Blessed are the children of quilters, for they shall inherit the quilts

scrappyAyla quilt946scrapsnanny1ohwellemmasquiltdenimquilt2denimquilt1winterthrowcaliforniadreamingback-of-sunrise-sunset

Sunrise sunset spring 2007

Sunrise sunset spring 2007

irish_chain_quilt andys-quilt-2 img_0234-reduced img_0240-reduced1 img_0240-reduced first_quilt2denim2 denim1

2003  scrappy stars and snowballs – made as a wedding gift to my husband.

December 2006 This quilt I made for my nephew Christopher.  The printed fabric was purchased at a yard sale and consist of a variety of vehicles – buses, trucks and cars.

Blue Log cabin quilt, made for my Mom

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