The 2km decorating challenge

A month ago, a neighbour lad appeared at our door taking orders for local handmade wreaths. We prepaid our $10.00 and were rewarded with a beautiful thick wreath.

Last Saturday DH and I climbed the hill behind our home to forage boughs and berries for our outdoor Christmas arrangements. He carried the Japanese pruning knife and I lugged an empty kitty litter bag. I’ve learned from previous trips, that I can not tramp through the woods while carrying armloads of wild wood treasures.

At the end of November we spent a cold Saturday in Gagetown for the annual Christmas in the Village. I purchased a large dogwood wreath, which now hangs on the upper deck on our home. Next fall we hope to use it as a model to make our own dogwood wreath. Luckily dogwood grows profusely on our side hill, so in the bag it went.

Further up the path we found wild rose hips, and perfectly dried milk weed pods. Hemlock was also in abundance along the trail as we walked higher up the mountain. The pine was a bit more difficult to reach, but DH managed. DH butt pruned the lower branches of each tree, leaving it to thrive. Back at the house, we retrieved the stag horn sumac cones we are gathered early in the fall along with the everlasting that DH had dried during the summer.

DH dug through the garage to find the yard sale urn, while I retrieved the wide mesh ribbon. A branch here, a cone there, a twist of the ribbon and our outdoor decorating was completed.

christmas decor 2christmas decorchristmas decor 3 wreath

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One Response to The 2km decorating challenge

  1. Dandyknife says:

    Great job! Last fall I gathered bits from the City land on the other side of the back fence — lots of moss, some rose hips, some sprays of St John’s Wort and Evening Primrose — and tacked it onto an old grapevine wreath that the previous owner had left behind, along with a broad Christmassy ribbon. It was fine — but your work is much classier!