women’s group at church

Okay, so I couldn’t think of a title….
Anyway, the best thing about Tuesday is the Women’s Encouragement Group at the church. I usually appreciate it very much because:
a) only adult women allowed (okay, some teens too, but not regularly)
b) its far enough away from the house nobody can “drop in” in me
c) you can talk to people more than the 15 minutes after church on Sunday
d) we talk about anything and *everything*, you would be so surprised
e) it takes such an effort to get there.

It takes such a big effort because, if you’ve been following along, it is also Sarah’s Brownie night. Her group gets done at 7:30, while mine gets started at 7:30 and its 15 minutes away (driving, that is). So, the first thing is to arrange a drive home for Sarah, which could mean she doesn’t get home till 8 or so if she comes home with Wendy, who is also a leader.
Second, someone has to sorta be here when she gets back. I could get a babysitter, but there’s the hassle with possibly lugging kids around (what if Wendy doesn’t have the van?), and they better know how to handle a wood stove, or they’ll freeze.
So it is less of a hassle to just not go if Ron is not home. But this Tuesday, he was here. He arrived home at 4 am, but that’s beside the point….

So, Donna, who leads the group, had a surprise for some of us. Under selected seats was a sticker or piece of paper. Those who were “marked” got a prize. For no reason. I love Donna. I got a prize, it was half a dozen Hershey’s hugs. You just gotta love someone who gives chocolate!
She is alos so nice (or more organized than me) that hse called me the day before to say how much she and the group had missed my presence, since I hadn’t been there all month. She made my day, I had missed the group and that free time too, let me tell ya!
I can’t remember exactly what the lesson was about, because my mind is all over the place with the thoughts and conversations that arise. What little notes I take don’t make much sense, and are usually only verse references.
One lady had one of the verse-a-day boxes, and had prayerfully chosen a special verse for each member of the group. My verse was: “I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.” When I read this out loud I added, “That’s because I’ll still be in bed.”
THe meeting uspposedly gets over at 8:30. I say “supposedly” bvecasue a few leave then to pick up their children at a youth group at another church. A few more leave at 9, probably because that’s a nice time to go nd still get stuff done before bed. Now the really good part starts.
We were talking and talking and I glanced at someone’s watch and it was 10 before 10, and we were saying how we shoudld be going soon… but one idea sparked another again, we shared some more, i shared my Relationship Revalations which they really liked, and the next thing we all knew it was 11:15!

That church is built over some time-space vortex, I know it….
And when I got home, Ron was *feigning* sleep! After I found him out (and I was so worried he’d be worried becasue i was late), I talked his ear off.

So there.