what’s new in pink and blue

My lovely new cast.
new cast

and my lovely new mason jars


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6 Responses to what’s new in pink and blue

  1. andrea says:

    Finally someone took pity on you and got you the jars?

  2. mam says:

    Carl found them at Michael’s

  3. Dandyknife says:

    Michael’s has blue jars? Cool! Let us know what you’re planning to fill them with.

    Nice cast, too. A friend from choir, after an operation on a thumb joint, chose a multicoloured pattern in the hope that it would hide the dirt the best. I would probably choose one of the neon solid colours, so I could read at night by it.

  4. mam says:

    I was very impressed with the colour options, especially the camoflague.

  5. alex21 says:

    Did you take the cast off?Hope you feel better.

  6. mam says:

    It’s been off for a while but the thumb is still tender. Could take another month or so to get back to normal.