Vintage sheets

Like I needed another quilt to ponder.   In my mind I am working on Julia`s winter blues quilt and a green quilt for my niece Becky.  In my sewing room, I have the blue quilt, a huge pile of strings, one pink baby quilt and a bunch of  string blocks to finish.


To drive myself even crazier, I bought these beauties awhile back  when we visited the local St. Vincent de Paul thrift shop at St. Michaels.  I promised myself I would not get even consider another quilt, but these were too pretty to leave behind. For a lovely example of vintage sheet quilts, go here.

Vintage sheets would be perfect for a memory quilt for someone going into a nursing home, or moving away from home (because there is no place left to store her fabric).

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  1. Love the zig zag one, never would have thought of that pattern. Thanks for adding one more to the long running list.

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