Eye candy for quilters

My daughter and I suffer from the same affliction.  Apparently it is hereditary. The symptoms are many.

Blurry eyes, itchy fingers, obsessive  oohing and aaahing, the uncontrollable urge to fondle fabric.  It is known as Quilter’s Quandary.   And it goes like this.

I have an affliction
Or is it an addiction?
It really is hard to say.

I wake up each morning,
Sleepy and yawning,
Not ready to face the day.

All night I’ve thought of plans,
New patterns, designs and bands,
Until I have lost my way.

Each quilt I see
Looks good to me.
I’ll make it, come what may.

The more I learn,
The more I yearn
To make a quilt my way.

With swatches galore
I still want more!
But somebody’s got to pay!

Yes, it is an addiction,
Not an affliction,
And I know it is here to stay!  (Author unknown)

Andrea has been busy auditioning fabric, cutting and sewing these past two weeks.   This year I’m taking the easy way out, I’m spreading the germ.   Over the weekend I intend to match up my fabric and bring quite a bit of it to the lady who finishes my quilts.   She loves sewing during the winter months and has agreed to make a few quilts for me to give as Christmas gifts.     She has something to sew, and I  diminish my ever-growing stash of fabric.

Then I can go out and buy more……………….yes, it is an addiction.

If you aren’t hooked yet, check out the incredible quilts at Debbie Richards designs.  I am no where near this level of sewing, but I can dream

Still need convincing? Go to a  Quilt is Nice .   Wouldn’t this crosswalk quilt, look pretty in Christmas prints.  Or imagine it in warm, worn plaids from old shirts.

Need more eye candy? Crazy mom quilts has a list of flickr groups showing various quilts.    Bet you can’t look at just one.

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2 Responses to Eye candy for quilters

  1. andrea says:


    (also I may need some backing fabrics)

  2. Mam says:

    What colour and size backing