Thursday, October 27, 2005 in all about me, homeschooling

My day just got infinitely better

Not that I was having a bad day, it was a pretty fine day as it goes. I got some sleep, got some housework done and kept up, didn’t get stressed over lunch, spent time with Emma, had lunch on time, didn’t spend all morning on the internet, got to listen to music AND go for a walk to get the mail.

Lots of mail.

Oh look, a big white envelope. A big white envelope with a magazine inside, specifically the Nov/Dec issue of Home Education Magazine. Hmm.. let’s browse the contents…

AH! Let’s fall over! There, right on page twenty-five is the article I submitted! Yes, I knew they accepted it and were going to print it, but – MAN – nothing prepares you for seeing your name in print like that. Sure, I’ve done articles for websites, lots of free writing, but this? This is So Big Time. Knock me over with a feather.

I went further into the post office after getting the mail from our box, as I had a parcel to pick up. As the clerk found it, I hastily opened up the magazine (again) so I could show her MY NAME IN PRINT!

AH! She was excited too!

I skipped all the way home. I showed the kids (“Calm down, Mom.”), I called my mom (who promptly had to go and tell all her co-workers) and I emailed Ron (he’s in a class, I think.).

Me! A Real Writer! I may need to go lie down and hug the magazine.

Oh, and the ladies who so graciously allowed me to interview them for the article? Dawn, Christina and Spunky, prepare yourselves for a bit o’ traffic.. :mrgreen:

Saturday, September 24, 2005 in all about me

Something to strive for

A personal essay “deals lightly, often humorously, with personal experiences, opinions, and prejudices, stressing especially the unusual or novel in attitude and having to do with the various aspects of everyday life.”

– Phillip Lopate, The Art of the Personal Essay

Thursday, July 14, 2005 in all about me

Round and round

Late yesterday, while digging through my archives looking for something to take to writer’s group, I figured it had been a long time since I had written anything… substantial. Sure, there’s been some homeschooling things, (I think) but the group was the wrong audience, what with the 2-3 schoolteachers there, including an English teacher. I read out Sunday Dinner: The Pilot which they hadn’t yet heard. Yes, I had to go that far back.

After pondering this for a while, because I did actually blog snippets of thoughts I had, fully intending to come back later and expand, I did note that it just didn’t happen. Darn life, getting in the way. I tend to go in cycles, you see. Short brilliant bursts of expression and inspiration. Terribly inconsistant. This time of year is not good for me to think too deeply, either.

It has not escaped me entirely that the entries I need to copy and paste in here, the most of a year that is missing, is in fact the year that my grandmother died, and all the entries leading up to it. Sometimes being forgetful is quite useful and charitable to oneself.

Really, if I could get out half of what’s in my head most days, I’d be quite prolific. I’d also be far more articulate and well-written, since if I could do all that, I’d have time to edit & rewrite too.

And here I can’t help but remember the scrawls on countless report cards, “Does not use full potential”.

Ah well, I can bide my time slogging through the best I can, until most of the kids have flown to coop and I’ll be left here twiddling my thumbs, wondering what to do with myself.


Well. No idea where that came from, as we are having a rather quiet pleasant morning. Must stop reading historical novels, as it affects my writing greatly…

Thursday, May 19, 2005 in education, homeschooling

Writing for Homeschooling magazines

If you are interested, I thought I’d pass along some of the links & information collected about submitting your writing to various home education magazines. They are always looking and you can’t get published if you don’t submit. 😉 Yes, you are good enough and experienced enough. One thing I’ve read over and over is how the articles are written BY homeschoolers for homeschoolers.

The standard advice is to read at least 3 issues of the magazine you are targeting before submitting. Please read all their details carefully. Do both those things and you’ve increased your chances greatly.
I haven’t contacted or dealt with most of the magazines listed, so I can’t really review them yet, just passing on the info.

(And you’ll see an ALL-CAPS post when I finally get something of mine actually printed and not just on-line.)

Homeschoolers Guide – out of Calgary and has a PDF online of the current issue.
Homeschooling Horizons
Life Learning Magazine – has an unschooling focus and PDF issues available for download.


Home Educator’s Family Times – also had pdfs available.
Homeschooling Today!
Please note: there are many more Christian homescholing magazines out there, especially with more traditional conservative viewpoints. I just have the ones that my writing (and Ron’s) would most likely fit. 🙂

The Link
Everything Homeschooling– looks like a fairly new one, not sure. Has a subscriber’s area.
Educational Freedom

And the biggie:
Home Education magazine a veritable gold mine of information.

Even if you are not interested in writing for any of the above magazines, it should keep you busy with loads to read.