Looking for a bit of green

Thank you Mr. Weatherman for once again being wrong in predicting the weather.  Instead of the flurries and/or sleet, we were blessed with sunny skies this morning.  At a balmy plus 5, we were basking in the sun and the heat.

DH and I ventured into town on the hunt for a bit of green.   We did not find one blade of grass, but we did drop into  the Rockwood Park Interpretation Center  for Seedy Saturday. 

Although we did not bring any seeds to the event, we left with packets of Aster, Dwarf Kale, garlic bulbils and snow white tomato seeds.   We spent a good hour making new friends and talking about gardening and the wonderful spring and summer to come.

So for now the only green we have to enjoy, is the green onions growing in a glass of water in our kitchen.  Green onions will last for months as long as you add more water, and replenish with fresh water every two weeks.


If you like more information on vegetables that will regrow in water, check out this article.



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One Response to Looking for a bit of green

  1. Janet Bruce says:

    We must have just missed you! We arrived at Seedy Saturday shortly after ten. Stayed only a few minutes, getting to know Marie and Jennifer, leaving three vials of snapdragon seed and taking some tatsoi and dwarf kale back to the dogs waiting in the car, then moved the car up nearer the barn so we could go for a walk.

    I didn’t know about keeping green onions going in water. Must try!