for being the best Dad.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006 in Them kids o' mine

Happy Birthday Sarah!

My second oldest child, and oldest daughter, turns SIXTEEN today. Eeep!

Edited to add most recent (non-blurry) shot I could find, from back at the end of August:
long drive

Saturday, September 23, 2006 in House stuff, Them kids o' mine

Loose ends

I remembered I totally forgot to tell you then ends of a few story threads. I wanted to write good articulate entries about each one, but… eh.

– Sarah didn’t get the job at the CD store. It was a good experience all around though. The manager was impressed with her, and it was down to her and TWO other people. He oversees all of that chain’s stores in the Maritimes (around a dozen at least). She’s still getting plenty of hours at Subway, and they are mondo impressed with her. Also, she has managed her money quite well. The only splurge has been a 30Gig mp3 player, and if you’ve seen the amount of CDs she has, you’d know that was a good idea.

– Addison is doing, in his words, “Fine, gah.” The second day he was there, his fish died though. He had fun with putting together furniture, figuring out buses and biking long hilly streets. He is finding most of the classes, for now, a joke. As in, given how seriously people stressed how hard it was going to be, having a class on how to use email and a math class that started review with addition & multiplication, well, he’s finding it a lot less scary than expected, I think. The lady he rents the room from is so happy to have him there that she insists on cooking for him. Problem is, she’s not much of a cook. Two weekends to Thanksgiving, Add! 😀

– After Ron helped Addison move, our van almost died. There’s no way it’s gonna make a long trip like that again. I can still run around town with it, which is good.

– Meaghan has been baking up a storm. Pumpkin pie, homemade pastry of course, cherry coffee cake, cheesecake (baked) and various appetizers. Too bad nobody is here to eat it. She’s also discovered the joy of reading the dictionary.

– Emma is thisclose to being a fluent independant reader. It’s kinda scary but cool how it suddenly clicks. Also scary? Her birthday is not that far away (December) and she’ll be six. SIX, people! As in “Now We are…” She took the small box the bathroom ceiling light fixture came in and made a car. “It’s one of dem small cars,” she told me. “A Smart car?” I asked. “Yeah that.”

– Just today, we finished the bathroom. I still have some touch-up painting (it never seems to end) but we have reached the point we can put away tools. The point at which we can call a realtor to come over is in sight. In the distance, but in sight.

– Ron has looked at some houses for sale. I found one (okay, TWO) I want. 🙂 I still have to look them over sometime. (oh yeah, and sell this place)

Fall pics are coming, I promise. I was going to put them in our gallery, rather than up at Flickr, as there is a LOT, but my ftp program is being funky.

I could go to sleep right now.

Friday, August 18, 2006 in Them kids o' mine

That went well

Sarah’s job interview went great, but he can’t tell her either way until next Wednesday. I think the only way she won’t get it, is if they interview someone just like her, but with more experience – for a day shift.

He asked her a lot of homeschooling-related questions, which she handled with grace & maturity. I plan on covering that more in-depth over at the homeschooling blog. Sarah also says that even if she didn’t get the job, it’s not the end of the world, and she now has experience with a longer, more thorough interview.

And just in case you’re wondering how I know so much detail, Sarah spilled it all for me immediately. I did not hide in the plastic plants at the mall, eavesdropping through the whole thing.

Although I felt like it.