Write & Read

Sometimes I write things that I think are pretty good, then I send them off into the great beyond. Occasionally, someone out there agrees with me and publishes it. Here are some of my writing credits, aside from this site.

Contributing to:
Bread ‘n Molasses
Homeschool Cafe (now defunct)
The Radical homeschooling Blog

February 2004 issue of Mommy Tales (cached version as site is defunct)
Learning All Day Long at Natural Family Online.
An expanded version of the same article can be found at The New Homemaker.
Home Education Magazine – Your Homeschool Blog
The Whole Mom –
Life Without School Blog – Perspective


Sometimes people read about my life and what I’ve written and they want to talk to me about it.
Interviews I’m in:

Homeschools work: Study NB Telegraph-Journal page A1/A6 September 6, 2004
The Miramichi Leader did an article on our house, published May 29th, 2006. It does not appear online.

Reader’s Digest Canada did an article on three types of schooling in Canada. We were their homeschooling example. Published February 2008.

Here’s where I changed gears and became a freelance WordPress developer, with my husband eventually joining me.

I write ebooks explaining plugins and things over at WPeBooks.com.

I contributed help text to WordPress core.

I co-authored the WordPress All-in-One For Dummies.