Today is world bread day

Grab the flour, grab the yeast, grab the bread maker…………….and celebrate world bread day.  To me bread making was a daunting task, something I would never accomplish.   A few years back I purchased a brand new bread maker at a yard sale for $5.00.  Mind you the recipe book was missing,   A quick search on the internet by way of the bread machine serial number and I was in business!

My all time favourite is the recipe my grand-daughter Meaghan perfected.  It doesn’t last long enough to me to take a picture.

Close behind  is flax seed bread.

Last week my DH braved the storage locker.  With his friend there for support, DH scaled the humongous pile of boxes to retrieve our bread maker.  Every three days I make a fresh loaf of bread.  The apartment smells delicious.   As soon as the bread is cool enough to cut and eat, we cut thick slices and smear it with butter.  I know, I know, my heart, my butt and my cholesterol are all screaming “NO’.    Nothing taste as good as home-made bread.

If you haven’t tried making your own bread, check out the New York’s Time  no knead bread recipe here.

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