Love and Marriage Explained.. Or what I’ve figured out so far.

So Wendy & I were sitting there having our usual Friday afternoon chat over a pot (or two) of tea. Lately, it seemed as though we were rehashing the same old topics, which either one of us could easily script off the top of our little heads. I certainly won’t bore you or start a fight with them here. Its just how we figure out stuff.
I’ve had a few revelations of my own over the past while, so I decided to share. Its almost a compulsion. We got real deep. Some of it was brought on by too much time by myself, Ron being away, and reading a few journals where it seemed like everyone was splitting up, but really, they were just venting. Toss in the fact that a lot of couple around this small space had split up over the past year, and you’d get really reflective too.
Part of what I figured out is this: I can function quite well without Ron around. Emergencies I can handle, repairs, childish crisies, and the everday running of the household. Good for me, back pat break. I can do it on my own, which feels great, but you know what? It sucks doing it all by yourself. Not only that, I *LIKE* having my husband around.
How many of you can say that your spouse (or significant other) is someone you like to be with, not just because you have to? I’m talking after the overwhelming passion has simmered down to a slow burn, ready to be stirred up at a moment’s notice of course.. 😉
I realized lately that a lot of people who are having problems, don’t respect one another. A lot of people talk to and/or treat their spouse in ways they wouldn’t dream of treating their boss, best friend, beer buddy, pastor etc.. You get the idea. Well, hey, you love this person, right? An oft repeated phrase in this house is to treat others the way you would like to be treated. Drives the kids nuts, of course.
Think about it for a minute: how many people have you been involved with (other than immediate family) that you have thought to yourself, “I don’t really like this person, and I certainly don’t respect them ,but I *love* them..”. How about treating people with the same respect I know you feel you deserve?

Love is great, love is wonderful. Love is a VERB.

There is no “I love you but…”

Do I love my husband? You bet I do.
I also respect him.
And not only that, I actually like him….

It sound funny when I say it, but he’s the boss of the house hold…. because I *let* him. Think about that one for a while.
So here’s a toast to the head of my household. He’s the King.
And I’m the Queen.
Long live our reign.

Can you tell he’s home? 😉