Which came first, chickens or eggs?

I hate chickens.

Okay, I’ll clarify: I hate looking after the little cock-eyed buggers.
First off, its freakin’ cold outside this week, and I am not an outdoor person. Second, they’re stinky and they leave little “surprises” all over the place. They give me weird looks, and if they’re hungry (duh), they flock all around me when I approach with the little white bucket they know oh-so-well.
We don’t raise them in sterile wire mesh individual cages, either. A real coop, which Ron made out of logs with dovetail notches in the corners. Real straw on the floor. A sloped roof, which I keep forgetting about, that has a cross beam. My head makes contact with the beam every so often, when I’m at the back picking up eggs from the nesting boxes.
This time of the year is especially fun, because the eggs sometimes get frozen, which makes them crack big time. Once, Addison found a half an egg, frozen solid. No sign of the other half, but the yolk was still there, along with most of the white. It had to be tossed out, obviously. The chickens would have eaten it, had it melted. That would be bad, becasue then they’d try and eat all the eggs. No point in feeding it to the dogs, either, because they can fit through the small chicken door, looking for more.
You also have to take out a jug of hot water, to melt the ice in the water dish. Grampy says the hot water freezes faster, but you gotta melt some of the ice to get some water in there for them to drink! When its this cold, it only takes an hour or so for it to freeze anyway. This means going out there at least three times. Thank God Addison does his part after school….
Egg production is down to as low as three a day, if any, mostly because of the cold. Some days they don’t even want to go outside. We let them wander all over the yard. They have been spotted by the side of the road, and also way down in the fields. They wander back by nightfall, don’t worry. We’ve had to stop selling the eggs until it warms up. When its 20 below (celcius), it sorta gets to everyone, even them. They hate being cooped up too.
Oh come on, where did you think that expression came from?? 🙂
I really do appreciate the eggs, even if I don’t eat many of them, and the breast meat is the first to go from the freezer. I won’t even stick a “but” in there….

Oh, and the time honoured question above?
It depends on your veiw point, really.
Humanistic/scientific: the egg, because it’s the simpler cellular structure.
Biblical: the chicken of course, want the verses? Now you don’t think it specifically mentions chickens do you?