Sunday School teacher of the year

Just to let you know, I got sucked into taking the nursery class at church. Not only that, when they asked, they had gone through every body else they could. A bunch of four year olds that didn’t know me. Great. I had just settled in being past that stage.

I would highly recommend you try this, at least once.
I knew the kids were in a bad way; they had various teachers over a short span, and at that age was really confusing for them, plus a couple of hyper kids and a couple of shy kids. In the same room.
I didn’t expect to get anything resembling a lesson into their heads, I jsut wanted them to be happy to be there. Three of the kids had Moms that stayed with them. Why didn’t one of these moms take the class? Well I thought about it, and when I was them, I was jumping at the chance to try and leave the kiddies for an hour a week. 🙂
My first instincts were just to be straight with them. After all they are people too. So not only did they have to get used to a new teacher, but one who talked to them like she was interested in what they had to say. I also made a point every Sunday, to tell each one individually that I loved them, as they were leaving. No matter how much of a test they were.
This Sunday, I chucked the lesson plan. I had a large piece of cardboard I had made into a puppet theater. I set it up in the class, squirt out some liquid tempra (therefore washable) paint onto foam plates and said, “Paint whatever you want on our stage.” I got a couple of “are you really serious???” looks, but they all went at it.
Some of them wound up rubbing their hands all over the paint on the plate, then wiping it all over the puppet theater. I think they really were too busy to try to walls or anything else! I painted a tiny angel hiding near the bottom on the side, then got the kids to find it.
At snack time, they were really impressed that I actually *made* cookies, instead of buying them at the store!
One little boy never wants to do what we’re doing, or he scribbles over the work on purpose to get it out of the way. He really liked doing this, then I showed him how to do crayon rubbings with some change in my pocket. He was enthralled. I had to explain to his mother later so she wouldn’t say no when he asked for money.
Later, one particularly shy little girl said to me with shining eyes, “I’ve *never* had a teacher like you before..”

Man, the hugs and kisses are worth it…..

Oh yeah, and the moms? They’re all free to go. I’m their biggest fan, too.