R.I.P. Porsche

Porsche eats crowOn a cold February night in 1995 my son found a young cat yowling in an alley on the west side of Saint John. He bundled the kitty inside his jacket and brought her home. Porsche Elizabeth Ferron soon forgot her humble beginnings quickly turning into the cat who ruled the house. Many a meal time, we, her humble servants, would offer morsels only to be met with a turned up noses or a curl of the lip.
Through the past 19 years Porsche was part of every family event and celebration. Birthdays, Christmases, Ground Hog day celebrations she greeted everyone at the door. Divorce and remarriage, graduations, children moving out and back in. She was there for the move to the Miramichi and the building of a new home at the Point, the passing of her half kitty sister Abby, the birth of grandchildren and great grandchildren.
Never a mouser, Porsche hunted moths, dragon flies, grasshoppers and bees. Always lining her catch at the front door, waiting for me to tell her “good kitty”. After the cold memories of that lonely alley, Porsche would never stray far from the house. Her greatest joy was to lie in the sun on the concrete slab at the basement door.
When annoyed, Porsche would curl her upper lip in an Elvis Presley way. If really annoyed she would lightly nibble your hand as if to say, “don’t push me.”
Porsche sat beside the table at meal times, snuggled at the foot of the bed at night, loved to watch movies with us. If a movie was a tear jerker, and I cried, Porsche would bite Carl, as she figured he had something to do with the tears. She had to be near and would fall asleep in her paw touching our hand or foot. She would wrap her paws around my wrist when we took a nap.
On Tuesday Porsche suffered a stroke. On Wednesday morning she reached out to touch my hand but that was all she could do. My dear brave husband drove her to the vet’s for the last time.

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3 Responses to R.I.P. Porsche

  1. Kaytlyn says:

    What a long, happy and full life she had. We’ll miss you Porsche. <3

  2. Jennifer Lynn Mitchell says:

    Sorry to hear about Porsche! :(

    Is there a memorial service planned?

  3. Dandyknife says:

    Sorry to hear of your loss. Sounds as though Porsche was well loved, and responded in kind. One can never have too many grasshoppers.